Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest

posted July 17th, 2012 at 8:45 am

by Josh Martin

It’s been several months since our last caption contest, and since it’s a pretty dead time between tour legs it’s a great time to do another.

Take a look at the photo below:

Post your creative, funny caption in the comments section of this post.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

Have fun!

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  • Dkjake

    Was that fins to the left or fins to the right?

  • Danielp Hartman

    That was one hell of a tailgate party! Now, where did I leave that plane?

  • Ryan

    This is the bump from the Australia fall…but I Love my summer job

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132191485 Rick Truhol

    God Damn it!  I forgot the words to Margaritaville AGAIN!!!  

  • Ayersbryant04

    If I have to sing margaritaville one more time I’ll just have a hissy fit !!

  • @writeRyan

    Wait, wait! Ok coffee maker…off. Stove…off. Dog has food… But, DID I take the weather with me? Everywhere I go…

  • Hammrhead

    Shit! I’m an amphibian!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1427739356 Kate Paquin

    Where did I leave that shaker of salt?

  • Kerri Anders

    Is it 5 o’clock yet??

  • Mdeangelis1980

    Where’s Lionel at?… Im ready to rock it “All night long”

  • Michael A Morin

    I knew I should have written the set list down.

  • Felso

    Indecision may or may not be my problem!

  • http://twitter.com/TeeLBe Tee

    Where’s my Landshark?

  • Packmate58

    “Everyone concentrate… concentrate… almost there… OK. Now, everybody look at your watch. Does it say 5:00? Thank you! Thank you! And now for my next trick, I’ll be sawing Utley in half, lengthwise!”

  • Packmate58

    How many of you have been with us since the days when my hair came down to here?

  • Dale Van Vlack

    Mac, we need to write a song about a teleprompter!

  • Eyeofthejag

    Where did my flip flops go this time?

  • Snookie

    I must quit passing out in my hammock and sleeping ’til way past noon!

  • http://twitter.com/ragtopdays Aron

    Did theVolcano Blow? 

  • Fredcp

    Who’s that blonde stranger? 

  • Vicnkath

    WOW ! I could’ve had a V8.

  • Vicnkath

    No I like DKJAKE’s better …

  • Fred

    Hey guys, umm, the shows not over yet. We’ve got four more songs. 

  • Fred

    Uncle Jim get back over here. That’s not the president. 

  • Mgibbons1013

    “At least wait till dark before you try to procreate on the lawn!!”

  • Sam

    Where on earth could I have left that salt shaker?!

  • Tjbrueg

    Watching for the next explosion.

  • Johnhill13

    My head hurts.  My feet stink and I dont love cheeses.

  • Anonymous

    ” Gypsies in the….”   Man, I just remembered who I gave my house keys to……did we lock up the liquor cabinet?? 

  • Boatingman

    “Wasted way in ….. ??    Where is my state of mind?

  • Fladuke88

    Where did I leave my wine?

  • Wzouinka

    “oh shit! one too many margaritas! i forgot the words!”

  • Conner 149

    Where the end of the stage?

  • Alandrummersternhill

    “Well, well, well… Is it come Monday? Or Tuesday? I’m havin’ another one of those Senior^ Momentos”

  • Buffett83

    Somebody stole my hair!

  • Jlove611

     Damn’ that knock on the head still hurt.  What’s your name again, Matt, Mike?  Oh yeah Mac!

  • Pkmacjr


  • Fire One

    Oh shit its the cops, someone grab the tip jar i’m going to need bail again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000705734165 Derek Fountaine

    Sure could use a bloody mary.

  • Pete Richards

    Hell, I’ve forgotten to put my pants on again, must be getting old.

  • Nesseler

    Did they say the front of the stage was 3 or 6 feet up???

  • Sharron Lukens

    Their coming for me now??? I paid the mini-mart back I thought!


    “what do ya’ get when you cross Bob Marleys sweat bands with Tom Cruises sunglasses? “I can’t remember either, but has anyone seen our drummer?”

  • Bsquared

    All these tourists covered in oil. And feathers and fins and what the hell are you in?

  • COparrothead

    Brain Freeze – next margarita is on the rocks!!

  • Tommyminn

    Not again!…. Who let the margarillas out again?

  • Arvy

    “I can see my house from up here.”

  • Mike Sovak

    I see they installed a safety net in front of the stage for me. Are they trying to tell me something?

  • Bigfin23

    Hey don’t bogart that joint!

  • Kennynkelly

    Oh my God i thought it was only a fart!!!!

  • Len Condry

    Now…. What was I singing?

  • SassyRedhead

    Are you kidding me? Give me Parrotheads over awards & trophies any day. Bahaahahahaaa

  • Robhar1

    I know the end of the stage is there somwhere

  • Bamafan34

    “Oysters and beer everyday of the year or a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, heinz 57 and french fried potatos….”

  • Ron

    Holy crap what is the first verse to Margariteville.

  • Har69682000

    I was off to see who?? again…..

  • Austrianparrothead

    So they really want to put my head on a PEZ Dispenser … coool …

  • GW

    Where is that lost shaker?

