Buffett Caption Contest

posted May 18th, 2010 at 1:55 pm

by Josh Martin

It’s been a while since our last caption contest, so let’s do another. Take a look at the below picture and come up with your own creative, funny caption for it.

(Photo: Scott Gries / Life)

Post your caption in the comments section of this post.

After a few days we’ll take some of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • http://www.livingchill.tv ParrotheadBriz

    Mr. Buffett, I did call ‘Seat Check’

  • Kevin

    Ah, to be young and have hair.

  • shane

    It’s better than turning around!!

  • Tara Cohen

    Is that your cup, Mr. Buffett? I’m sooo sorry!

  • Tammy

    Ok! OK! I’ll share my cheeseburger with you, but the margarita is all mine unless you can answer the phone!

  • shane

    Waitress, another Land Shark, Please!!

  • Adam

    At least I don’t have to sit next to that other bitch! (Background)

  • Tasha Heckla

    If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me!

  • http://Facebook Kat Carswell

    It is waaaaaay past 5 o’clock!

  • Randy M

    “I KNOW its a lot of food, but Rosie doesn’t share!!!”

  • Amy Dahl

    “You talking to me?”

  • Amy Dahl

    “Did you

  • Amy Dahl

    “Are you going to answer that?”

  • Amy Dahl

    “I thought I was going to sit next to Snoop Dawg WTF?”

  • patrick vinson

    Hey kid when you get older, I can land you a job with the Jamacain Bobsled team.

  • BJ Wanlund

    “I really would much rather be on the beach not far from here.”


  • Jeff S

    Your voice sounds SO wonder-ful- but your face don’t, look too clear…

  • GoDaniD

    Hey Jimmy, looking for a new best friend?

  • JohnB

    “BITE ME”

  • Kaye

    You can look at me all night but I am NOT going home with you!

  • Lorena Garmenn

    Well, I”M a son of a SAILOR!

  • Laura K

    Jimmy, It’s time to head to Margaritaville.

  • Ken Berling

    Listen ”Dog” I don’t care what Randy Jackson said, you are not joining The Coral Reefer Band!

  • Mark Moore

    Look, I told you, if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me…

  • Beth Whitaker

    think I will call you “Buddy Bear” …

  • Matt Porter

    We Got alot to Bark About

  • Maplephin

    Richard, what are you doing with Mac’s dog?

  • Tom

    Am I the only one here without a full head of hair?

  • Ann Marie Barr

    Is this the new generation of Parrot Heads???

  • Mark Simpson

    No…I said I’m looking for a smart WOMAN in a real short skirt.

  • Kristin Burnsed

    “Man I must be really hammered…I could’ve swore Rosie O’Donnell was sitting behind me!?”

  • Carmen DiPasquale

    Mr. Jimmy, tell Munch it’s Homicide – – they want him to buy a bar !!

  • Lisa

    Ya know, it’s just a dog eat dog world out there.

  • Hot Rod the Love God

    Yes we make our own shirts, beer, tequila, and even shrimp..I even have a casino….but hell if I am making dog biscuits!!!!

  • Mike Dampier

    A Pirate looks at a Dog.

  • Fintiki

    Ok, so heres the deal, I’ll put these sun-glasses on, you just walk in front of me like your an actual guide dog, and we avoid that over bearing, rude cow behind me as we waltz out the door! Then, and only then do you get the cheeseburger!

  • Kathleen Farrelly

    Boats, Ballads, Beaches and Barks??

  • Fintiki


  • Angie Janssen

    Hey Parrot Heads, I’m talking to a dog….I’m not as think, as you drunk I am!

  • Joe K

    Richard, I know you said your wife was a real dog, but I wasn’t taking you literally.

  • Kristin Olbert

    Desdemona’s got a what?

  • Steven Rogers

    All DOGS go to Heaven!

  • Susie H

    Your right pup, Lets make a run for it before Rosie notices us.

  • Brian Kochera

    Richard Belzer to Buffett: “My dog, Snookie, loves you Jimmey”. Buffett : “That’s nice, but I’m not going to French kiss her no matter how much she begs!”.

