Buffett Caption Contest

posted March 30th, 2009 at 9:05 am

by Josh Martin

It’s been over a month since our last caption contest, so it’s definitely time for a new one! Put your creative hat on and come up with your own caption for the Jimmy Buffett picture below:

Post your caption in the comments section of this post.

Later in the week we’ll take a few of our favorite captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

(hat tip to parrothead mania for suggesting this picture)

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  • John Hemphill

    Ok…I’m not mad…..just tell me again starting from the beginning…. after you drank the pitcher of margaritas up to the point where the prostitute punched you in the mouth.

  • Jeff Saul

    Cameron: Don’t tell me your you’re sick, Dad. YOU wanted the double-double burger chicken dog with chili and lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potato, big Kosher pickle…!

    Jimmy: Don’t remind me and DON’T tell your mother!

  • http://michaelthornton.us Mike Thornton

    Hmmmm…I wonder if we should include “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” in this year’s set list?

  • Ken Kehoe

    “I’m biting my tounge this time… I’m biting my tongue this time…”

  • Ken Kehoe

    “For whatI paid for these seats, I’m biting my tounge this time… I’m biting my tounge this time…”

  • Patrick Forsyth

    Taco Bell……Burger King……Arby’s…….Sonic……Bah, I just can’t decide…

  • Ken Carriker

    Dammit! I can’t believe we all wore the same shirt!

  • Debbie Cromer

    No not again, why do I put myself through this. Where’s the drinks?

  • http://www.buffettworlc.com Debbie Cromer

    No not again, Why do I put myself through this? Where’s the drinks and tiki bar?

  • http://www.buffetworld.com Debbie Cromer

    No not again. Why do I put myself through this. Where’s the tiki bar and drinks?

  • Kim

    We are the people our parents warned us about….

  • spike755

    Dad…look one more F bomb and we’re outta here again..this time Mom will really be pissed!

  • Gayle Lyle

    I wonder if I can land my seaplane on Lake Mead and make the Vegas show on time?

  • Don Schwenker

    I don’t think that was the Banana Wind!

  • Sirgumby77

    Crap, Jane is gonna kill me. I only have one of the three kids I brought with me to the game.

  • parrothead mania

    Hmm, I wonder if Pat will ask the ref if he’s a parrothead? What, technical foul, you stupid piece of….well, I guess that answers that question. Do me a favor Cameron, do not tell your mom about this.

  • Deanna

    God put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth, and maybe I can finish this game before heading south!

  • http://the-real-dog-talk.com Bubba

    Do you believe that I spend the money I do for these great floor seats to watch this fucking shitty asshole Heat team?
    Hey dad, don’t curse. They will throw your old ass out of here!

  • Pat O’Brien

    Oh my God! Shaq really needs to lay off those refried beans!

  • Memphismojo

    Wait! Stop the Carnival! I wanna get off!

  • Rooster

    Dad, I’m beginning to think that 5th shot of tequila wasn’t such a good idea.

  • Brian Wolfinger

    Dad…please don’t make eye contact with the referee. He’ll throw us out again!

  • Glenn R

    I hope this kid is the only one who knows I cut the cheese

  • Pirate Bill

    First the Cubs, Then the Saints, Now the Heat. I need to go back to the Island

  • J-Bird

    How can I convince that ref to take a ride down to Jamaica for some chicken?

  • TPA4ME

    Don’t Stop the Carnival…good on paper, not so good on stage. I can’t believe I wrote a soundtrack for THIS!

  • Robert Sheff

    Shark gladness, Narc Sadness…hmmm…what ryhmes with March Madness? Parched badness, no…

  • Danger

    Damn! I wish I could tell if that was me or Cameron letting the silent but deadlys go………..

  • Mike Haszto

    Jimmy: (thinking aloud) “hmmm…new tour…should I open with “God’s Own Drunk” for nostalgia sake? It’s been decades…”

    Cameron: “God’s Own Drunk? What’s that?”

    Jimmy: “oooh, never mind…”

  • Jacki

    I’ve been thinkin, Let’s do some drinkin

  • Henry Clark

    I wonder if I should play Nashville this year?
    They love me there.

  • Shauna

    My God! Look at the stock market drop. We REALLY do have a lot to drink about!

  • George

    The Captain and the Kid.

  • Steve

    Okay Camo, don’t tell mom but I bet a grand on our guys. If she finds out I’ll be on the couch forever. She’s already pissed about the new plane.

  • Steve

    Hey Camo watch this. I’m gonna shoot the bird to that guy who’s got the camera on me.

  • Steve

    Hey Pop, this may not be the time or place but do you remember Sally from next door? Well, I think I’m gonna be a daddy.

  • Son of a Son of a Cowboy

    Did I leave the iron on…

  • Dewey

    Hmmmm, I wonder if Mike left any Rum in that bottle & some Coke for my friend, I think we are ready!!!

  • Jacki

    (looking at the cheerleaders) I wonder which ones are fake, and which are real?