  • Capt Tom

    Come on Reefers, get back on the stage.  I can’t do it without you guys!

  • Medic7810

    My head hurts, my feet stink and I don’t love Jesus

  • Corvettegirl146

    Man, I should start selling VIP packages for my shows. That way those nobody’s from nowhere can stop paying scalpers for those front row tickets and take meeting me off their bucket list. Hmmm. I will ponder on it some more. The more I think about it, it would be me providing a community service. Yes, Yes, I do believe I have had a great idea.

  • Muffyinparadise

    Not tonite, I’ve got a headache!

  • Nittanynortth

    “My mind is on a permanent vacation”

  • Rmilligannh

    Who stole with flip flop? My me the nearest cop

  • Rmilligannh

    Who stole my flip flop? Find me the nearest cop

  • Flickingersandy

    Dang, what was I doing?

  • Dwilson

    I use to have hair all the way down here.

  • Anonymous

    Is it 5 o’clock yet?  who cares, it’s five o’clock somewhere.  I’m out of here.  Bye.

  • Steve

    I don’t know….I don’t know……where’m I gonn’a go, I just don’t know

  • Paul_Pantaleo

    I think I see my shaker of salt

  • coconut kev

    Ok They all seem to like me. My nane is Jimmy, Should I have one of those funny parrot hats?

  • Becc

    Oh say can you seeee…my lost shaker of salt.

  • Yakers79

    Come Monday, It will be alright, or will? One too many Landsharks at lunch, oh hell lets just skip to “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere!

  • Sandv_

    Shit, pick up the back’n track an i’ll drop in

  • Chip Morton

    Now that I’m rich, shouldn’t I really pay the mini-mart back?

  • AmusingSue

    Hmmmm, where DID I put that shaker of salt?? OR… Did I turn off the coffee pot this.morning??

  • Cassb4002

    You know, LIFE IS JUST A TIRE SWING !!

  • http://twitter.com/snixon Steve Nixon

    18,000 people at an average of $100 a ticket?  I love my job!

  • Heidiho412

    I knew I shouldn’t have had that last margarita, where are we again?

  • Gary Tindale

    Wow!! …that is some lady.

  • njparrothead

    My deodorant keeps me cool and dry…see, no sweat stains

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IYFRKIUXOQ255ZQSAJ34WDMDK4 Edogger

    Who was that blonde stranger? 

  • Jcgrib

    Not so much here or hear, more like right here is where I hit my head on that stage dive

  • Jagah

    “The sun is over the yardarm. Let’s Go!!!!!!”

  • gregg

    Damn, too manymargartis! My brain is not functioning right today!

  • bluemonet

    Aw shit! They just broke my record for the world’s largest margarita.

  • Kparrish55

    Is this Chicago or Louisville? Hell I don’t know! Where am I?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5IV7QNBY6JDTG4GOTEKW5HAA24 Mike

    Aww shit! I’m an amphibian!

  • Terri

    Oh Crap!  Another senior moment??

  • Grant

    I feel like God’s own drunk because these fruitcakes sure have given me a headache.  I could use some barometer soup, a couple of boat drinks, and a good night’s sleep at the buffett hotel. 

  • Marilyn

    What! I  forgot

  • Vonschwab

    Am I still in Kansas??

  • Tknipping

    Damn, where was it again that I was supposed to be wasting away?

  • Catlnablue

    OMG she should put her shirt back on!

  • s_mtex

    Don’t ever start a band!!

  • Solarwind22

    As my friend, Johnny Carson, as Confucius used to say: sex is like the army, the closer you are to discharge, the better you feel.  Now get back to drinking more margaritas!!!!!

  • Wilmorepolice2

    Holy crap……..I almost fell again!!!!!!!!!

  • Viking Parrothead

    Should I go party with those guys…or stay here and play! 

  • Kdkjpotter

    A Priate looks at forty.

  • Fatherchrisdunlap

    I spy with my little eye some landsharks on the lawn!

  • Fatherchrisdunlap

    Fingers! Is that you?

  • Lkokojan

    Can someone out there please bring me a hurricane? It’s hot!

  • J B

    I’m searchin’ for the spirit of the great heart! 

  • Deebo

    “you in the tube top – front row – show me yours and i’ll show you mine”

  • Meeye

    Has anyone seen  my shaker a salt?

  • Creaky Tiki

    We lost Utley!!!!  Has anyone seen Mr. Utley?

  • Jmichael5htx

    Is that Kim Kardashian on the lawn?

  • Limasark

    what was I doin’?

  • Stvharris33

    Damn!!! Where did I leave that salt shaker again?????


    Gees where did I park my plane???

  • Bowden187

    look at all those parrotheads

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.tucker.96 Wanda Tucker

    I’m up to here with politics! Who needs fruitcake? Let’s have another margarita….

  • Linda

    Good god all mighty ‘Which way do I steer’….

  • Anonymous

    Oh shit. Now that I’m old I should have worn underwear…

  • Brad G

    Holy Shit! What if the Hokey Pokey IS all it really is about??!!!