  • http://www.bncritters.com “the” surfpirate

    ” ‘Yes’ I see her, and ‘No’, you may not sit at the back table with *all of the other bitches*”

  • http://BuffetWorld Jim

    Mr Buffet….does your dog Bite?

  • Ron W

    I will see if I can land you a job as the Margaritaviile

  • Vann Hoover

    So you admit you chewed up my flip flop and THATS why it blew out?!?

  • Emily Hoover

    No, no no… the song is about a burger, not a dog…

  • capnbobby

    Jimmy: Aren’t you the ugly guy from SVU?

    Ugly Guy from SVU: How come Rosie has a pencil thin mustache?

    Dog: Arf?

  • capnbobby

    This telethon has really gone to the dogs.

  • capnbobby

    So let me get this straight. When the phone rings, I do a shot.

  • capnbobby

    How come Mac McAnally’s sitting behind us?

  • Wendy Roberts

    “In the Parrothead criminal justice system, alcohol-based offenses involving canines are considered especially heinous. In Margaritaville, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad called the Landsharks. These are their stories.”

  • capnbobby

    I’m telling you, Jimmy, it’s a gold mine: Margaritaville brand dog food.

  • capnbobby

    Sitting next to Rosie gives a whole new meaning to “Waiting for the Next Explosion.”

  • capnbobby

    No kidding, Jimmy, the dog’s favorite song is “Pacing the Cage.”

  • capnbobby

    I’m serious, Jimmy. What if the hokey pokey is all it really is about?

  • capnbobby

    The Hangout Gang

  • capnbobby

    No kidding, Jimmy, Rosie is “Bigger than the Both of Us.”

  • capnbobby

    There’s no birthday party for me in here.

  • capnbobby

    See, I told you, Jimmy, not everybody’s on the phone.

  • capnbobby

    Whooop De Doo

  • capnbobby

    Hey, Jimmy, Morris’ nightmare is sitting behind us.

  • capnbobby

    Damn it, Jimmy! Stop calling me Butt Munch.

  • capnbobby

    Look at it this way, Richard. At least you’re not dating Rosie.

  • Wendy

    Thinking to himself: “I’ve heard about dogs and owners starting to look alike but this is extreme!”

  • capnbobby

    Damn it, Jimmy! It’s Belzer, not Balzer.

  • capnbobby

    Does anyone have another bark collar we can put on Rosie?

  • clyde

    When you get alittle bigger then you can be on Newton Marshall’s iditarod team…I promise !!!!

  • Deanna

    Spooner, can you get to the phone a little sooner?
    And it’s welcome to Landshark, not just bark bark!

  • Parrothead4life

    “I believe 6 more margarita’s for me and your key nose scent will lead us to that damn lost shaker of salt I’ve been searching for all of these years!”

  • Jason Fandrich

    Mr. Buffett, are you really the person my parents warned me about?

  • Gojko Kasich

    I’ll give you a cheeseburger if you piss on Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Frederick

    Don’t blame the dog, I know you drank my Margarita

  • Kathy Karelitz

    “Cool, Bowser named his dog Bowser!”

  • Kathy Karelitz

    Why are we sitting with Rosie’s mutt?

  • Wayne

    The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful . . . no, you’re seriously a dog.

  • Alice

    Don’t you dare pee on our cheat sheets!!

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    “Hey booze hound, did you drink my Margarita?

  • John Pangborn

    You realy think i can corner the market with a new Margaritaville dog food!! Sounds great.

  • UKPirateGonePast40

    Jimmy – What are you doing with such a scruffy animal.

    Man – He is my Dog and I love him.

    Jimmy – I was talking to the Dog

  • stevew van woerden

    Let me make some calls. I know I can get you on the dogsled team. Make no mistaica they love me in Jamaica.

  • Becca Humphreys

    Agent J recruits Belzer to the Men in Black. He assures Belzer that the dog is not the alien in the room.

  • Bill

    Yes, I make more money than even Rosie!

  • Debbie Causey

    That is MY rum drink, don’t even think about it!

  • John Andrews

    Ok. I confess, I killed the Rum.

