Buffett Caption Contest

posted July 8th, 2009 at 6:37 pm

by Josh Martin

Time for another Jimmy Buffett Caption Contest! Take a look at the image below and make up your own caption for it:

Post your caption in the comments section of this post.

In a few days we’ll take a few of our favorite captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • SHANE P.

    YOU! YOU! Your the one that took my Margarita!

  • Boyd Coleman

    I told you that Bernie Madoff deal was a sham!

  • Geoff Z…

    YOU’RE the woman to blame!

  • lauri sigerson

    Hey you……..did you take my old lost shaker of salt??????

  • Pennie Z

    Parrotheads rule and DON’T YOU FORGET IT!

  • K. Messer

    you are the people my parents warned me about

  • Jen

    I told you I don’t do estacy! They are vitamins dammit!!!

  • Ann Marie Barr

    Hey, that’s my hair on your head!!!

  • Fred Phillips

    Was that you on the cliff in Negril?

  • Micheal W

    “Does that look like my Lost Shaker to you?

  • Lynette Kalama

    It’s not you again!!!
    (He said that to me one year at my 10th show….UOFA (Ringo, James Taylor and Jimmy)

  • http://www.mnsportscentral.com Scott

    Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

    think 3 stooges

  • KJ

    Boy, this is a holdup
    Keep strummin’ and don’t run.

  • Jeffery Hinkston

    “With God as my witness, you’ll never work in this business, AGAIN!!!” Unless you have a margarita?

  • Eric Hess

    New York?!! Forget it!…….FRUIT CAKE CITY!

  • Eric Hess

    Cause I’m Gods own drunk and a fearless man.

  • http://www.tikipc.com Stephen Park

    Jimmy tries the old “Pull my finger, Taylor” gag on Greg…again. (He hasn’t found it funny since 5 minutes after he joined the band)

  • http://the-real-dog-talk.com Bubba Ross

    Hey, aren’t you the bus boy who stole my cell phone?

  • Wayne Arnold

    It’s all fun and games until someone finger smells lik poo!

  • David Rich

    THAT”S Fins to the left!?!?!?!

  • Hot Rod the Love God

    if you think for one second i am playing in London, you are crazy…what, you will name a football stadium after me in Miami??? where is the earl grey?

  • Jules

    you dirty rat. Now tell me where did you put my fly fishing rod I’m ready to blow this popcicle stand

  • Ken S.

    “Now that’s what I call a set of breasts”

  • Justin R

    “Alright you American Idol contestant….I told you NEVER to use one of my songs!”

  • Andrea Gall

    No i told you wrinkles only go where the smiles have been!

  • Andrea Gall

    “Now I told you wrinkles only go where the smiles have been!”

  • Kevin

    Whatcha got cookin’?

  • http://charter.net Glenda

    “You’re the woman to blame”

  • Fred

    “This is the way to Australia . . . . . isn’t it ?”

  • Tom

    Cue the pigeons!

  • Debbie

    HEY, you KNOW my name is NOT Joe Biden! Whatsa matter witch chew??

  • Walter Bush

    You’re the one that stole my hair

  • Tess R

    Utley, I told you to keep your hands where I can see them.

  • Cody R

    It’s a Parrothead thing. You wouldn’t understand.

  • Jamie

    You look like you could be my cheesebuger in paradise baby…

  • Jamie

    You look like you could be my cheeseburger in paradise, baby…

  • iblewoutmyflipflop

    Where are YOU gonna go when the volcano blows?

  • iblewoutmyflipflop

    When the volcano blows I’ll be watchin’ from one particluar harbor under the southern cross!

  • CBuffett

    Did you see yourself on the big screen? Somebody should have told you we were gonna show that later, right?

  • CBuffett

    Did the guy in the 1st row have to fart now?

  • CBuffett

    This is my best Biden face. What do you think?

  • CBuffett

    Does the rest of the world know there is a real Timbuktu?

  • lastmango57

    Watch that beachball!

  • Landshark

    You came to the right place, the pirate wants you!

