Jimmy Buffett at the White House Today

posted September 2nd, 2009 at 1:34 pm

by Josh Martin

Politico 44 reports that Jimmy Buffett was spotted at the White House today:

DEPARTURE: President Obama walked out of the Oval Office around 1 p.m., wearing a casual jacket and khakis, waving to the press once before boarding Marine One. He is scheduled to be at Camp David through Sunday, where spokesman Robert Gibbs has said he will spend some time reviewing Gen. McChrystal’s report on Afghanistan.

PLUS: Jimmy Buffett was spotted at the White House Wednesday afternoon. But he wouldn’t speak – or sing – to reporters. — Amie Parnes (UPDATED 1:31 p.m.)

Last November, Buffett performed at a rally for Barack Obama in Tampa, Florida.

Update – Buffett was also spotted eating lunch at The Bombay Club near the White House. (h/t TheMidnightHour)

(photo by Amie Parnes)

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  • Kevin

    Just imagine a world with Jimmy as President!

  • coolbreeze2444

    I’ve still got my “Jimmy Buffett for President, put a real pirate in the White House” bumper sticker from 2004.

  • kiwibird

    Depressing to hear JB has chosen to go so far in the wrong direction with his support of Obama’and his Socialistic Liberal platform and programs. Good that he makes no comments (or sings songs) to the press, but that hardly makes me any happier about it.

  • Bob Kreese

    Got a hunch it’s got to do with Obama ‘probably’ asking him to stop performing “Lot to Drink About”, since it’s a negative reflection on this administration’s performance re the economy…just read, it was pulled at the Bristow show!

  • parrothead

    That really does not look like Jimmy – if it is it’s a bad pic.

  • marty

    I would like Jimmy at his next concert to play Buffett not Beatles.

  • Pirate JR

    stay with the old songs not the White House.

  • Julie

    I think Jimmy may be getting a little to wacky from the other side. Let’s just account it to age? Cant imagine he would be that stupid to go along with and keep company with so many unintelligent people.

  • Bob Kreese

    Let’s *HOPE* not!


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