Buffett Caption Contest

posted September 8th, 2010 at 9:27 am

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett’s summer tour ended last weekend, so there’s no better time to do another photo caption contest. Take a look at the picture below and come up with your own funny, creative caption for it:

Post your caption in the comments section of this post.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

Caption away!

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  • Lisa

    If we can get the monkey to do it just like this…

  • Mark Simpson

    Wait, you’re telling me if I continue to drink I have to choose between losing hair or brain cells?

  • Louise

    How else will we figure out how thin to trim my new pencil thin mustache?

  • Patrick

    told ya not to light that fart……lesson learned, right?

  • Big Mike

    Utley, these pencils you bought suck.

  • http://waterwaynet.com Capt Gene

    Never taken a Elephants temp before, are you sure this is long enough????

  • Jimbo

    I heard I was in town.

  • Barry C

    “OKAY ..tell me Once more…the TIKI BAR is THIS WAY OR THAT WAY!!!

  • Jimbo

    I’m going to be doing this for how much longer? Seriously?!

  • meeye

    Let me tell you something…….Summerzcool was over long ago

  • Bob

    Not guilty your honor……………………..

  • Scott Rathbun

    Math Sucks!

  • Lou Bristol

    Now listen Jerry Jeff, I came down here with you to Coconut Grove, I put on this silly freaking shirt, but I am NOT driving down to Key West, where ever the freak that is, with you! Scheeech, what the freak is there to do in Key West?

  • Daryl

    Anda one, anda two!

  • http://smokin.rocks.it Smokin Dave

    I shoot six holes in my freezer. The holes are about as big as this pencil

  • Trent

    If I could just get it on paper…
    Oh, thanks. This should help.

  • captainfrat

    I wish my mustache was as thin as this pencil


    I wish my mustache was this thin

  • Adam

    I wish my mustache was this thin

  • http://facebook.com/keylargopaintedcoconuts Coconut Sal

    It’s PHINS, not FINS…Write it down, will ya?

  • http://facebook.com/keylargopaintedcoconuts Coconut Sal

    OR…..”You’re an Asshole!” (hey, his words, not mine ;-) )

  • http://facebook.com/keylargopaintedcoconuts Coconut Sal


    “YOU…yeah you, You’re an asshole!”

    (hey, his words, not mine) ;-)

  • Shannon

    OK!!! So you shoot my plane down and now you tell me your not going to buy me a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Anne

    “Mr. Utley! …you start Volcano on more time before I’m ready…..!

  • Mark Greiten

    I told you I needed a Number 2 pencil to fill out the forms!

  • DO

    NO! The moustache and the hair stay! Put the razor down…

  • DO

    This is how thin I want my mustache

  • http://facebook.com/keylargopaintedcoconuts Coconut Sal

    Are you telling me you can run THAT blender on a Diehard?

  • David McDade

    …….”so I blocked like this to save my fingers and instead decided to use my face to stop Buford’s fist. O.k., final question to the gentleman in the back….. yea you with the funny cigarette……wait……Hunter?”

  • Little LuLu

    “Pencil thin mustache … that’s really good. You should write that down.

  • Cpt Ron

    Look, I told ya, I ain’t cut out for this full time nursin’ shit. I just wanna a part time summer job where all I gotta do is play my guitar, lay around in the sun, and sip frozen drinks in a place we’ll call Margarita Town or something.

  • Jason

    I don’t care about the potential for maximizing gross profits! Mustache rides should ALWAYS be free!

  • Cpt Ron

    OOPS > Corrected >>>

    Look, I told ya, I ain’t cut out for this full time horse shit. I just wanna a part time summer job where all I gotta do is play my guitar, lay around in the sun, and sip frozen drinks in a place we’ll call Margarita Town or something.

  • Nelson Howard

    As soon as I get my watch band unstuck from my hair, I’ll write a song about this pencil and a mustache !!

  • Colorado Pirate

    “And then we can fly to Denver and play Red Rocks…”

  • Ron Collins

    One more time; Fins to the left, Fins to the right!!!

  • apiratelookinat60

    DON’T make me get the golf shoes out. I told ya I ain’t losin’ any of my hair!

  • loony2ne

    All the cannabis users are demanding it! What’s the problem? JUST SAY NOW!!

  • David Malinowski

    Please take your drunken 15 year old girlfriend home.

  • http://www.allsortsmailing.com Jamey

    Seriously?!? You want me to rhyme Flip Flop with Pop Top? That will never work.

  • Island Diane

    Let’s call the band The Coral Reefer Band, and come up with a good name for our fans… maybe something like Cockatooheads… or wait! How about Parrotheads?

  • http://poynte.com thomas l roberts

    ok Micheal you need to bring those “a ” sharps twice into the second verse of banana wind.. then follow with our signature ending..

