Buffett & Friends Play for The Gulf Coast

posted July 11th, 2010 at 8:50 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett boosted spirits along the Gulf Coast on Sunday evening, playing to 35,000 fans on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Joined by Mississippian Jesse Winchester and New Orleans native Allen Toussaint, Buffett played all the favorites, plus his collection of Gulf Coast songs including The Pascagoula Run, I Will Play For Gumbo, Biloxi, and a beautifully re-written rendition of When The Coast Is Clear that brought tears to the eyes of many.

View the full set list here.

AL.com has a photo gallery from the show here. They’ve also got a writeup here.

Many of you asked where you could get a One Love, One Ocean t-shirt. Go to lulusathomeport.com to find them.

CMT has posted full-length video of Jimmy’s re-written rendition of “When The Coast Is Clear” that finished out the televised portion of show:

If you missed the show, you’ll have a few more chances this week. CMT will re-air it at the following times:

  • Wednesday, July 14th – 10:30 pm ET
  • Saturday, July 17th – 9:30 am ET
  • Sunday, July 18th – 2:00 pm ET

How’d you like the show? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  • adam

    Great concert! Will it be rerun on CMT, or better yet sold on DVD?

  • Josh Martin

    CMT is usually pretty happy about re-running programs, so I’d say they probably will.

  • Tammy

    Wish I was there. Wish CMT would have aired the whole thing! Coast is Clear left me speechless!

  • linda crane

    I loved the show – tried to get tickets- live on the Emerald Coast. His song – “When the Coast is Clear” made me cry. So far, we have been blessed. . . and I go to the beach each day, say a prayer of thanks, and dig my toes into our beautiful white sand. Thank you Jimmy!

  • http://deleted adam

    I would love to see a DVD for sale with the proceeds going to the Gulf area.

  • Mark

    Amen Adam!! Here is a person that gives his time and talent for the people! Not worried about getting his life back or playing a round of golf! Thank you JB!!

  • Kristin

    It is scheduled to re-run on Wednesday Night and Saturday Night. Check your times on your TV Guide. My DVR is set to record since I missed the beginning.

  • Melinda Kitmiller

    The show was awesome. I wish i could of been there. I did post quite a bit of it on my facebook. I also went to LuLu’s store and bought the one love one ocean t-shirt

  • Kristin


    When the Coast is Clear……awesome song Jimmy!!!

  • Janet

    What a blessing and gift for all there and watching on tv. Please offer a DVD and CD of The Coast is Clear. Thanks Jimmy you made us all proud and happy today !!!!

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Fun Show. Good set list. The revised version of “When the Coast is Clear” was a bit hokey. Kinda felt like a cross between Jerry Lewis & Barry Manilow. Nevertheless, very good show.

  • Steve

    The Coast is Clear, rewritten
    (transcribed from the TV broadcast)

    Out on our Gulf waters
    A different kind of storm.
    People run for cover
    As opinions like clouds form.
    The trawler nets are empty.
    Vacancy abounds.
    Nothing like it used to be
    Before the circus came to town.

    It was bound to happen.
    It happened to be here.
    We’re gonna have to work to see
    That the coast is clear.

    The Gulf is in my body.
    The Gulf is in my soul.
    I wish like you that I could stick
    A wine cork in that hole.
    Anger makes us doubtful
    While fear can cloud the view.
    I for one don’t think we’ve done
    The best that we can do.

    It was bound to happen
    Where greed and crude appear.
    I hope that I’m around to see
    When the coast is clear.
    (I’ll be around.)

    It’s the place that we all wish it hadn’t happened.
    But we’ll still all be here.
    Live until that day appears.
    And that coast is clear.
    So clear…
    So clear…
    So clear.
    (Save the Gulf!)

  • sylvia vella

    where can i get a full concert video? My 78y.o. sister loves him and cannot get CMT on her tv. The show was totally awesome and I would like one too.

  • http://eamm@charter.net Amanda McWhorter


  • nancy

    Watching it on CMT from our home in Pensacola. WOW, what a show they performed, wish we could of been there. Thank you Jimmy Buffet for helping to save our beaches, we love you.

  • http://www.blackshermetals.com John Blacksher

    We had a great time. Took the wife and 2 of my children. It was an EVENT!

    Thanks Jimmy and Crew!

  • ddd

    i would love to see either a DVD or a CD of the concert with the proceeds going to clean up cause.

