Jimmy Buffett’s New Album In Stores Today!

posted December 8th, 2009 at 3:11 am

by Josh Martin

The new album from Jimmy Buffett – Buffet Hotel – hits stores today!

It’s the first studio album from Buffett since Take The Weather With You was released October 10th, 2006. Since then he has released two live albums: Live at Texas Stadium and Live in Anguilla.

Named after an old colonial era train station/hotel in Timbuktu, “Buffet Hotel” features 12 songs and includes a 24-page booklet with lyrics and stories behind the songs.

Track List:

  1. Nobody From Nowhere
  2. Wings
  3. Big Top
  4. Beautiful Swimmers
  5. Turn Up The Heat and Chill The Rose
  6. Summerzcool
  7. Rhumba Man
  8. We Learned To Be Cool From You
  9. Surfing In a Hurricane
  10. Life Short Call Now
  11. Buffet Hotel
  12. A Lot To Drink About

Order the album from Amazon for only $7.99 or pick it up at your local retailer.

How do you like the album? Leave a comment or post your review on our forum.

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  • Jerry Hepburn

    I dunno,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,par
    I have followed JB off and on for many years – some people rightly express their slight disdain at some of the kitsch references in his work and the paraphenalia like the grass skirts that now seem to accompany him/Parrotheadspar
    Fair enough par
    but look deeper par
    and you will see a consumate artist expressing a beautiful paradigm amidst what for many working fools like myself par
    NEED something to help us elevate ourselves from monotonous jobs and think of beauty in all shapes and formspar
    I love himpar
    I have heard snippets of BUFFETT HOTEL and yup………….like his other works – hits the spot!par
    Long live JB and all who sail and fly with himpar
    JH x

  • I love it. So Jimmy. He always makes me feel “better” when I listen to his music. They are fun to listen too and alwasy seem to have a message to us. Worth the wait!! Thank you Jimmy for doing it again. Denise G

    I love it. He always makes me feel “better” when I listen to his music. They are fun to listen too and alway seem to have a message to us. Worth the wait!! Thank you Jimmy for doing it again. I’ve just been waiting by the side of the road for a car so that I could wave “hi”. par

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Bummer man, a bummer. Weakest Jimmy album ever. Jimmy shouldn’t worry about fins to the left and fins to the right. I think he may have jumped the shark. However, I thought that about the below average “Beach House on the Moon” (Oysters & Pearls, worst song Buffett ever recorded) and Buffett came back with the masterpiece, “Far Side of the World.”

  • David McCraw

    Now as I have put 50 well in the wake myself, I enjoyed the master story teller weaving his older and latest life stories into this album. par
    I grew up in a small South Texas town close to the Gulf of Mexico where people did watch the highway to wave for something to do. Jimmy Buffett has alway told stories in music that I have connected to and I have found several “gems” in the album. par
    Surfing in a Hurricane is great. The Big Top explains a Buffett concert about as well as any song. Life’s Short Call Now just hits home. par
    I am glad he is still “spending my money foolishly” and as long as he brings new chapers of fun to my wife and me; I’ll keep doing my part to make sure the fun tickets keep getting on punched.par
    And yes our 16 month old granddaughter knows how to get her “fins” up!


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