Margaritaville to Open in Niagara Falls This Spring

posted January 20th, 2010 at 12:33 pm

by Josh Martin

The first Margaritaville Cafe in Canada will open in late spring or early summer in Niagara Falls, Ontario:

Margaritaville Canada Ltd. has signed a lease with the owners of the Skylon Tower to open the 14,000-square-foot, two-story restaurant on Fallsview Avenue, across from the Niagara Fallsview Casino and Resort.

Margaritaville is scheduled to open by late spring or early summer, said George Davidson, Margaritaville Canada president and chief executive officer.

The restaurant is moving into the site of the former Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe, which closed last summer.

Margaritaville Canada is investing “several million” into the Niagara Falls project, Davidson said. The restaurant is the first of several the Calgary-based company has planned for Canada. The company has the exclusive Margaritaville rights for Canada.

“The (Niagara Falls) location is just spectacular,” Davidson said. “You couldn’t find a better site between all the activity and overlooking the falls.”

Davidson said the restaurant site is currently being expanded. Part of the renovations call for a second-story outdoor patio that will offer dramatic views of Niagara Falls.

Margaritaville will have a 350-person seating capacity, an increase over Wolfgang Puck’s capacity by more than 175 seats.

The restaurant, during the peak summer season, is expected to employ at least 250 people on a full- and part-time basis.

Davidson confirmed plans are in the works for other Margaritaville’s across Canada. One will anchor the revamped Calgary Stampede grounds and complex.

“You can probably guess what other cities might end up with one,” Davidson said.

He said locations in Toronto and Vancouver are being considered.

As for the restaurant’s namesake, might Buffett be making an appearance in Niagara Falls.

“You never know,” Davidson said. “He has been known to stop in his other restaurants from time-to-time.”

The Calgary location is under construction and there are reports that a location will open in Edmonton. And last month we told you about the possibility of a Nashville location.

See where the other Margaritaville Cafes are located here.

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  • Donna Train-LeBlanc

    I would be very interested in speaking with someone in regard to signage & lighting for the new restaurants opening up in Canada. My company is:
    World of Lights LED Solutions Inc.
    Located in Burlington, On. but we work all across Canada.

  • DJ JB

    There is a band from London Ontario – Spirit of the Keys, Margaritaville – they need to play here – they are great! Opening night act!

  • Jeff Denington


    I live in Niagara and run a great vacation property minutes away from the new site for Margaritaville!
    Had the pleasure of visiting many other Margaritavilles in other parts of the world and this is one perfect site
    Congrats !!
    Look forward to speaking with Gorge Davidson to see if I can help and be a part of the opening!!!
    There is lots happening in Niagara!!!

  • tower 200

    Will it be ok to use on sensitive teeth?

  • Captain Billy Clubber

    Ahoy mate; first off, I want to make it clear that I both like Jimmy’s music and enjoy the food served by your chain; but I want to offer you a bit of unsolicited advice. Your chain’s current (?) promotional angle, and apparent corporate policy, stipulating that it will “no longer serve Canadian seafood until Canada ends the annual seal hunt”, isn’t going to fly, now that the company is attempting to expand into Canada. This may be old news and you’ve already done away with it, but note that even your chain’s Wikipedia article is still trumpeting it and ample examples of it are still available online through a simple Google search on websites closely affiliated with your corporation. When the Canadian fishing industry gets wind of this, you can definitely count on a newspaper article based “reaction”. If I were you, I’d systematically hunt this stuff down now while I had a chance and ditch it fast; especially now that you’re rapidly approaching opening dates for new Canadian locations. It’s an easy “sell” from the other side of the fence, “they’re an American operation that wants to do business in Canada, but they’re refusing to buy Canadian products over the sealing issue?” In my opinion, you’re going to get broadsided. If you ignore this, and it does go sideways on you, just remember matey, Captain Billy warned ye.

    Captain Billy

  • Kasey C

    I can hardly wait! I love Margaritaville in New Orleans – I have been to NOLA 5 times and visit Margaritaville and the store at least once each visit – great food, great service, great atmosphere, great souvenier items and of course – great music! I have also been to Margaritaville in Montego Bay – an amazing place! I can’t wait to have a Cheeseburger in Paradise and a Margarita so close to home! Welcome to Canada Margaritaville!

  • LaVina

    Mr. Davidson:  I was at the Las Vegas location about a month ago and had to go back and see the band that was playing there 3 times in our one week stay.  Any chance of having that Band “Senergy” as the opening act next July when Margaritaville will officially open their doors here.  There were alot of Calgarians in attendance and they all loved the band and the Band would fit in well with our population.  Band owner is Vic Carrol and he may be contacted at 702-596-3779.  Chatted with the band members and they would love to visit the Canadian side of Margaritaville and be part or all of the opening act.  Please email me and let me know if this is at all possible  at  Thank you.  


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