Buffett Caption Contest

posted December 30th, 2009 at 11:11 pm

by Josh Martin

It’s been a while since we did our last Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest, but here we go again. Take a look at the below picture of Kinky Friedman and Jimmy and come up with your best caption for it:

Post your caption in the comments section of this post.

In a few days we’ll take a few of our favorite captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • Barbara Verano

    Seriously Jimmy, the Fish was this Big!!!!!

  • Geno Wolters

    Hi Jimmy I hear you don’t blow smoke because you have the best joint Five O’clock all the time right(Kinky to Jimmy) Yeap Kinky, 2010’s just in time for fun again! (Jimmy to Kinky)

  • Ken shaw

    LOOK Bubba, I KNOW You took the shaker of salt !!

  • http://ourkindofmusic.wordpress.com/ Blake (Donchuknow) Phillips

    Do you think you could smuggle me a big box of Cuban cigars next time you go down there?

  • Theresa

    Yup, Jimmy, these are my wings, but you CAN see them!

  • coolbreeze2444

    Kinky: OK, my run for governor in Texas didn’t go so well, but I’m tellin’ ya, with you as my running mate, we can win the presidency in 2012.

  • parrothead42

    I swear to God Jimmy! I took that little blue pill, and it got THIS long!

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Jimmy listen to me. It makes perfect sense. I’ll be governer and you’ll be my chief advisor. We’ll legalize weed in the great state of Texas!par
    What else do we have to do?

  • HDwalsh

    Ok, Jimmy, can you explain that to me one more time. I don’t understand what makes ME a FRUITCAKE?!?!?

  • Kevin

    All I’m saying Jummy is you’d probably have a hit if you just changed the lyrics to ‘two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese……”

  • mike robinson

    For a little fellow that Willie has be biggest dad gum Willie you have ever seen.

  • SteveC

    I’m telling you Jimmy, the Kinky Guy guitar strap with that hat make you ‘da man! How do you keep the girls away?

  • Cody

    I don’t need a treatise here, Jimmy.

  • Rooster

    I once rolled a blunt this big

  • lastmango57

    I know Jimmy, you wrote Margaritaville in Texas, but you took off for Key West! What’s up with that?

  • Glenn Dale

    I’m tellin’ ya Jimmy, you need to have some Yiddish in your lyrics

  • Colin Gerrard

    The fins were this big, honest Kinky

  • Dave Blakely

    Jimmy, if you wear a hat like mine, maybe you’ll be somebody some day.

  • buffettbug2

    Oh No! What if the Hokey Pokey Really IS what it’s all about?!!? Just to be safe, I’m putting both hands in and shaking them all about!

  • http://LiveyParties.20m.com Jenn Lively

    It’s 5:00 somewhere so let’s call Jerry Jeff, Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson and start messing with this side of Texas!

  • Paul

    I swear Jimmy, his Kosher dill was this big!

  • Steve

    You think you feel good now? Take a hit off this thing and wait 2 minutes.

  • Steve

    Don’t laugh. I’m tellin’ ya, you give me this much money and I swear I can get The Jewboys up and runnin’ again. Or Maybe I’ll just run for governor again. It’s a toss up.

  • Jamy Bryant

    I swear Jimmy that bone fish was this big and it had your shaker of salt in it’s mouth!

  • max

    Kinky: He Jimmy, did I ever tell you about how I got my name “Kinky”?par
    Jimmy: Goodgoogilymoogily.

  • george borisov

    Ok Jimmy explain this oh wise one, my friend whos’s married told me that he’s getting sex on the side, and yes……it’s been awhile for me, but when the hell did they move it ?????

  • thibs

    Oh Jimmy. Now you do know your success over the years? It was because of me. You do know that don’t you???

  • Bunky

    You’re so kinky, did it really used to be that long?

  • Suburban Beachbum

    Jimmy, I’m telling you– let the custom made, pearl inlaid guitar slip from your hands and I’ll replace it with this electrical one I had flown in from Ja-pan!

  • michael c. mascari

    And that is what they told me to tell you!

  • Keith

    “I swear Jimmy, it was a mortal sin this big!”

  • patnparadise

    It’s 5 O’Clock in Anguilla ALL DAY

  • Marcus

    Hey Jimmy, did you hear what President Clinton said I could do with this cigar?

  • vicknparadise

    I found your Lost Shaker of Salt at par
    Bankies Dune Preserve in Anguilla right after your show 2 yrs.ago STILL Have it

  • Brian W

    Unlike you Jimmy…I do have exes in Texas!

