Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest

posted August 5th, 2015 at 10:05 pm

by Josh Martin

Before the 2015 Workin’ n’ Playin’ Tour resumes in a week or so, let’s do another Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest!

Take a look at the below photo of actor Chris Pratt with Jimmy at the Jurassic World premiere and give it your own caption:

Post your caption in the comments section.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • Jason Stagman

    Introducing…Earth’s most endangered species: the poet-businessman
    Last of a dying breed.

    “Calypso-Poet shortage”

  • Bryan Patterson

    Hey… Jimmy stole my selfie stick.

  • Mark Padfield

    Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeessssss jimmy!

  • dave lewis

    The next President of the United States

  • Len Condry

    He sent that text homey.…. I swear it wasn’t me!

  • Beachgirl5835

    I want that singer for the next Pawnee Parks and Recreation Day!

  • John A

    I have five dollars do I hear 10, come on ladies he comes with his own rum

  • Chris Kenzie

    I have a picture of this man on my phone Swimming with the Sharks!

  • Marc Collins

    He isn’t prehistoric, BUT…………..

  • Bert Meyers

    Security: Get this Dinosaur off of my stage….

  • Patti Luigs

    HE is the person your parents warned you about.

  • Gerry C

    Jimmy Buffett in a suitcoat and long pants???? Who is this JB wannabee????

  • Steve Tomlin

    The Captain and the Kid!

  • Nancy Paluck Tkatch

    Take him…..more meat on those bones!

  • Melodie Honey

    Now THAT’s a dinosaur!

  • catd

    This guy stole my margarita!!!!

  • Art Hesson

    Long pants and long sleeves!…….this man is a fake!….security!…get him off the stage!

  • Rilo

    “And now…Jimmy will pull my finger for a JURASSIC surprise!”

  • Tyler Bourgeois

    He swore if he ever got rich he would pay the Mini-Mart back but never did!!

  • Jim Pierce

    And now, The KING of Somewhere Hot, here’s Jimmy Buffett!!

  • Eric McCreary

    “This man ran with two margaritas and not a spot on his white jacket”!

  • Ernie

    And the winner for best-looking dinosaur in Jurassic World is…

  • smokindave

    The man in the white sports coat and pink crustacean will be the next mayor of Isla Nublar….Thank you very much

  • Susan

    In the unlikely event of a dinosaur disaster…woman and musicians first!

  • Jennifer

    It only takes a movie premiere to get Jimmy to wear a coat and pants while performing – now we know!

  • tulsaparrothead

    And to my left a dinosaur that will never become extinct…a Parrotheaded Rex!

  • Barry

    Will the real NOBODY please strum a D chord

  • Beverly Rasler

    You can blame it on his Frozen Concoction Machine.!

  • Patricia

    Who’s that man in the white suit!

  • Myles Omaha

    And now to sing his new single Valociraptor Fear, Mr Jimmy Buffett!

  • Lilly mack

    I thought you said there was a woman to blame??!! I think it’s this guy..here to my left , or here to my right!

  • Lilly mack

    Ladies and gentlemen…our next president of the United States…….!!

  • Raynor Shine

    “Trying to get a selfie with Roger & Mac. Security, can you get this hack off the stage?”

  • Joanne K.

    Look, it’s the Gypsy in the Palace with his Blue Guitar!!

  • Barry Haftel

    This guy just outran a Raptor

  • FloridaSRQboi

    Not only your restaurant, but you sir will be in my movie, OK?

  • Poetry Rules

    “You can have his Margaritas… When you pry ‘em from his cold, dead hands!”

  • Poetry Rules

    “Grampa got run over by a Raptor…”

  • susie

    This is our greatest specimen.. a PIRATEASAURUS from the WAYSTINAWAYCEOUS period.May he NEVER be extinct!!!!!

  • Guy Bartels
  • Larry

    it’s his own damn fault

  • zensis1

    Where the hell are his shorts and tee shirt?


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