  • max

    I must be on the decline . . . they sat me in the clown and dog section. Keep the steady stream of drinks coming waiter. Goodgoogillymoogilly man.

  • Derek

    Jimmy, we’d like to have a word with you about the air quality during your concerts. I am sure you have seen us before, we are on “Paw and Order.”

  • Mike Haszto

    “No Toto, the Big Top Tour does not stop in Kansas…”

  • Buffettwannabe

    ” If I were a carpenter…..and you were a lady ”
    (damn….I need’ ta lay off’ da margarita! )

  • http://eamm@charter.net Amanda McWhorter

    Yes, I am that great songwriter and I will write a song about you!!

  • Buffettwannabe

    You should be’a parrot, and this should be’a margarita…..I’m tired of these charity appearances!

  • Michael

    Who’s it gonna be? You or me to star in an episode of Law and Order Special Victim’s unit.

  • Steve

    Yep, this is a boat drink.

  • dannopickman

    Shih Tzu? Really? I thought we were trying to save the Beavers!!!!

  • Steve

    Hey, I used to have hair just like you.

  • Steve

    You know, when you told me I was going to be seated next to a real dog I thought you meant an ugly girl. I’ll take the dog.

  • Buffettwannabe

    Since’da phones aint ring’in, let’s try takin’ this cup outside and doin’ sum panhandlin’ on the sidewalk….

  • Eric Schulte

    Belzer, please take your drunken 15-year old girlfriend home!

  • Salty Dog

    Hey Jimmy, me and the dog want to know when you’re going to finish the Biloxi Margaritaville?

  • Buffettwannabe

    “Wish I were somewhere other than here….”

  • Richard A. Hunter

    I don’t care if you know all the words and can sing “Cheesebuger in Paridice”, there is No “woof” at the end of that song, I know because I wrote it!

  • Jay

    “Ok, ok…they said this was a celebrity telethon. But, I’m sitting next to Richard Belzer and Bo Obama. Boy, do I have a lot to drink about!”

  • Buffettwannabe

    Ok dog….I’ll give up my shot of Margaritaville tequilla to you, but ONLY if you take my place at this phone!

  • Janet Johnson

    This is the bitch to blame.

  • Buffettwannabe

    I love you guys, but’ya ain’t gettin’ my shot’a Margaritaville brand tequilla!

  • David Malinowski

    The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful.

  • cinemagal

    Yes, Spooner – we got a lot to drink about…

  • Buffettwannabe

    Listen Buddy Bear, I know’ya gotta lotta frendz up thar on’da hill….there’s ‘ole Rear Bear, Tall Bear, Freddy Bear, Kelly Jair, Relly Bear, Smelly the Bear, Smokey the Bear, Pokey the Bear & Rosie the Bear…..

  • Buffettwannabe

    Da more I drunk, da drinker I git….hey, a’new song line!

  • Waltman

    “Are you the one that ate my flip-flop?”

  • http://Juno Larry D

    We’re gonna dog you until you confess Buffett

  • Buffett83

    You know I don’t speak Spanish

  • Buffettwannabe

    He looked me right in my eyes and my eyes were a lot redder than his wuz….

  • http://www.BillMallia.com Leftshore

    “Um, dude…your dog just drank all of my water!”

  • Cpt Ron

    Hey pooch! Did you drink my margarita? And, yes, I wanna go back to the islands, too.

  • DO

    If you’re a bad dog, they make you go sit in back with Rosie…

  • Steve

    Okay, you can sit here but just stay away from my leg.

  • Catherine

    “No, that’s not the Coconut Telegraph”.

  • probwhite

    Come on now Munch, it’s just a minor crime.

  • Sonofa Sailor

    I thought my Margarita looked a little more yellow!

  • Brandy Holder

    “Now Toto….if I have told you once, I’ve told you a million times….We are not in Kansas anymore, its Margaritaville…Margaritaville….Margaritaville…..Get it thru that cute curly hair of yours!!!”

  • Sonofa Sailor

    Newton said you can mush, but arent you a little small for the team?