  • sue

    “I swear it Bubba, the dang thing was THIS BIG!!!” – Kinky explaining to Jimmy about the one that got away.

  • http://buffettworld.com terri

    I’m tellin’ ya Bubba, I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!

  • De

    Kinky: “I know you wanna be like me, but seriously Jimmy, give me back my guitar.”par
    Jimmy: I wonder if I continue to smile politely….. will he forget that I swiped his shoulder strap……

  • Suburban Beachbum

    Jimmy, as the oldest living Jew in Texas who doesn’t own any real estate, I cannot mis meat with dairy so I’m gonna have to pass on the cheesburger… and, no, the kosher pickle don’t make it okay!!

  • Wayne-O

    Damn right JImmy! You as president and me as your VP, we will certainly patch the hole in this sinking ship!!!

  • meeye

    Jimmy, I once had a pencil thin mustache thiiiis long…….

  • Rick

    Comon Jimmy let’s sing the “5 dollar foot long” song together.

  • Finchef

    “I gotta find out which crew member issued this clown a back stage pass!”

  • Finchef

    Ya Know James, the Japanese Steakhouse dacor may not be that big of a hit on tour!

  • http://msn bob mead

    Its called structure J.B., STRUCTURE !


    “And the Margarita was this big!”

  • Sosa

    Its for me medicinal purposes, really!!! Sure it is Kinky

  • J Johnson

    Final offer, take it or leave it. 10 point spread on the Cowboys over the Dolphins is the best offer you’re gonna get.

  • brucie

    My last wife’s ass was 3 feet wide.

  • Cpt Guavaberry

    Honestly Jimmy, surfing in a hurricane lasts about this long.

  • J Johnson

    Ever feel like you’re being trampled to death by a herd of turtles?

  • Queen Carrie

    Jimmy: The Kinky and Jimmy Show? Hmmm, dont think so but keep smiling.

  • Cat

    Kinky: Jimmy, it really got this BIG!

  • Captain Tony

    Jimmy the mullet was this big – shoulda been in Hoot!

  • Capt Blak

    I’m tellin’ you Jimmy, when I get elected Govenor of Texas I’m tappin’ you for Ambassador to Mexico, Special Envoy to C0zumel, hell… whatever you want !

  • cameron

    Whos the Blonde Stranger!

  • Rick

    That Margaritaville Cafe is awesome! The margaritas were flowing and the cheeseburgers in paradise were huge!

  • Cabo-Wabo

    So you’re telling me that Pirate song isn’t about me?

  • K. J. Polk

    Look man, I don’t give a hoot how much it will cost. Just come and play for me at my Bar-B-Q. I’ll even throw in some Texas Brisket to sweeten the deal.

  • rgtopda

    Yes it’s this big!Why do u think they call me Kinky Friedman ???

  • http://treetopflyer01.com Jack

    You say there’s nothin’ like this out here in West Texas? Let me tell you my friend–How do you think I got my name?

  • Bill Eberhardt

    And I thought Billy Martin died 20 years ago!

  • Bryan

    It is this big and you know its kinky.

  • Bert

    I swear Jimmy, I missed being Mayor by this much…….

  • mytoplesscar

    Oh Come on Jimmy, Let’s head for the docks and set some sails, do a little fishing and drink a little rum…

  • Kevin P.

    Don’t blame me, cause I’m crazy like you, I run around this town doin what I want to do!

  • John Savoie

    Now Jimmy this is the way you play it!

  • SteveS

    I’m telling you Jimmy, it was a $5 foot long!!!

  • joel

    “thats where i bought these shrimpskin boots at jimmy”

  • mike

    I was eating sponge cake and drinkin a bottle of rum with a lime….

  • http://buffettworld.com terri

    God, Jimmy, I can’t believe your forgot the words again!

  • http://www.tikikev.com Tiki Kev

    Stop laughing Jimmy, Getting old sucks. I have to stand this close in front of a mirror to see it. Finding it is a whole other story.

  • Fins Fan

    Tell me Jimmy, Who is this crawfish clown that’s always begging you for money?

  • George

    I know a woman’s to blame.

  • mike

    Damn, this cuban cigar is good…send me more !!!!

  • Lou Bristol

    Honest, Jimmy, not only was it piled high, up to the sky, but Carmen’s hat was this wide!