  • Jason McLin

    X don’t equal Y “Math Sucks”

  • Ron W

    I told you I use Head & Shoulders not this other cheap brand.

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    You’ve seen the future, and I’m going to lose how much hair? But I’m better looking, right?

  • Kerry

    I think if we change the words to something like “Wastin away again in Margaritaville”we might be on to something…who knows..

  • Shelley

    Look, how many time do I have to tell you guys not to start drinkin the Margarita’s until after we start singin, not before!

  • http://www.RumShopRyan.com RumShopRyan

    Will someone please take this pencil and itch my arm pit. If you do I will remember you when I become one of the biggest entertainers in the world. What? No takers?

  • http://BUFFETWORLD cathy misner

    bald and barefoot, NEVER!

  • Debbie

    Hey, I remember bein’ buck-tooth and skinny!

  • Lynne

    It must be 5 o’clock somewhere!

  • http://www.therealdogtalk Bubba Ross

    No thanks, I don’t need another hit. Please take one of these pencels.

  • Steve

    Don’t even try and smack my knuckles Sister Aiden

  • Tim

    See Occifer I can do it myself!!!!! (hicup)

  • Dan

    “I blame you,you,you, not you,you and you”

  • Deb

    Are you SURE Lawrence Welk started this way?!?!

  • USMC

    I’m telling you Utley, in my dream I was bare foot, chubby and bold!
    It scared the hell out of me.

  • Roy

    Ya know guys, I was just thinking. Someday I’d like to have my mustache as thin as this pencil right here.

  • Michael Ruede

    No I do not have a Pencil Thin Mustache

  • http://eamm@charter.net Amanda McWhorter

    Now those lyrics will go great in this song.. I appreciate your help because I was having a problem getting that next line..

  • http://eamm@charter.net Amanda McWhorter

    Ok !! Now those lyrics will go great in this song.. I was having a bit of trouble with the next line since we smoked that last “funny Cigarette”..

  • Marty Collins

    Pencil thin pencil

  • Dorene

    All together now-one, two, three!

  • Kiwibird

    I’ll tell you again… MATH SUCKS!!!!! Look what MATH has done to our Economy under the Obama administration… Pretty FUZZY stuff!!!! He must HATE IT too!?!?

  • Nick Ragno

    …and a one, and a two…

  • LeeRoy Pierce

    No! It should be done in 3/4 time.

  • chris

    Excuse me: “I” will play for Gumbo…..

  • Vince

    I could call it Margarita..something. Maybe it will be a hit.

  • Paul

    Look – keep that barber away from me. I’m keepin my hair until my 60’s.

  • Phinzup

    It’s a semi-true story-believe it or NOT!

  • Jim

    Mr. Macanally, let me get this straight…2 + 2 equals 4…boy, this math really does suck!

  • Buffett83

    “Excuse me, young man…this is Beer 101! now you sit down and finish that warm beer!”

  • Carolyn D.

    Math sucks! Math sucks! Math sucks the big one!

  • http://BuffetWorld Walt Hamilton III

    …..”That’s when I first
    saw the bear”……..!!!!!

  • Tina B

    “It’s time I made a career decision…..porn star or musician…..or maybe I’ll be a writer…..”

  • Dwayne Flaherty

    Okay Reefers, one more time, we cannot drink and play at the same time, the lyrics are getting blurred!

  • Randy

    Why don’t you get that Packard running and let’s go!

  • Kevin P

    Let me see, is it door #1, door #2 or door#3. I will take, no wait a minute dooooor #3. Yea, that’s it Door #3!!!! I’ll take Carol Merrill toooo!!

  • Tami D

    My mustache is not pencil thin!

  • Debbie

    “I beg to differ dude! Beerville is not nearly as catchy as Margaritaville”

  • Tampa Jim

    “I’m telling you Mac, that Margaritaville idea ain’t gonna get us anywhere……”

  • Paul

    Mac, I ain’t never gonna look like that!

  • Margaret Montgomery

    OKAY–So if I follow your directions I take two lefts and a right and that will get me to your Beach House on the Moon. Right?

  • Paul C

    Time is up put your pencil down – that means you too Jimmy Buffett!

  • Matt

    No, You have to put the lime IN the coconut……….

  • George

    Now there is a girl in a real short skirt!

  • Tracy

    look at the pretty mutli color lines the pencil makes when I move it

  • Tracy

    Ah, Math Sucks

  • Bill T

    the mustache isn’t thin but the pencil is!

  • Kerian Reigel

    “off to see the wizard! (with my wand!)

  • Carolyn L.

    Now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • Rick B.

    You have a pencil thin mustache.I’ll prove it!

  • Joe S

    No wait, I think I know this one!