  • Sonofa Sailor

    Every time I see you Belzer, you got a new bitch with you

  • http://www.treetopflyer01.com Jack

    Listen here Spooner, you got any convictions of letting loose, do it in this plastic chalace, no where else, got it?

  • Steve Greenberg

    “Look, bud, if Cheeseburger were still around, you’d think you were nose to nose with a Walking Tall sheriff – and that’s a Semi-True Story.”

  • Olga DiLenge

    No more rum for you!

  • Monty5

    Aren’t you suppose to be in the back row with the other dog?

  • DaveC

    Hey Shorty, you’re kinda cute. Who’s the mutt behind you?

  • Beau Williams

    “alright alright I got it, ‘Why Don;t We Get Drunk’ is just a song, so stop spiking the cats water bowl…”

  • Sharon Pulham

    Hey Jimmy, “What’s up the the glasses, Mon??”

  • Jeff Marye

    Dog: You know “Margaritaville” is one of my favorite songs.

    Richard: Did that dog just talk?

    Jimmy: I need a drink.

  • Melbourne FL PH

    “Your voice sounds so wonderful; But your face don’t look too clear”

  • Lyndal Power

    So, if you are a hairless Chihuahua, how did you get all that hair to grow in ?? Ummm…might be a song in there somewhere..

  • Cpreynolds

    Quick hide your drink, Rosie o’donnell is behind us

  • Judy Carignan

    Now listen, I’ll tell the joke one more time. “A dog walks into a bar…”

  • http://smokin.rocks.it Smokin Dave

    Hey, see that lady behind us she’s the “Woman gone crazy on Caroline Street”

  • wizofoz1599

    “did someone say cheesburger in paradise?”

  • Alan Sternhill

    “I promise to write you a “doggie Burger” in paradise, but hey, I’ve got to build some hotels first. Yeah, I’ll even put in doggie doors for you floppy-ear parrot heads… Oh yeah, another thing: Watch out where those huskies go & don’t you eat no yellow snow”…

  • http://yahoo RGonzales

    Read my lips Jimmy Boy…

  • randy

    I’ll be the captian and you be the kid.

  • Rick

    Ok, Ok, So your going to steal the peanut butter ? I’ll get the can of sardines .

  • John Adams

    Belzer “No this is the dog, thats the bitch.”

  • Vicki Woodell

    Mr. Buffett, please tell me why your followers could not be called “Beach Bum Dogs” instead of “Parrot Heads”? You could have your shirts made to fit me a whole lot easier than you can a parrot.

  • Vicki Woodell

    Mr. Buffett, please tell me why your followers could not be “Beach Bum Dogs” instead of “Parrot Heads”? You could have your shirts made to fit me a whole lot easier than you can a parrot.

  • Sasquatch Saich

    “Really? You want to smell my margarita to find out if
    I’m friendly?”

  • Tracy

    Honest Jimmy, I didn’t chew on the flip flops

  • maggie

    Ok, here’s my final offer. I’ll give you a case of beggin’strips, a day at the doggie spa, AND a ride in my airplane if you’ll pee on Rosie’s foot.

  • DO

    That last called just said he would donate $100K, if you would roll over

  • Tom

    You’re cute, but if you drink my water again, you’re gonna have to go sit with Rosie.

  • Bill Eberhardt

    Are you sure you won Westminster?

  • Charlie Venable

    I’m sorry but no you can’t have the ice in my cup!!

  • Debbie Zinn

    So, you really think your hairstylist could do wonders for me with curly hair extensions? Uh Ha.

  • kerby Cortapassi

    I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a Land Shark!!!

  • Jeff Foster

    I am ready for another one…fetch my lost shaker of salt boy!

  • ML Haberichter

    Look Belzer, if Muffy takes another drink of my rum, he’s going for a trip around the sun

  • Susan babcock

    No offance but my dog eat my tie and his collar doesn’t fit

  • George

    That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  • Carol Ross

    Sorrry, its Parrothead, not Puppyhead, but you can still have a Cheeseburger in Paradise!

  • Tom

    So, I heard you’re somewhat of a cheeseburger expert.

  • cameron burns

    You look alot like the woman behind me!