  • Theresa

    Now, YOU have a lot to drink about…

  • patty

    “you WILL go to summerzcool!!!”

  • Dan W.

    Hey! Pull my finger….I fart tequila!

  • Brian Schmidt

    “Saddle up the wagons, partner” (Jimmy doing his John Wayne impression)

  • Landshark

    There won’t be talk of a recession around here.

  • Cecil Burns

    My head hurts , My finger stinks, and I don’t love Jesus!

  • Vock

    You’re the ref from that Knicks game.

  • Michael

    Don’t you tell me it’s not 5′ oclock somewhere

  • Donna

    Hey Octo-Mom, You cannot have all those kids in one seat….take it to the lawn!!

  • Nick

    Look! If you didn’t buy the yellow arm band than drinks are full price…GOT IT!

  • Sam Forsythe

    I have told you for the last time “I do not look like Joe Biden!!!!

  • USMC_911

    It’s not nice to beat Jimmy to the words of his own song!

  • steve

    For the last time I am not Joe Biden. But my guy did win.

  • steve

    I remember you. You’re the guy who left the 5 gallon jug of fried chicken grease by the green tomato.

  • Fred P.

    I want to party with you!!!

  • Dot

    Savannah – NO MORE TATTOOS!

  • Becki

    I’ll see YOU in Paris at Five O’Clock.

  • Lisaj1962

    You call THAT a pencil-thin mustache…..??!?!?!

  • Nils

    Lance, this is what a real “Livestrong” wristband should look like!

  • Mark

    Now I remember. You me and Captain Tony, Detention, SummerzCool 2009. You went nuts and went surfing into a hurricane…

  • Bluedog

    Does this look infected to you?

  • BlondeStranger

    We need more Fruitcakes in this world…..less bakers!


    Hey, no Landsharks sneaking up on me!

  • Cecil

    I’ll see you in Atlantic City on the 23rd.

  • BlondeStranger

    It wouldn’t change a thing if I let go!

  • Ajparrothead

    Stop calling me ‘coach”! I don NOT look like Craig T. Nelson!

  • BlondeStranger

    I’m not hard to define…just an alter boy covering his ass.

  • Lizardking

    I told you this would be one hell-of-a party.

  • Ethan

    “You’ll never work in this bidness again!”

  • Paul

    So, you’re the blonde stranger!!!

  • Dale Patterson

    Irepeat, I am NOT Joe Biden!

  • Eric

    Hey now, that’s not fair! You know I am a sucker for gumbo!

  • John T

    Did you put Tequila in the water bottles again?

  • cindi

    Very funny. No one has ever told me that I was starting to look like Jack Nicholson.

  • Brent

    This is my James Taylor face and I’m a steamroller, baby!

  • Kristy

    You………Mike Utley, right? I gotta stop taking these daily vitamins!

  • jeff

    Tell me that I wasn’t worth the $400.00 you spent on those 2 tickets!

  • Todd

    Your soooooo going to get it later my parrot head friend!!!

  • http://www.TheNatureDepot.com Souky

    Listen Son,
    My parents warned me about these people and now I’m warning you….

  • Jon

    Do you really have to wear those, to ride a bike here?

  • camerob burns

    whats you talking about willis.

  • cameron burns

    whats you talkin bout willis

  • dustin derrick

    That’s all she wrote folks…Mac let’s head to to tarmac, gas up the supergoose, and head to Anguilla where the beer flows loose and the women are cold!

  • dustin derrick

    How did that damn scalper get backstage to another one of my concerts?

  • dustin derrick

    Hey good lookin’ if I wasn’t happily married w/ kids I think I’d have to find out whatcha got cookin’!

  • dustin derrick

    Bruno is she really 18?

  • Jim

    Ewwwww…. Did you just fart?

  • Slick Willy

    I don’t care what she says you are not mine.

  • Jolymon

    Is that a cheeseburger in your pocket or are you just REALLY enjoying the concert….????

  • Jolymon

    Now those things would make a FIIIIIINE personal floatation device….