  • Nancy T, Dallas, PA

    Thanks CMT…..Jimmy Buffett is our very favorite performer and we sure do appreciate being able to view a live telecast, not to mention how much Jimmy Buffett’s performance was awesome as always!
    It will hold us over until our next concert and we can only hope this boosted the morale of the Gulf Coast as it wsa meant to. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the people and places inthe region.

  • FireGrrl427

    GREAT concert and I too would love to see a CD and DVD of this concert released too (wouldn’t be surprised it that’s well in the works by now), but why should Jimmy’s wonderful efforts help pay for any of this mess? Didn’t he do enough by putting on this full-blwn concert? I know I’m not responsible for this disaster, and I don’t want my hard earned money used for bp’s mess. On the other hand, who would the money go to? How does anyone decide who should receive the proceeds from this performance? There are innumerable folks who have watched their lives and livelihood suffer because of the continuing oil spill.

  • DO

    Great song, better concert! I love that he doesn’t have a guitar in hand for “When the Coast is Clear”. Truly from the heart and that is what makes him Jimmy Buffett!!!!

  • http://www.milabooks.com Paul Mila

    Great show!
    Just wish we could have seen the entire show, but thanks CMT for what you were able to provide.

    Cheers & Fins Up!
    Paul Mila

  • Christy

    Great concert! My husband and I just went to see Jimmy at Alpine Valley the end of June and we felt like we were reliving the concert all over again. Like everyone else, we also commented that we would love to see this concert on DVD. I would think it would be a great way to donate money to the Gulf Coast citizens.

  • http://www.katinelsonphotography.com Kati

    I was there and I loved every second of it! That song is amazing, its great to see it on video now when you can really listen. I hope they make a CD of it too!!

  • Rick Henderson

    My wife Lisa and I watched and loved every minute. A great thing Jimmy did for the Gulf Coast. He still sounds as awesome as when I first heard him in 1977.

  • Amber Clukey

    My husband and I LOVED the show!!! Jimmy Buffett was amazing. Living on the coast we see first hand what an impact the oil spill is having on our locals and it is devastating. Thank you Jimmy for all that you did!! =)

  • Diane Carroll

    The music was awesome. I worked the VIP beer booth so I recorded CMT, and plan to sit and watch the concert today. Thanks for your time to come and bring some joy to us. And thank you for loving the Gulf Coast as we all do. It was so good to see all those people running down the beach to the stage. (Don’t think I have ever seen anything like that before.) I hope the guy that fell with the cup in his mouth got all the sand off his face….

  • cameron burns

    Awsome,my brother in law is Jimmys production manager , he and the crew had to set up twice because of the storm, but it was well worth it.Thanks Slice.

  • Carrie

    Wow – love how Jimmy can say it with song!!!

    He rocked the gulf shore!!!! Good for you Mr. Buffet! It’s about time someone supported the people down there and took some fun public jabs at BP!

    Parrotheads unite, let’s fight – save our coast!

  • beth allen

    Loved the show…thanks for bringing the party home. But, being from Mississippi I may be a bit sensitive about these things, did ya’ll notice they left Mississippi off the t-shirts and stickers and put in GA for Georgia?
    Georgia doesn’t even border the gulf of mexico. Kinda hurt my feelings. I bought the shirts and stickers anyway, wanted to show my support. I used a sharpie ot fix them.

  • Carrie

    Wow Beth kinda wondered that myself, though GA does have some beautiful coastal communities . . .

    Hoping this oil mess doesn’t travel that far!

    Now I’m just saying if everyone who has an opinion for what Jimmy did, or against what Jimmy did put a $5 bill in a can we could help a whole lotta people!

    This is horrible, animals are dying, and we’ll be impacted for years to come . . . but let’s concentrate on what we CAN do!

    Love the sharpie idea though!

  • larry Turner


  • Vicky Marton

    Enjoyed every second of the concert. Only regret is that we were not able to see the second half (maybe a DVD with the whole show will be available soon??). Sorry Chesney and Brown were not there but it turned out to be a good thing because we got to see 90 minutes of uninterupted Jimmy Buffett It doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you for caring about the Gulf shore like you do!! Concert was awesome! Love ya, Vicky

  • Janet

    I moved to Tampa from Charlotte about a year ago. The Florida beaches are incredible.
    I am proud to be a Parrothead and will have that T shirt by the end of the week!
    Thanks Jim from the bottom of my southern heart.
    Go Bubba!