  • Tom

    Belzer, your dog’s eyebealling me again.

  • Tom

    Bebe, Did you really throw up on Mika Brzezinski? One too many margaritas, huh?

  • Kelly

    No offense to my beloved Jimmy. But here’s a caption:

    Fluffy says, “Hey Jimmy buddy, you need to find a new groomer!”

  • Terri Amundsen

    I remember those days when I had hair.

  • Charlie

    You eyeballing my drink dawg?

  • Corky Cohn

    I always thought “Buddy Bear” was alot bigger !! Must have been the alcohol.

  • jollymacman

    Belzer : Is this that “One Particular Dogbar” you sing about?

  • Earl Harris

    “Gee Belz, I’m not sure I like these new Grammy
    statues as much as the old ones.”

  • Jimmy Keith

    I’ll be the “Last Man Standing” in this staring contest if I can just hold on and beat Benji, the defending champion !!!!!!!

    See ya Under The Big Top in Frisco Saturday night !!!!!!!

  • Judy Carignan

    Jimmy, Honest – Fifi didn’t steal your shaker of salt!

  • Harold Knight

    i would love to go out and get a landshark and cheeseburger .

  • paula holden

    I dont care how great of a singer you are Jimmy I am staying with munch!

  • Sailtom

    Gee Bubba, I remember when you had a full head of curly locks like mine!

  • Beau Williams

    Okay one more drink, then it is back to Sirius before Stern notices your missing!

  • patty

    I AM NOT your father!!!

  • http://BuffettWorld Coco

    “We are the puppies our parents warned us about…”

  • capnbobby

    It’s time to go home, Norman.

  • Columbus Fins

    Dude, you need a better agent. Twenty years in prime time and that’s biggest dog you could afford?

  • Jackie Bryant

    Fill my cup this time with all
    Rum”………….I can’t beleive I’m being interviewed by a dog………………

  • Jim Murphy

    Are you trying to say this dog did not forcce himself on my boxer. Reply: that’ my story and I’m sticking to it

  • capnbobby

    Meet me in Muttaritaville.

  • Mark Moore

    I don’t care what he told you… This is a dog eat dog world, and yes I am wearing milk-bone underwear.

  • http://www.lat38phc.org Mike Cannon

    “The pooch steals my rose and the network sends Law and Order out to investigate. It’s great to be me.”…….Jimmy Buffett

  • http://buffettworld Bryan Linton

    Hi Jimmy, I’m Spooner and I live in a doughouse 10 feet round.

  • http://www.lucystratton.blogspot.com Lucy

    Mr. Buffett you are wrong, and just what in the hell are you doing wearing a suit?

  • Tim

    No buddy that is Not a Weather Channel girl!!!

  • Teresa L

    “Mr. Buffett, it’s a dog eat dog world … and I’m going back to my Parrothead ways … if you won’t let me join the Jamaica Dog Sled Team.”

  • Steven B

    “yes, it was me and my cousin baxter in our PUP tent with a lamp”

  • Kathy Karelitz

    Want to call out for a pizza?

  • Mimi

    Jimmy, Can I be the Ringmaster Under The Big Top?

  • Carl R

    A Pirate Looks at Doggy!

    I realize that this is close to another entry, but this has more of a ring to it.

  • http://LSPHC.com Tommy Hoyler

    “No, they will not change their names to “Poodle Heads”.

  • Katie Andrews

    Have you checked out my full line of doggie accessories at my Margaritaville Stores, Benji?

  • Jerry Hepburn

    now this dog leaves me speechless!

  • D S Brooks

    “So, Fluffy, come her often?”

  • Alan

    “Stay here with me Toto, I’ll make Sure Rosie doesn’t eat you!”

  • Debbie

    A surf song for dogs, sure I’ll work on that!

  • Jim Bo

    …You both got faces that only a mother could love!

  • Denise

    New special victims detective Buffett, questions a suspect in the disappearance of the cheeseburger in paradise.

  • Robert Williams

    I know sometimes I buy songs, but I am not singing, ” How much is that doggie in the window” even if you agree to sing along!!!!

