Chicago Goes Under the Big Top

posted August 14th, 2010 at 10:51 pm

by Josh Martin

The circus came to town Saturday night as Jimmy and the Reefers moved the Under The Big Top Tour to the Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL.

Notable additions to the set list this time included “Boat Drinks,” “Jolly Mon Sing,” and “Banana Republics.” “He Went to Paris” was tonight’s final encore. Jimmy dedicated the song to Eddie Balchowsky, the Quiet Knight janitor that helped inspire the song.

View the entire set list here.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane brought the Stanley Cup on stage and sang “Boat Drinks” with Jimmy. Check out more pictures of Jimmy and the Stanley Cup here.

Did you attend the show? Share your thoughts on our Discussion Board.

The third leg of the Under The Big Top Tour is now over. The fourth leg will begin August 31 in Wantagh, NY. You can still get your tickets now!

(Photo: Simon Brubaker, Chicago Tribune)

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  • LandLockedPH

    Last night’s concert was great, as usual. My wife and I flew from Dallas to Chicago on Saturday morning for the concert that night and had a blast. Jimmy’s voice was spot on and as usual, the Corral Reefers didn’t miss a note. Love it!

    However; getting into Toyota Park in Bridgeview Illinois was a royal pain. There was no traffic control prior to the show and it took well over an hour from the time we hit backed up traffic to the time we finally made it to parking. Luckily, we got a spot 10 minutes before show-time, but we were sweating it. There were more than the usual number of nasty drunks in the lot and the place was poorly controlled.

    The bottom line is that we had a great time thanks to Jimmy and the Coral Reefers and can’t wait until our next show. But, we can guarantee that it WON’T be at Toyota Park.

  • Puablo

    I’ve had that traffic problem at every Buffett concert I have ever been to unless I went more than 2 hours in advance. That said, I’ve had opposite experiences at Toyota Park, I’ve always been able to get in and out just fine, but I also show up between 4 and 4:30.

    Though I do have to say the parking people were particularly inept this time as they made all the cars park way too close together, such that when it was time to leave it was very tricky to pull out of your own space and it was like going through a maze to get out of your aisle. But since the alternative is not being able to move in traffic for hours, I’ll take what I can get.


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