New Jimmy Buffett Tour Dates Added

posted May 22nd, 2009 at 12:22 am

by Josh Martin

After taking a few Fall dates down recently, Jimmy Buffett just added four more:

London, England
Shepherds Bush Empire

Paris, France
La Cigale

Orlando, FL
Amway Arena

Charlottesville, VA
John Paul Jones Arena

The Toronto (11/19), Uncasville (11/21), and New York City (11/24) shows that were previously taken down have been put back up. Still absent from the dates though are the San Diego, Seattle, and two Vegas shows in October that were recently taken down.

No word yet on when tickets will go on sale.

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  • Colin Gerrard

    Can’t wait to see Jimmy in London. Hope tickets are available soon.

  • Duane

    I’m big time pissed as a group of us have our trip to Las Vegas BOOKED and paid for and now he’s a NO SHOW.

  • Garrett

    Duane, have faith that Jimmy will make this right. He has re-upped three of the previously canceled dates, so just give it time and he may repost the Vegas and Seattle dates may be back on. Just don’t be so quick to rush judgement!

  • PJ

    After being burned on Vegas, I certainly would not recommend anyone make travel plans to a concert in Europe. I would never again plan a trip around a Buffett show or even take a day of leave to travel to attend a Tuesday or Thursday show. I think JB should be treated like the majority of musical acts with only casual nondedicated fan bases, meaning that unless the concert is close and convienent fans need not bother attending.

  • keith

    please let me know when tickets go on sale for the paris show… currently stationed in europe. thanks!

  • J.D.

    I understand that he changes venues all around the country from time to time. It is a business decision, and not many are better at it then JB. But to post dates on his own website and then change is a slap in the face of his loyal fans. Booking hotel, flights and time off from work is tough these days. I have been to Vegas the last 6 years. It is an escape from reality not offered anywhere else.

  • Lisa M

    Very Very Very disappointed about Vegas, I have 5 couples that have already booked suites at the Signature at MGM ang booked our flights, based on the dates on JBs website. I can’t believe it! We have already paid and it will cost us to cancel. I’m hoping the Oct. dates are put back up. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth!!

  • Autumn

    When will tickets for Paris go on sale?….went last year and it was amazing!!

  • Fins Up2

    Nothin like wearing flip flops and beach shorts in Toronto in November ? At least, US Parrotheads won’t be critical on how bad the tail gate was cause it will be too cold to have one?!

  • Autumn

    It is NEVER to cold for flip-flops, grass skirts, tailgating and ParrotHead Phun!

  • Mike Woodward

    I realize that MR. Buffett doesn’t really care about his fans. He has plenty of money and doesn’t need us anymore. I am really pissed. I planned my vacation around his Seattle concert. Why else would anyone go to Seattle in October. Now my vacation is in October and I cannot change it. Thanks Mr. Buffett, I’ll remember this when I think about buying any more of your CD’s

  • J.D.

    C.D.s ??? Most of the C.D.’s he released are old concerts and remakes of his old songs. This year he finaly comes out with some new stuff (most worth listening to) and he chooses to give his loyal fan base the shaft. It is a damn shame. Let’s remember the good ol’ times, like when he used to have a full horn section with him in concert.

  • The Meenister

    Been waitng over 30 years for Jimmy’s UK appearance and disappointed that tickets are not on sale yet! It’s 6 weeks away! Got to make travel plans soon to get to London from Beach House on the Doric Side of the Moon. Certainly not making these until I have got tickets

  • Bob

    I am really excited to see Buffett in Orlando this fall. I went to the concert last month in Tampa, and he announced on stage that he would be returning to Florida to kick off his new tour this fall.

    Sorry to all of you who are bummed about him cancelling concerts. I bet it has to do with the Landshark stadium deal he worked out down here in Miami. I think Buffett still really cares about his fans, though. I mean, why else would he still be touring when he has more money than he will ever need? He does it for us!

  • Neale

    Paris ticket are on sale from they are going really fast! Good luck and hopefully see all you parrot heads in Paris!

  • Autumn

    Thank you Thank you for letting me know they were available for Paris!! Last years’ show there was amazing and can not wait for this one!

  • Fred

    Why is Jimmy’s ticket prices the highest of most concerts this summer? Most artists kept ticket prices at a fair price or even reduced prices.

  • TODD

    If Toronto tickets for the November show are TBD, why are all the “scalpers” selling already? Am I missing something?

  • Lisa

    So disappointing to see the San Diego concert was taken off the tour schedule, too! Wonder what happened? How can they decide its better to play multiple concerts in Virginia etc. but opt out on America’s Finest City? Maybe Jimmy & the band need to get back to the beach & get a fresh reminder of what they’re missing!

  • Jere

    We need to see you in San Diego this year – what’s up?

  • Laurie

    Hey Todd – Yeah what’s with that???? I’ve been trying to get tickets for awhile now for Toronto but only see them on the scalper sites. Any word yet on when ticketmaster is selling them? Can someone keep me posted? I want the best seats possible but without giving up my first born! lol

  • Mike

    JB really blew it this time! Made plans with 5 friends to go to Vegas only to find out he cancels the concert! Airfare, Hotel, and time off from work!
    Thanks Jimmy!! Why post it on your web site?
    Was thinking of going to Orlando, but I feel he will screw us again!

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  • Blake

    Got real quiet after Orlando…

  • Milo Linzan

    Your website is so informative … maintain up the good work!!!!!?!


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