  • Tracey

    Can’t you write a song about a dog for once? You write about alcohol all the time. You write about shark parts, women, the time, made up places. What about dogs? We bring comfort to people too.

  • http://www.theblondepoet@yahoo.com John McGinnis

    Look, Fido, I don’t care what Munch thinks, I was on my boat between Key West and Havana when it happened! Ask Joe Merchant!!

  • http://www.familyfunbeach.com Mike Mixon

    Boudreaux, are you as tired of that collar as I am of this damn jacket?

  • Steve Sarmuksnis

    Would you please pee in this cup .

  • Steve Sarmuksnis

    We’re testing all employees for illegal drugs, Would you please pee in this cup.

    Thank you.

  • http://www.familyfunbeach.com Mike Mixon

    NO, I wasn’t talking about your dog. And, besides I didn’t say “fat bitch” I said “fat butch”.

  • Duane Trowbridge

    Do you come here often? Do you want to ditch that guy & I will get you a glass of water?

  • Joe

    I know it’s hot in Texas , but I’m not!

  • capnbobby

    Well, if you’re the president of BP, that explains the oil spill.



  • Steve

    Whoa there partner. I saw what you were lickin’ a couple minutes ago. You just stay right there and keep that little tongue of yours outa my drink.

  • Steve

    You say you’re from Savannah and your name is Marley? Good grief!!! See, two of my kids are ………..Never mind. You wouldn’t believe it anyway.

  • Jeff

    Richard: OK Jimmy, listen closely. Toto here has a request. Slowly pickup the glass of water and when I give the signal toss it over your head… Don’t be alarmed but the Wicked Witch of West is behind you. OK Ready… One, Two…. Three, Now!

  • Tina B

    “Yes my friend, we do have a lot to drink about!”

  • steve

    Okay Jimmy, please, no fast or sudden moves toward me or Jaws here will take your hand off.

  • steve

    Pssst. See that, er, lady, or person, or whatever, over my right shoulder? Be careful. She’s kinda weird. She’s apt to do anything at anytime, even to a dog.

  • Lyndal Power

    no. fins up does not mean to lift your leg & pee in my glass.

  • Parrothead Mania

    Ya know, when we said we were going to raise money for kibble, I don’t think this was the “Munch” we had in mind!

  • Tiki Bar Captain

    Sorry Pooch,
    Rosie already ate my sandwich,
    Belzer just drank the last of my Margaritaville Rum and Coke, but I get order you a Landshark Lager if you would like.

  • Tiki Bar Captain

    Sorry Pooch,
    Rosie already ate my Cheesburger,
    Belzer just drank the last of my Margaritaville Rum and Coke, but I can order you a Landshark Lager if you would like one.

  • Cat

    I will have the “Cheeseburger in Paradise with french fried potatoes please”!

  • steve

    Hey, there’s a guy named Mac who plays guitar in my band who looks a lot like you. Well, his head is just a lot bigger.

  • http://www.sanfelipesalt.com Baja Honey

    I’m “Nobody, from Nowhere.” Is this the awards dinner? What are my chances?

  • Michael VanBaest

    “Hey Spooner, listen to this rhyme.”

  • Parrothead Mania

    It’s such an honor, Mr. Buffett! I learned to be cool from you, ya know!

  • Parrothead Mania

    C’mon, let’s raise more money so I get to make another trip around the sun.

  • Parrothead Mania

    Hey Jimmy, do you think Munch here could get me a date with Benson? She’s hot!

  • Parrothead Mania

    Yo Jimmy, can you take me with you to Margaritaville, cause it sure beats the hell out of the pound!

  • Les Bentley

    What do you mean you’re pregnant!!

  • Island Bound

    Thank GOD that is you that is pregnant and not Rosie……….

  • Annie

    I get first reservations at the new Margaritaville Beach hotel at Pensacola Beach

  • Cole

    will you marry me?

  • Denise Voege

    “you really don’t see a little dog?”

  • Terry Lynn Hanson

    Hey Jimmy, how come this dude sitting behind me and I have to wear ” neckwear” in this joint and you don’t. Whats the deal?


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