  • Evibeth

    What a gift. I only hope Jimmy and his crew know what a wonderful example they set for the world. Here’s a group of guys who put on a show for their neighbors to enjoy while encouraging tourists to spend $$ in an area that needs help. Hope others follow this example!

  • JoAnne

    Wow! Big Wow! I only got to see the last few
    minutes of the concert, but if, “The Coast is Clear,”
    was any indication, it must have been just outstanding.
    I must have listened to it at least 10 times today.

    I can’t wait to see the re-broadcast. I agree with Evibeth….What a gift!!!

    Thanks, Jimmy!

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    Great concert! I wish I could have gone. Cameron, I think I’d be hiding out on the the bus and attending some concerts. LOL!

  • Patty

    Thank you, Jimmy Buffett, for caring about the Gulf and those to live and love here. What a wonderful concert and expression of caring for the entire Gulf Coast. Thank you, too, for opening with Pascagoula Run. It meant alot to those of us from P’goula, as evidenced by the number of our friends who mentioned it on Facebook. We wept during The Coast is Clear. We were in Gulf Shores for the week end with the family and will continue to go. In spite of the tragedy in the Gulf, it’s still a wonderful and (still) beautiful place to “pass some time.” Thanks for showing the rest of the world just that. You and your music have always been so special to us and you are even more dear to us now. An hour plus of smiling, singing along, and occasionally shedding a tear at what we’ve allowed to happen to our environment and, ultimately, to our way of life. God bless you.

  • http://comcast Stef

    I have never been more proud to be a Jimmmy Buffett fan!

  • Tina Olive

    The concert was fantastic! It has been on my “bucket list” to hear Jimmy Buffett with my feet in the sand. I am a big proponent of benefit and relief efforts. When it was announced there was NO DOUBT that I would be driving over 10 hours to hear him and to support the local shops and resteraunts.

    I want to personally thank Jimmy Buffett, the entire band and CMT for hosting such a great event for this dissaster. I had a great time during my stay and Gulf Shores. It is still so beautiful place to visit, shop and EAT. The people are genuine and the appreciation for visiting overflowed from everyone in the community. What a great welcome this city gave to all that were visiting.

  • Kent

    Drove from Kentucky (twice) to go. Great concert. i failed ot get the official concert t-shirt, anyone know where I can find one. Not talking about the 1 ocean one at Lulu’s but one with date, location, etc…..Thanks.

  • Beth

    I would like to know about official concert t-shirts as well.

    the concert was awesome. words can’t describe the mood Buffett put the gulf coast in on sunday. it was amazing! love love loved it!

  • Terri

    I also used your idea Beth and added Mississippi with a sharpie. Oh well, the artist was from California.

  • Amy

    Great show! I waited until the end to try and purchase a T Shirt from the show and they were gone! I’m not looking for the One Love One Ocean. I want the one from the show that says “Live from Gulf Shores” and has the peach sign on the front. They sold out! Any ideas if they’ll print more and where to order them?

  • ramona

    I FELT THE LOVE – thanks to all.
    The experience of a lifetime.

    I have the one love T from Lulu’s.. but also wanted the
    concert T and did not even see the booth ???
    Hope they will make available.

  • jennifer

    The concert was awesome. Best concert I have ever been to. They sold out of T Shirts before we could purchase them. I would love to get one of the concert t shirts.

  • http://AOL Emmett McDaniel


  • http://BShain.1@gmail.com Barbara Shain

    Seen him many times, but this one YES YES YES the very BEST!!!!! Love this man and his style!!!!!

  • melody


    i noticed it as well. LOVE the sharpie idea! wonder if the person who did the design is from the area? i’m thinking NOT!

  • Mark Jones

    This was an AWESOME experience!! We have seen Buffett many times before… but not like this!!! I think he had as much fun as everybody else!!!!! THANKS JIMMY!!!!!!! It would be GREAT if this was available on DVD!!!!!!!

  • Geni

    I would love to buy the CD of the entire concert – since I only got to see the part that was televised. Am I the only one that teared up during “When the Coast is Clear”? I don’t know how Jimmy got through it without crying – what a tribute to the people on the coast – beautiful.

  • Denise Davis

    I also attended the concert (thought it was awesome!) with my sister and two daughters and missed the tshirt booth! My mom and sister live in Orange Beach and we drove around Monday to several places hoping to find the shirts with no luck. I am thinking they probably stopped selling them because they discovered the MS omisssion error. Hopefully they are in process of printing more and they will be available soon. Jimmy, thank you for bringing much needed revenue to this area!!

