Jimmy Mentioned on 30 Rock

posted February 13th, 2010 at 3:50 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett got a mention on Thursday night’s episode of the award-winning NBC comedy “30 Rock.”

During the show, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) appeared on the fictional CNBC program “The Hot Box” with Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks). During a rapid fire question session, Jessup asked Donaghy who is number one on his speed dial. He said “BlackBerry: Warren Buffett. iPhone: Jimmy Buffett.”

You can watch the full episode online at Hulu.com

Jimmy is referenced from time to time on television programs. Last year he was mentioned on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and on The Colbert Report. And in 2008 he was lampooned by South Park.

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  • Brian

    Also mentioned by Dr. Cox on an episode of Scrubs.

  • Patrick Andrews

    Damn, beat me to it. During one of Dr. Cox’s rants when he claims he won”t miss his family when they go away for a weekend he states he’s a parrothead.

    Dr. Cox: (To Elliot) Barbie, puh-LEESE stop lumping us in together. Tomorrow is my day off, and I’m joyous to have my place all to myself. Y’see, I’m a lot of things. I’m a Scorpio, a registered independent, a foodie, a Parrothead, yes, I do love that Jimmy Buffett, always have, always will, a leg man…
    Dr. Kelso: A right bastard.
    Dr. Cox: …thank you, Bob. But I can assure you that one thing I am NOT is…
    Dr. Kelso: Straight?
    Dr. Cox: …audience participation is now over. The one thing I am not is lonely. Capisce?


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