  • http://www.buffettworld.com/2010/09/08/buffett-caption-contest-14/#respond Jackson Nash

    Count that money again. My wife has already spent more than I’ve made this tour!

  • Shari Lane

    Heads will roll if we’re out of RUM!!

  • Bill Thon

    Jimmy, I got an idea– It’s our job!

  • Bill Thon

    What a great summer job we have

  • Charlie

    I could get it on paper……If I could just focus….

  • Dianne M

    I had a dream!!!!!!! Flocks of Parrotheads all over the world…..wow that was some Tequiluila!!!

  • Kiwibird

    It’s the ECONOMY… stupid!!! The MATH JUST SUCKS… period!!! (All those other JB comments are just “fluff”…) We’re in serious trouble… Now Obama is learning the numbers don’t add up either!!!

  • Mary Anne

    “Mr. Utley…If you start Volcano one more time before I’m ready…. I will whip this at your head!!!!!!!”

  • Al

    So many fantastic colors….

  • bsulli

    …no crap, you mean the past 40 years was all a dream?!

  • bsulli

    …and why am I holding this?!!

  • cameron burns

    You try to write another Margaritaville hit.

  • Corbin Gregg

    Did anyone look in Mac’s hair?

  • Kevin Roberge

    “don’t be talkin’ no smack ’bout my shirt Fingers!”

  • Henry von Krofe

    Well if I can’t make it as a country singer, then I’m Moving to Key West!!!

  • Lisa

    That is what I USED to look like??!! SOMEBODY STOLE MY HAIR!!!!

  • Jackie Lunsford

    Curse you, Voldemort!

  • http://maxanddenise.com untabubba

    I think I AM the person my parents warned me about!

  • http://maxanddenise.com untabubba

    I’m gonna BE somebody, just you wait and see!

  • jim murphy

    let’s see if this hits the bull’s eye

  • Corky King

    “I said I wanted a pencil thin mustach”

  • Corky King

    “I said I wanted a pencil thin mustach.”

  • Dan Myers

    War Damn Eagle!

  • Jeremy Ware

    Hey Mac! If you can’t find something to stir your drink with, you can use my pencil!

  • Mona

    I told you I WILL hav another Margarita!

  • Cathy S.

    I told you I could have it my way and make it big.

  • Cathy S.

    I told you that I could do it my way and make it big.

  • Deanna

    I’m telling you, this poor boy’s gonna make a fortune. You can write that down!

  • http://www.byrnelaw.com.au Rick Byrne

    “and another thing Mr. Twain err I mean Buffett ! “

  • http://buffettworld james teresi

    I doent think I remembered to put on deodorant today

  • Aaron Daenell

    Now see…I told you that there wasn’t that much difference between an ass and a hole in the ground!!!

  • Steve

    “S**t. I’ve got a verse but I can’t rhyme it.”

  • Steve


    “Damn that chum and his bottle of rum.”

  • Cathy S.

    II told you,”I am who I am and thats all I want to be.”

  • Carlie

    “You know, I really like pizza better, but I guess we’ll have to go with cheeseburgers”

  • Lynne

    Yes, Mr. Einstein, I can explain the theory of drunkativity.

  • Barbara McIntosh

    “Been there, done that.” Do as I say! Listen, and you’ll be all the wiser!”

  • Bob Mulfinger

    Strangest sobriety check point I have ever stumbled through, now ,tell me again, just where am I suppose to put this pencil

  • the juice

    no no no! Magnum P.I. copied MY look, not vice versa

  • http://www.treetopflyer01.com jack

    This is the last time I’ll say this, Hell or High Water I will not go back to Dallas!!

  • bigkahauna820

    And thats the proper way to make a Margarita

  • http://heronvillaorlando.com George

    Get this right Harry Potter…I cast the spell ’round her !
    Look how many sane people I have turned into parrotheads !!!

  • http://heronvillaorlando.com George

    Get this right Harry Potter…I cast the spell ’round here !
    Look how many sane people I have turned into parrotheads !!!

  • Bob Taylor

    “C’mon Fingers…pull my pencil”

  • Jim Fagans

    Utley! put that shaker of salt back where you found it !, your gonna screw up the whole dang song !.

  • Mark Dawson

    Look here BP oil company! It’s your DAMN FAULT!

  • Terri ‘leggs’ Amundsen

    That’s it… ‘Pencil’ Thin Moustache!!

  • Kokomo

    Roll another one as big as this and I will bet you I can smoke it by myself.

  • Debbie

    I’ve got this idea for a song about a mustache but I just can’t figure out how to describe it…..

  • Charlene

    I’m not doin’ the math, YOU do the math. Math Sucks!

  • Liam

    Mac, remind me to pick up some Speed Stick when we get done! I’m about to pass out!


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