  • Tina

    Regarding the t-shirts. I was there at 3:00 when the gates opened and the small and mediums were gone at the very beginning. I was lucky to get a white one but they must have sold most of the shirts before the gates were ever opened.

  • Bill

    Why the commercials, that ruins the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Daneault

    Here goes my first rant in a long time I am so Glad that Jimmy Buffett took the time 4 Gulf Shore&do a free concert for them, why doesn’t he do a concert in Biloxi 2 benefit getting the EYESORE of a construction sight (Margaritaville) cleaned up! It pisses me off when I drive by&see it; it makes the coast look like Shit! I Like Jimmy Buffet,but it is his name on it

  • Lisa

    Yep…. I pulled out my Sharpie as soon as I got home and “FIXED” my t shirt too! Not going to complain too much about something that can be “fixed” as easily as this. The space was even left there. I was wearing mine today and someone saw it and started talking about how it didn’t have MS on it. I said…. “Mine does.” … Everyone thought they’d already printed more… you can’t even tell it was added. Such an easy fix… with the writing style…… Just glad I got to be there for the GREAT party on the oil slick! Thanks JIMMY BUFFETT you are THE BEST!!!!!

  • Greg Daneault

    Yea Yippie everyone wrote in MS on their shirts, but what about our front beach and that trash that was left behind from a FAILED bussiness deal that end up in Biloxi that we have to look at daily. Print some dam tshirt to get that cleaned up it is a Margaritaville project or remove the name so Jimmy is not tarnished by it here in Biloxi! Someone Help us PLEASE!

  • FireGrrl427

    @Greg D: I’ve been wondering about that project. Failed business deal? I thought I read it was just on hold until the economy improved, that JB was still fully invested. What changed? I live in CT but have visited your city a few times to try to help out with some Katrina recovery and have fallen in love with your beautiful city.

  • Gary Sigler


  • George Widger

    Awesome show (as usual)…. I’d love to see a 2 DVD set with the entire show UNCUT including the tracks which were not aired Sunday. Throw in a One Ocean Tee-shirt and sell it for $50 and split the proceeds with deserving Gulf Coast people and/or organizations… Almost anybody but BP! All I’ve seen them do is try to find a way to recover the oil for processing, not stop the leak to save the environment. As Jimmy sang in the updated, Gulf Coast Anthem, When the Coast is Clear, “stick a wine cork in that hole”…
    Jimmy is again on the cutting edge with the concert and speaking our minds….
    Thank you Jimmy and everyone involved in this concert for the Gulf,

  • John

    Four of us made it to the show, and what a show it was! I too would love to see a DVD offered, with proceeds going to the clean-up effort. I also know that if more t-shirts were made available we would buy at least 6 ourselves. Thanks to eveyone for such a great time!

  • John

    Sign me up for the DVD so I can enjoy Jimmy & Friends, and support the cause at the same time! :)

  • http://jimmiebuffetgulfshoresconcert lynne barkley

    this was the most moving awesome concert i ever saw and i am 64 years old. my years have been filled with jimmie and i hope what years are left wil include the thoughts of jb. will this concert be televised again ?i certainly hope so. thumbs up on “when the coast is clear” word to jb “What is the need in growing old,its in the mind,not in numbers-you do a body good ! Keep on …What a man!!!

  • art davis

    loved the concert. Watched it again,but this time had commercials. Hope a dvd will become available.

  • Jeff Cooper

    I loved that concert, I’m a musician and I was freaked, that song when the coast ois clear brought tears to my eyes. Your fantastic Jimmy, I would have loved to be your drummer for this concert you had me going.

  • Trixie Bloom

    We were lucky enough to be able to go to the concert, and it was great! What a wonderful experience. . We also missed out on the t-shirts, they ran out early. Saw some on eBay for ridiculous prices, hope nobody pays $400 for one. I hope somebody makes them available and sends the proceeds to the Gulf businesses who are suffering.

  • Rick

    Will the gulf coast concert be available to buy on DVD?

