South Park Lampoons Jimmy Buffett

posted March 13th, 2008 at 6:53 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett was lampooned on Wednesday night’s episode of “South Park” on Comedy Central.

Cartman is diagnosed with HIV, and Elton John is scheduled to play at a benefit dinner for him but does not show up in favor of playing at a cancer benefit show. He is replaced by Jimmy Buffett who sings “AIDSburger in Paradise”.

Watch clips from the episode on

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  • duge33

    Two things stand out to me. 1. They spell his name wrong in title (one T but a lot of people do that. Like Michael Nesmith once said. “Buffett that’s two t’s, one T that’s lunch.)
    Scond, the guitar player on the left is a take off of Josh Leo from the Live by the Bay video in ’85. Tremendous, though I don’t know the last time Leo played with Buffett.

  • Brian

    That was hilarious! I bet Jimmy would love it!

  • wrestler1425

    dude if would just love around everyone except you spells it with two t’s….even the website…so get your shit right if you wanna talk bout jimmy

  • duge33

    hey jackass wrestler
    I was talking about under the title on the video where it says and I quote “Cartman’s AIDS Benefit is ruined when Jimmy Buffet performs.”
    Maybe because of all of the steroids you lost the ability to count but I only see one T at the end of Buffett, not two, you moron. And if you would read my post correctly i said I know to spell with two t’s and not one. Next time, get your stuff straight

  • Jimmy Buffett

    What is the name of this exact episode?

  • Josh Martin
  • Jimmy Buffett

    Thanks my friend!

  • Allan Friedrich

    Jimmy played the clip at the show in Frisco last night!

  • Singer

    …..”how he got AIDS I haven’t a clue”! “waisted away again because of AIDS n’ stuff”!

  • Landshark

    I think you’re all half baked cookies and fruitcakes!

  • BubbleBubble

    Anyone know if JB has responded to the episode? I would like to think he took it well, considering Matt and Trey do not discriminate when it comes to their satire.

  • Frodo

    jimmy buffettttt IS drunken fratboy monkey garbage!

  • Frodo

    jimmy buffettttt IS drunken fratboy monkey garbage!

  • Frodo

    jimmy buffettttt IS drunken fratboy monkey garbage!


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