  • sonofasonofacowboy

    Who’s the Blonde Stranger?

  • Eli Mak

    I have seen some weird outfits at my shows…but what the hell is that on your head, man?!?!

  • Eli Mak

    I think I’ll apply for THAT card!

  • Eli Mak

    You, yeah you, with the corona…buy LANDSHARK!

  • Eli Mak

    no….your mama!

  • Eli Mak

    Thats the guy who yelled FREEBIRD, toss him out!

  • http://Buffettnews.com FRank

    And on vaocals the fabulous Nakida Shakour.

    or. Surfs up. Sorry Mac I am out of here.

  • TropicFins

    Cha Ching $$$ Parrothead #35,169

  • Jay

    Give me your money, bitch.

  • CReeds

    The weather is here and I wish YOU were beautiful!

  • George Brosan

    Didn’t I surf with you at Ditch Plains?

  • Joyce

    It was YOU! My Brown Eyed Girl….

  • http://www.tytandan.com TRH

    “Give me a cheeseburger, or give me death!”

  • Landshark

    No, I said Captain Tony’s!

  • Landshark

    Get that wet bike out of the way of my Hemisphere Dancer!

  • Landshark

    I knew that the ‘Summerzcool 2009 Tour’ should have visited St. Louis. Thankfully we have Parotheads like Landshark who will represent the St. Louis Chapter in Bridgeview on both August 8th and the 15th.

  • Matt Bridges

    ‘So you’re the one who stole the Peanut Butter !! “

  • http://www.pearlcreekphotography.com steve rice

    “You can call me “Finger” Buffet”, Mr. Taylor!

  • Mark G

    “With me as V.P. There’d be be a margaritta in everyhand . Left or right…

  • untabubba

    Hey, YOU are the one that PULLED my finger!

  • Cheryl


  • untabubba


  • Kristie

    “Damn you, Kutcher… I’ll PUNK your ass!”

    (I long for the day that JB is aired on MTV’s PUNKED-LMAO!)

  • Steve Wiki Wiki

    Damn it, we ARE playing in Tahiti this year!

  • Jason

    “You, you’re good, you.”

  • Barry

    I like the color of my shirt. Yours on the other hand might look better after a few Landsharks!!

  • Jack


  • Larry

    “You..Your good you!”

  • Larry

    “I got season tickets ref….your out of here!”

  • Larry

    “Have you checked BuffettWorld today?”

  • Bob Small

    This Landshark’s for YOU!!!

  • Bob Small

    You lok like someone who remembers when a full tank was only a fin!

  • Bob Small

    YOU’RE the Blonde Stranger!!!

  • John Andrews

    YES! I accept your nomination for president of the United States of America

  • cinemagal

    “The Port of Indecision is thataway!”

  • Mark G

    As your V.P. I am not either LEFT, RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT…!!!

  • http://www.UptonTechnologyGroup.com Scott Upton

    Sarah Palin for Vice President? You almost had me there for a moment!

  • Landshark

    You’re right, we’re gonna sing till we wake ol’ Diamond Head up!

  • Leslie

    YOU need to go to Summerzcool!!!

  • Charlie

    Buford you devil, your here to kick my ass again, aren’t you?

  • spie 755

    so help me …. the next time Armstrong calls me Joe i’m runnin’ his ass over!!

  • http://www.AgelAustralia.com.au Greg Moody

    You can argue all you like but I am telling you it is 5 o’clock somewhere!

  • iblewoutmyflipflop

    Hey! You look like I’ve been drinkin’!

  • telbau

    No! I won’t take a picture with you although you’re unbelievable fans because apparently i think i’m too good for all my fans who even put me on the map!!!

  • southalabamaparrot

    Are you my barber…. I haven’t seen you in 40 years

  • southalabamaparrot

    LOOK, I found a sand fly in my nose!

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  • Harbour Shark

    “You take that back! I am NOT crazy for wanting to open a Margaritaville in Calgary!”

  • http://www.thedenmarknews.com sarveson

    The number of stone-sober people at this show.


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