Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest

posted December 20th, 2013 at 10:24 am

by Josh Martin

It’s been a few months since our last Buffett Caption Contest, so let’s do another.

Take a look a the below photo of Jimmy at the Honolulu concert and give it your own creative, funny caption:

photo by Honolulupulse.com

Post your caption in the comments section.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • TropicalTraveler

    My head hurts, my feet stink and I don’t love jesus

  • Laura

    Maybe it’s time you retire that coconut bra

  • Erica Stark

    Oops.. I I hope I don’t do it again..

  • Ben and Kate

    Woops. Forgot the words.

  • Ben and Kate

    Were not in Key West?

  • Laura

    I’m pretty sure she wore that same coconut bra to my concert 30 years ago

  • Tifani Franklin

    They put this mic stand close to the edge of the stage!

  • shelby

    Tube tops are NOT for everyone…

  • Dave in Nashville

    “That ObamaCare website was a bit of a turd, wasn’t it?”

  • B A R

    Hey Snake, we need more wine!!!

  • Cheri

    The fans want me to. TWERK!?
    it will be fun. (they said?)

  • Rayor Shine

    Turns out I’m the older surfer at the concert too!

  • Chris Bihler

    damn did I really just fart that loud? now that is a son of a son of a sailor’s fart.

  • Guest

    Uhoh Mac dropped one of his CMA Musician of the year trophies this is not going
    to be good.

  • Jim Cormier

    Uhoh Mac dropped one of his CMA Musician of the Year trophies this is not going
    to be good.

  • David Broadbridge

    I can’t believe what that 60 year old woman is wearing in the audience!

  • mazza

    I was looking for a SMART woman in a real short skirt, not the woman from Caroline Street!

  • Clayton James Johnson

    Excuse me…I sharted…

  • J.B.P.

    We DID pay the mini-mart back…right?!?

  • Doc Lee


  • Ken Carriker

    “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?” Sorry, even I won’t cover that one.

  • Ziggy

    The WHOLE 1/4 was in your pocket when you washed them??

  • Cathie

    Are you seriously wearing just a fins hat and you want to get drunk and screw???

  • Dale Smallwood

    Who farted?

  • Britt

    Just remembered where I left my lost shaker of salt. Guess we can all go home now.

  • Dave Binder

    I’m not getting any closer to the end of that stage.

  • want2seebuffett

    Why don’t we get drunk and screw, ewwwwww.

  • surfpirate

    … listen, about my *twerking incident* on stage last night …. fair
    to say that didn’t work out as sexy as I had planned and I’m gonna drop
    that from future shows ….”

  • kenny

    Really?….Those are not my flip flops…

  • Shirl Sinwelski-Braglia

    Take a look at those coconuts!

  • Sid

    I told you Mac not to eat all them beans

  • gacblues

    Never trust a fart.

  • Sue Robel

    Oh sh-t, this is the 3rd song I screwed up on!

  • Gary Hasson

    Sorry Mike, no more pre concert beans, I promise

  • Mistress of Agave

    Was I too drunk to kareoke?

  • jared

    Phil Robertson said what?!?!

  • Stu Harris

    The Tellicaster won’t go….. If the wind don’t blow…..Banana Winds.

  • L.D.S.

    OOOOPS,I am lactose intolerant!

  • Kathryn Levine Osborne

    That swiss army knife looks pretty dangerous. It works!

  • Dawn Watson

    When I sing “why don’t we get drunk and screw” I didn’t mean for you to bring your naked ass on stage and do it now…damn!

  • Sue

    Ooops! darn beans!!!!

  • Beaker

    GOODNIGHT……..where are we again?

  • AMG

    No Miley, you may not grind up against my guitar… and for God’s sake, put some clothes on!

  • 13doc13

    Oops, kinda stinky , I think I betta check my shorts. Sorry boys , that ” Bama breeze ,” is blowin in your direction!

  • Dwayne Carpenter

    What are the words to that Margaritaville song?

  • Denise Brooks

    I hope that’s really a banana.

  • Spencer

    I just shipped my drawers…..

  • tamarac dave

    the mic has been off the WHOLE time????

  • tropgirl001

    I should have skipped the metamucil last night!

  • JKL

    oh crap! I just forgot the lyrics to Margaritaville…..

  • Ron

    Where did my hair go?

  • Lindsey Hafs

    I had shows scheduled in Minneapolis, Tulsa, the Little Rock…in December!. What was I thinking!?!

  • FloridaSRQboi

    Though tomorrow will bring ashes and penance by the ton…Mardi Gra’s where I learned to have fun….

  • M.A. OConnell

    I guess I should stop telling Mr. Utley when to start “Volcano!”

  • Dennis

    Was I supposed to sing?

  • Patty Hackley

    Is that me or Donny heartmen ???lol

  • JanK

    It’s ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rhum, Santa….I didn’t mean magnum!

  • Dayna

    Oops, sorry, I fanny burped!! Does it smell? We shouldn’t have had that cabbage, huh??

  • smokindave

    You know it happens to EVERY man occassionally….Sorry

  • WDH

    i’d like to go to canada

  • Key West Survivor

    Should’ve wore my headband…this wristband reminder aint workin!

  • onntwo

    Really, I’m the opening act for the Miley Cyrus tour.

  • Cathy Covington-Boley

    We were not the ganja plane

  • Cathy Covington-Boley

    Its somebody else’s fault

  • Cathy Covington-Boley

    I am not sure what happened. I swear the end of the stage moved on me

  • Mo

    I wouldn’t go in there if I were you….

  • Garrett Mitchell

    So how does this song go again? The teleprompter quit working!

  • FinsupNJ

    Oh crap, I did say this was going to be an all request show.

  • Spagetti

    Eep, If this guitar strap breaks, my whole outfit comes off and I’ll be strutting naked…

  • Lisa

    “Wasted away again in margaritaville”…wait I thought we were in Honolulu.

  • Deborah Divine

    I wouldn’t be showin’ those!

  • Rose Schulstadt

    I lost my margarita please send me another you sweet sweet senorita!


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