Orlando Tour Date Removed From Margaritaville.com

posted September 10th, 2009 at 11:33 am

by Josh Martin

The November 14th Jimmy Buffett show at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida has been taken off of the Margaritaville.com Tour Dates page without explanation. The show was orginally announced on May 22nd, along with the London, Paris, and Charlottesville shows.

An e-mail response from Amway Arena didn’t shed much light on the subject:

At this time we still don’t have confirmed information on that concert. Please keep checking our website and ticketmaster.com.

Back in May three shows (Chula Vista, and the two fall October dates) were removed from Margaritaville.com after having been announced with the spring and summer dates. The Toronto, Uncasville, and NYC shows were also removed at that time but were put back.

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  • pair8head

    Welcome to the Club.

  • Evan

    It would be nice for some explanation. OK, I’m being selfish, but that was the central item for something I’m planning.

  • nathan

    ditto…. dammit. I bought plane tickets to go to this show. Why in the hell did he wait so damn long to cancel it?

  • Bill

    Wow it seems that jimmy has other things more important than his job

  • Julie

    Well, he has been keeping company with alot of the left and the flakiness may be rubbing off! Would be nice of him to consider us that have made travel plans to attend.

  • Debra Jackson

    Hey, you don’t know what may be going on in his personal life that he just might not feel he needs to explain right now. I understand the anger and frustration, but why don’t you wait for the explanation before dissing the guy. He has, and continues to, give me a lot of fun and joy for a lot of years and his music has gotten me through some rough times. I’m willing to trust the guy.

  • Evan

    @Julie, can we keep any political commentary out of this please?

  • Bard

    Sixty days is sufficient notice. Sure, we were disappointed when he canceled his October tour, but all Jimmy owes us is his best, and he gives that.

  • asf

    The idea that 60 days is sufficient is absurd. Many of us booked non-refundable travel plans because Jimmy listed tour dates on his official website. If he cancelled at the last minute for personal reasons(like when he lost a parent) everyone would understand. At the very least, he owes loyal fans an explanation. Who knows? Maybe he just received a more lucrative offer. If that is the case, fans have the right to storm the palace.

  • Bard

    I did not book nonrefundable tickets around the October show because things like this happen. We drove to Burgettstown instead. Breathe in, breathe out, move on.

  • http://www.twitter.com/RoraBorieAlice Aurora

    Tickets to this show was going to be my Anniversary present to mty husband since our 2yr wedding Anniversary is the 14th. We are disapointed without question! A reason would be nice considering he hasn’t made it to Orlando for 4 or 5 year (don’t remember which) it just sucks…..

  • http://BuffettWorld Tom

    Let’s be glad he’s still doing shows at 62! It won’t be long before he’ll really start cutting back on his busy schedule and go to that “One Particular Harbour” forever…

  • J

    I agree with Julie!


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