Buffett Performs for Barack Obama at Tampa Rally

posted November 2nd, 2008 at 10:31 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed for Barack Obama in Tampa, Florida on Sunday afternoon. 20,000 attended the “Last Chance For Change Rally” at the Ford Amphitheater. A sign outside the event said “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this concert”.

Here was the set list from the show:

1 – Fins
2 – License to Chill
3 – It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere
4 – Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
5- Son of a Son of a Sailor
6 – Volcano
7 – Cheeseburger in Paradise
8 – Come Monday
9 – Brown Eye Girl
10 – Margaritaville

11 – Last Mango in Paris (dedicated to Captain Tony)

(Hat tip to SSOB4ever for providing us the set list)

Here are some writeups in the media:

Also, view some photos from the show on Flickr.

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  • jason

    Jimmy Buffet is nothing more than a drunk stoner who cant sing worth a shit!! Smoke some more weed dirt bag.. Old fart needs to retire from his singing career. Change Change thats all i here from barry obama. Change your shorts cause your gonna shit yourself when you lose this election Barry

  • Josh

    Jason, if Buffett sucks so bad, what are you doing on a Jimmy Buffett fan site?

  • crawfish

    Jason you are another LOSER Rebublican!
    Jimmy could buy you and sell you 100 million times over!

    Good, but short concert. I had 2nd row center seats!
    thanks Jimmy for the freebie!


  • Peggy

    Many of the McCain supporters are soooo angry. The nastiness comes from the leadership they admire, sort of a trickle down of nastiness. When we have new leadership, people will hopefully calm down and see how much better our lives and the lives of people worldwide will be.

  • crawfish

    they need to be angry about the 8 years of Republican dictatorship that Mccain has supported.
    i mean, how stupid can they be?

  • barry


    “Change you can believe in”
    “Redistribute the wealth”
    “Drink the Kool Aid”

  • crawfish


    John Mclame
    and i approve this message!

    yeah i want Mclame!

  • Larry

    Some very angry comments here, gang. I know it’s the heat of the moment but still….

    My two cents – while my personal politics differ from Jimmy’s, I proudly support his right to help the candidate of his choice, especially in this kind of venue. (Said that, I do not appreciate any artist preaching to me when I pay good dough for a ticket. That goes for artists on both sides of the aisle.) That’s what this country is about. If everyone thought alike it would be pretty dog gone boring around here.

    The extreme left and extreme right are letting emotion get in the way of sound thinking and reason. Set aside the partisan bickering.

    Good on Jimmy for supporting who HE wants. I choose differently and I suspect that Jimmy and I would be OK with that.


  • jason

    crawfish you must be on wellfare good program there lol …. give money to the people who abuse the system and go out and have 10 kids with 3 different dads. Go smoke some more crack dirtbag…..

  • crawfish

    actually i’m a very wealthy EX Republican.

  • barry

    crawshit lives with his mama who is a crackwhore on welfare like Obama’s mama.

  • crawfish

    gee you must be one of those GREAT Conservative Christians that like to tell people what to do!

    so much anger………..so pathetic!

  • Dennis

    Please don’t confuse REAL Chirstians with people like that. REAL Christians don’t spew hate. I know because I am one. I LOVE Jimmy Buffett and don’t agree with his passion for liberal presidential candidates. But considering his hippy background, I’m not surprised at his support of these candidates. But no matter what his politics are, he is still one of the GREATEST musicians and entertainers EVER. Parrotthead RULE!!!!

  • barry

    Jimmy and Obama are both fakes. Jimmy has always been more like Warren than a free spirited devil may care pirate. He has sold his public on a life style that he himself could not make work. Obama is many things to many people. A Muslim, Marxist, supporter of terrorists at home and abroad, liar, racist, and fake African-American. I do feel sorry for him though because he is the husband of the ugliest woman on TV since Aunt Ester on Sanford and Son.

  • jason

    Dennis I spew hate to the terrorist who will come back for round 2 if dumbass Obama wins. Obama will open the gates and let them right in.. Oh Dennis did you believe in the great crusade???? Read all about that and come back to me about hate dip shit…Real Christians would want another great crusade instead of cowards sitting back and taking another punch dip shit……………..Our country is full of liberal PUSSIES.

  • crawfish

    then move!

  • crawfish

    but before you do, Jimmy thanks morons like you for making him rich!

  • Obama Girl

    What are the haters saying now!!

  • crawfish

    they are drying the tears of the BLOW HARD
    Fox News Network!

    boo hoo LOSERS!

  • Scotty B

    I don’t understand all this fuss…WE are Buffett fans, you know the kind of people that get along with almost anyone and just go with the flow…were the FEW people that SHOULD be able to deal with diversity without much problem at all. I am a McCain supporter, and we lost the election. I was sitting in front of the TV, when they announced that barack won the election…so instead of going out in outrage, i leaned my chair back, opened the fridge grabbed a landshark; popped it open and chuckled to myself. We lost. So be it. Go with the flow. WWJBD?

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