  • Cathy Sayne

    Jimmy Buffett at the Gulf was a great show.He was so good and seemed so glad to be home playing to a hugh crowd of adoring fans. It couldn’t have been a better concert.I wish that he would come and do some concerts in the area,Wharf or even Mobile Civic Center.He would sell out just as fast as the Gulf concert. He really has a lot a fans here.Thanks Jimmy

  • Connie

    Why don’t you sell the Jimmy Buffett and Friends T-shirts with profits going to relief — I think that would be great – so many people who attended the concert did not get the opportunity to get one and would love to have one.

  • Jerry Smith

    Wonderful concert, I am from the gulf coast.Gulf Shores for years,I was fortunate enough to get tickets from a friend in Louisiana who could not make it down.BP is financing a few more concerts here,though it is only a temporary fix for a crisis that we’re not sure how long it will take to mend.I would like to buy a DVD of the concert,since I haven’t seen the TV footage.Thank you CMT ,Jimmy and all involved in this effort.It made me proud to be a local and a parrothead .

  • Jeff Cooper

    I would love to have that whole concert on a DVD….PLEASE make it SO !!! GREAT concert Jimmy, very very much enjoyed

  • Waltman

    DVD! BluRay! Combo! Come on, CMT. DO EEET!

  • Tim C

    I want a t-shirt too.

  • Tim C

    I will take 10

  • Ed & Lynn Hughes






    Again, many many thanks for all everyone is doing!!!
    Thanks to you “CMT” Love to all, Lynn & Ed

  • Greg Daneault

    Yea Yippie everyone wrote in MS on their shirts, but what about our front beach and that trash that was left behind from a FAILED bussiness deal that end up in Biloxi that we have to look at daily. Print some dam tshirt to get that cleaned up it is a Margaritaville project or remove the name so Jimmy is not tarnished by it here in Biloxi! Someone Help us PLEASE

  • Chloe

    Loved the concert… such an awesome charity!!! I would love to have my own copy on dvd to remember being there. This would also be a great way to support the gulf!!

  • Robert C.Wismar

    from what i seen you did a real good job on doing the show.

  • Pam S

    Loved the concert! I’m hoping a LIVE CD of this concert is released for sale – I would definitely purchase as I’m sure others would also.

  • staci myes

    Please offer DVD of this concert….. I think it is one of Buffet’s BEST!!!

  • staci myers

    the problem is that the “re-play” is only 1.5 hr and the actual concert was 2 hr…. so all of the guest singing was left out…. WE WANT IT ALL!!!!

    Cant be that hard…. CMT has it…. everyone wants… there is MORE proceeds!!!

    I want copy #1!!!! :)

  • Ted Naylor

    I had this concert partially recorded on DVR…and it somehow got erased! Please let me know if it comes out on DVD. I will definitely buy it!

  • http://www.wrongkeycomicstrip.com Tim Banfell

    I am from Pensacola and the entire Gulf Coast was grateful to JB for this show. I was there and it was one of his best……mainly because it was a homecoming. I’d love to see him in a venue like that once a year…..hell he does shows in other cities once a year….bring it back to his hometown (The Gulf Coast) on a yearly basis and call it the “Pascagoula Run”.

  • http://www.wrongkeycomicstrip.com Tim Banfell

    I am from Pensacola and the entire Gulf Coast was grateful to JB for this show. I was there and it was one of his best……mainly because it was a homecoming. I’d love to see him in a venue like that once a year…..hell he does shows in other cities once a year….bring it back to his hometown (The Gulf Coast) on a yearly basis and call it the “Pascagoula Run”.

  • Sherry

    Is there a CD or DVD of the concert which I can buy?

  • Sherry

    Is there a CD or DVD of the concert which I can buy?

  • Stacimyers

    Is it available to purchase the entire show yet on DVD??

  • Ratliffd2

    cant find the concert CMT the dates dont match the days??????????

  • Sue

    Is there a Live CD available of this concert yet? I have to have one :) Sue in Florida

  • Twilight2000

    LOVED what I’ve seen of the show – It was a wonderful thing for Jimmy to do and I can’t WAIT to get my hands on a DVD/CD of this show!

  • Boston Parrothead

    Being a huge parrothead, not finding this on cd or dvd, I searched a little thing called YouTube. You’ll find the first half in HD. With a free YouTube-to-mp3 website, you can convert the videos to mp3s and burn them onto cd! The best live concert! I hope someone will upload the second half as well…

  • Oneyorkie4us

    Same here, I would love a DVD copy of the show.  I recorded it on the DVR but mine got erased too ; (

  • Craig

    Where can I get the music/cd to this concert?


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