  • Matthew Nowak

    My salt shaker was about this big…. have you seen it Jimmy?

  • Spanky

    I’m tellen ya Jimmy, I was with Willie the other night and he rolled one “this big.”

  • Charlie

    Two Rabbis walk into a tiki bar…………………..

  • Trent

    Jimmy, let me tell you about something else we gotta’ drink about…

  • Jay

    “Ok, ok Jimmy. When I am elected governor, we will rename the capital ” Margaritaville.”

  • Eric LaFever

    Well Jimmy…I see you found my guitar strap. How would you like it if I took your flip flops?

  • Eric LaFever

    I’m tellin’ ya Jimmy…..Margaritaville Cigars…..that’s the way to go.

  • Ron Clegg

    So, whatayathink Jimmy, do I look like Richard Petty?

  • Tim

    Come on Jimmy lets hug. It will make one Hell of a picture for the caption contest on BUFFETTWORLD.COM. Besides they don’t call me Kinky for nothing.

  • Bob Kleiser

    I told you Jimmy, to put all your money into the Zhu Zhu Pet, but noooooooo, you didn’t listen!!

  • Dale Patterson

    Jimmy, if I get elected we’ll repeal the smoking ban and have cigars this big.

  • Jason McLain

    Come on Jimmy you need to run for President and get us out of this depression.

  • Capt Charlie

    And he caught it on 3 lb test……..

  • Connie

    “Now thats a Man”

  • Surfer Joe

    Honest Jimmy I missed being Governor by this much..

  • Henry

    Listen Jimmy the reason my name is written in pink on that guitar strap is this…………………….!

  • Fins up

    Jimmy, you mean to tell me that Mac’s head is really this big?par
    No wonder they couldn’t find a helmet big enough for him to play in.

  • Deanna

    I swear to God Jimmy, the fat ones in Texas are this big!!

  • sonofasonofacowboy

    and Jimmy you could run as my VP. What’d ya say?

  • Joseph

    I lost the governor’s race by THIS much!

  • Jack Ward

    Hey Jim; How about Margarittaville Cigar Bars?

  • http://buffetworld dale

    Look Jimmy, If i can run for public office in Texas, par
    with your following, you can win the seat of President of the US.par

  • http://www.buffettworld.com Bchubb

    i swear jimmy, her mouth was this wide !!!!!!1

  • Eric Meiier

    “I swear the bonefish was this big . . . and it was listening to your new album Buffett Hotel!”

  • TomT

    How about you let me borrow the Coral Reefer name for my next brand of cigars…

  • sonofasonofacowboy

    so Jimmy let me get this straight, every song must include drinking AND women?

  • bonefishbill

    Kinki: ” Come on Jimmy, you promised we would pay the mini-mart back”

  • Trey

    So….Um…. Ever been to the jungle?

  • storm550

    Seriously Jimmy, I really need another case of those Margaritaville Paradise Key Teas!

  • billygolfer

    Let’s blow this joint and head to Key West!!!

  • http://JimmyBuffeyWorld talking parrot

    Call it “Country” and they will play you on the radio,trust me!

  • Guy

    Jimmy Buffett is that you.

  • Monty5

    Jimmy–Breathe in—-Breathe out—Dear God when will he move on?

  • Jack Ward

    Jim, I missed you in Timbuctu by this much.

  • Sarah Brunson

    Jimmy…Give me a big YEE-HAW for Govenor 2010!

  • Lee

    Jimmy, there’s this five dollar foot long at Subway.

  • Cat

    Kinky: “If I were you, I’d hang unto a rhumba man like me”!

  • brandy

    how the hell are ya? whats so funny?

  • Marguerite Walker

    I’m telling you Jimmy, there wasn’t anything behind Door Number 3 !

  • crawfish

    I telling ya Jimmy, It was this big.par
    And I had too flush twice

  • Randy “Doc”

    No kidding, THIS BIG and I ain’t talkin’ bout a fish!

  • Larry

    I’m sorry Jimmy, the guitar strap is all I can do…the rest is up to you.

  • jc

    ‘Jimmy, I ‘m telling you, Elin hit Tiger so hard, he had a lump on his head THIS big!’

  • Jamie Showers

    Seriously Jimmy, I am not Kix Brooks. I am this much taller than him !

  • conch Harbor

    So I’m hanging with Bill Clinton, Willie Nelson, and Woody Harrelson and they roll this joint as big as Monicas ass…


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