Patrick Kane Brings Out Stanley Cup at Chicago Show

posted June 29th, 2013 at 10:02 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett made his annual trek to Chicago on Saturday night, but instead of playing the usual Toyota Park or Tinley Park, Jimmy played at the new FirstMerit Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island.

Take a look at the set list from the show here.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane brought out the Stanley Cup at the concert. This wasn’t the first time that Kane did this. He also showed up with the cup at Toyota Park in 2010.

photos by Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune.

View more photos here.

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  • T.O.

    What a disappointment, first the pavilions facebook page
    says the early parking will be $30 then when you get there it’s $40. Then were told that you can’t put up any easy
    up tents while tailgaiting. The walk
    from the parking to the venue took 20 mins.
    The mud in the venue was just horrible.
    There was a definite lack of bathrooms, and 30 mins into the show the
    beer vendors on the East side of the park ran out of beer to sell. They had the
    fence open on the beach side so we sat in the lawn there and about 1/3 of the
    way through Monterey Security decided they wanted to move everyone back
    inside. I missed close to half the show
    because of all the commotion. To top it
    all off, the sound system was horrible for anyone in the lawn. Say what you want about Toyota Park, but at
    least that venue had great free parking, no hassle tailgaiting, there were no
    problems getting in or out of the stadium and everyone could see the
    stage. I would even go back to Tinley. Thank you to the city of Chicago for ruining
    yet another fun event. If Jimmy every
    comes back to First Merit Bank Pavilion, I will gladly skip the concert and save my

  • MM

    Not going back to Northerly Island / FirstMerit or whatever its called these days… We had seats in the stands so we weren’t in the *lawn* but I really felt bad for the those out there – i think it actually slopes *down* towards the lake. Having to hike so far from parking to the venue really sucked. Give us Toyota Park, Tinley, Alpine or maybe even the new river front park in Aurora (would be very convenient as it’s right off the Metra line!)… Will not be going back to Northerly Island if JB adds it to the list for 2014

  • keith.moore58

    FirstMerit Bank Pavillion and LiveNation missed the mark. Mud was ankle deep in most of the lawn seating area. When the show was over there was no restrooms along the 30 min walk to the cars. Security was little to non existing. People were peeing along side road from the venue to the parking areas. I will never attend a concert hosted by LiveNation…. This was really bad. I really want a refund for the horrible conditions!

  • disgustedwithlivenation

    Jimmy I will pick your venue for a 1/3rd of the price of the knuckleheads who went along with the song and dance that was “sold” to them and ruined it for thousands of others that attended the Jimmy Buffet Concert at the First Merit Bank Pavilion! Hated it!

  • Matthew

    Great show.

    Horrible facility.

  • John

    Long time Buffett parrot head and have seen countless shows in many locations. This was by far the worst venue in history. The lawn was a mud pit, had no chance of seeing the stage unless you were Shaquille ONeil, and the sound was awful. This location clearly is not able to handle this size of a crowd and $40.00 for parking…come on!!! Talked to many people who all concurred that this venue is terrible. Go back to Toyota Park Jimmy!!!! Will never attend another show at this joke of a place.


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