  • Grando6

    O shit!   Is it Tuesday or Thursday.

  • Treetopflyer01

    Geez Guth–Quit Hitting the Cymbals So Hard!!–They’re Mic’d for God’s Sake!!!

  • Dianenat

    dang.. forgot those lyrics I wrote again! El stumpo the band!

  • Buffettgirl

    “Where are the flashbacks our parents warn….(wait…yeah..it’s coming…..nope..damn!!!) ed us about..We are the People”

  • Amy_rocks4u

    Now, where did I put that shaker of salt?

  • Amy_rocks4u

    Is that her? I do believe it is…yep I finally found that damn woman to blame!!!

  • Ranchorelaxo6436

    Hey Mac…What chord was that in again?

  • John5281

    Ummm. Was it fins to the right or the left?

  • Finz2left

    Tampa… Uh, Altanta… Uh., Biloxi … Where am at , again!

  • Finz2left

    Wow I love those “lawn people”

  • Finz2left

    You put a Parrothead tattoo , where!!

  • bald stranger

    Damn it!  What comes after wasted away again…?

  • Finz2left

    Damn, now I have to start over, 1,2,3,4….

  • Finz2left

    My head still hurts from that Australia fall

  • Finz2left

    That’s not a pimple is it.

  • Mike

    her voice sounded so….wonderful !!

  • bald stranger

    Damn it!  “What comes after waisted away again” ?

  • Telasrevenge

    Has anyone seen my lost shaker of salt?

  • Cinemagal

    Where am I? Why am I here?  What am I doing?…keep vamping ’til I get a clue, guys…

  • dheadparrothead

    My mind started to wander,
    In the middle of the second song
    Dreamin’ I was at sea, just my baby and me
    when the words started coming out wrong

  • Parrottheadca

    A pirate looks at dimensia

  • Natdave637

    I spy with my little eye!

  • Bsulli73

    Who’s that on the KISS CAM?

  • Jphoward95


  • Fdiebold

    The biggest and best Jazz Fest New Orleans yet.  I can’t see the end of the crowd.

  • Grandmagates

    Now where did that stage end again?

  • Tplunket

    DAMN!!! It is Thur. all this time I thought it was Tue.

  • Smokin Dave

    Wow its Wednesday…..not Tuesday Thursday or Saturday..and I’m the only one here?

  • Stefkubena

    What time zone am I on? What country am I in?

  • Momrocksat50

    Really! I thought I had hair. Let’s just rehearse. I can’t believe it’s gone.

  • CA-Parrothead

    Checking for water spouts.

  • PVE

    Yes I can see that it’s a real short skirt….but is she a smart woman?

  • Bowden187

    I’d do it all over again

  • Coalminer007

    It’s truly good to be the King of the Parrothead Kingdom, Life’s Been Good To Me!!!!!!

    • bald stranger

      Now what comes after “waisted away again…?

  • Dmjmonico

    Where are all my tourists covered in oil?

  • Dmjmonico


  • Glenn Dog

    Brain Freeze…. Those frozen Margaritas get me every time.

  • Fredcp

    Mr. Utley, where you going? We have four more songs to play. 

  • Dmjmonico


  • Fins2left

    Damn, let’s start over 1,2,3,4

  • Fins2left

    Tampa…uh,Atlanta,….uh, Biloxi, where are we.

  • Fins2left

    Tampa…uh,Atlanta,….uh, Biloxi, where are we.

  • Josheberenz

    There was something I was supposed to do today….Have five daquiris?  I remembered to do that!

  • Bsquires1

    Gosh, I can see Russia from here!

  • Sharon

    Holy crap!!! Look..in the distance! ANOTHER Jamaica Mistaka!!

  • Trekker1701

    Ah shit… It’s a bitch getting old.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Crap, were going to play on the Big Island. (Watch the end of the video)


  • Theblondepoet

    OH CRAP!!!! Where am I???

  • Anonymous

    A pirate looks at….OMG, is that Desdemona leaving in her rocket ship. 

  • Raynor Shine

    Did i leave Snake the key to the liquor cabinet or am i gonna have to buy a new lock again?

  • Pair8head

    Damn these Senior moments are getting closer and closer together. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EADC4L2E5XPDSSFGLWDYRDOZHE kthurst

    Shit, did I park my car in the lawn section????

  • Mmsayre

    Now where did that damn drumset go?

  • AndyK

    What would Jimmy Buffett do? (WWJBD)

  • Rtpsmh

    Why can’t I ever find my car after a show?

  • Jay Lees

    OMG, Is that Pirates coming Ashore?

  • TravelWriteGirl

    “Wasted away again in…in…in…”

  • TravelWriteGirl

    “Wasted away again in…in…in…”

  • Dragonfly819

    oh god, another brain fart!

  • Dragonfly819

    oh god, another brain fart!

  • Ccb813

    Why did I come out here again?

  • Jamie Beale

    I can see Jamaica from here

  • Jake

    Can you toss me up a Tylenol?


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