  • Eric

    I can’t believe they are letting William Hung sing Margariville during halftime…

  • Eric

    I can’t believe they are letting William Hung sing Margaritaville during halftime…

  • Mona

    Hmm……I didn’t ponder the question too long but I do believe I made a bet on the wrong team! and it’s Alan Jackson’s fault!

  • Kevin Parrish

    Hmmm, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but I think I’m gonna blow!

  • bruce absher

    I wish that I was sailing again.

  • ReddogRph

    What am I going to do now? I can’t believe Kenny Chesney stole my ideas for the stage on the “Summerzcool Tour”

  • xuxa

    Now what did I do with the lime and salt…

  • Steve

    Jimmy thinking, “Dang I wish Cam would say he’s ready to go home. This game sticks.”

    Cam thinking, “Dang, I wish Dad would say he’s ready to go home. This game stinks.”

  • Steve

    Okay Cam, don’t say anything, but if they show our picture on that big screen again, I’m gonna kick the crap out of a camera man.

  • Melissa W.

    I wonder when this guy is gonna stop singing so Warren Buffett can start speaking already.

  • Steve

    Cam: “Hey dad, check out that third dancer from the left when she does a cart wheel. I think I saw a Cheesebuger in Paradise. Either that or a Pencil Thin Moustache.”

    Jimmy: “Yeah wise guy, I know, and I guess you’d like to take her Back to the Island, huh?

  • DC10Parrothead

    Damn, I wish I could remember her name….

  • Steve

    Oh my God, that’s the same gal I saw when I was down at Key West last week. Geez, I wish she’d told me she was a cheerleader up here. If she comes over I’m gonna crap in my pants.

  • Vin

    OK Who farted

  • Steve

    Hmm, how did I wind up in the Family section….no rum here!!!

  • maplephin

    Yes Cameron, I know you’re scarred for life.
    I agree, if the guys going to where shorts like that, the least he could do is not go Commando!!!

  • Parrotheader

    Why did my wife make me wear these glasses?

  • Mike La Gioia

    I can’t help it he doesn’t like Fruitcakes!

  • Kathy


  • http://myspace.com/joesatpib Joe

    Well according to the song, “Its 5 O’ Clock Somewhere”, its not 5 O’ Clock here…..

  • steve porter

    i never should have eat those five chilli dogs

  • A Welsh Parrot

    Wow, we should not have all worn red to this bull fight! We are defintly going to have a lot to drink about!! Poor fellow!!!

  • woody

    i thought a kenny chesney concert would be a lot more exciting than this

  • woody

    man im bored i wonder if anyone else is as bored as i am

  • Mike

    If the ref blows one more call, I’m going to let him know what I think
    I’m really hoping my dad doesnt make a scene AGAIN!

  • http://www.buffettworld.com wayne-o

    Damn Cameron, here he comes. Looks like he’s going to throw our asses out again!!!

  • Todd Donaldson

    Dude what did you eat? Gross!

  • Rick Black

    I wonder what kind of song I can wright about this?

  • Will

    Maybe we shouldn’t have come to this Hugo Chavez rally afterall… Chavezistas made a Big Mistaka!

  • Tom White

    We were alot better when we had Shaq!

  • BlondeStranger

    Geez, is this team wasted away again in Margaritaville?

  • steve

    Good grief. I’m gonna need a few boat drinks after this fiasco. Our guys are playing like they had some before the game.

  • steve

    Zip it Cam. I’ve had my butt kicked outa here before you know. And that’s the same ref right there.

  • iblewoutmyflipflop

    Well…they said they would play for gumbo…I think…did I mention it…???…I can’t remember…my mind is on one particluar harbor…I must have forgot to tell them there would be a cheeseburger in paradise for the win! Heck, I ‘ll be in Atlanta in two weeks…a round of burgers from the Varsity for everyone!

  • iblewoutmyflipflop

    If I wasn’t already crazy…the Heat would drive me insane!

  • duny

    I know your mom don’t believe me. But I swear, Kenney Chesney is not your older step-brother.

  • Paul

    Who is this blonde stranger?….I know that my husband is with your wife!!!

  • woody

    somebody blew-out a flip flop, or something

  • flamingo

    Dad, I said can you get me a ham & cheese on toast, NOT cut the cheese when that ref comes close!

  • PirateStevelooksat40

    Should I get one margarita or two?~Jimmy
    Should get a cheeseburger in paradise or some fruitcakes~Cam

  • http://www.corgisrus.com ayelandgirlie

    If this is Heat I’d rather be Chillin’…….

  • woody

    did those tickets say final four or final bore

  • Stacey Wells

    Cam: “Wow, Dad must really be mad this time…”

    JB: “1 Margaritta…2 Margaritta…3 Margaritta…”

  • John N Dean

    We are in awe!! Tebow and the Gators are really that good,

  • Pat

    pre you no pre the bean sandwiches

  • pec

    that was a real sbd

  • TPA4ME

    Hmmm, looks like we Have A Lot To Drink About!

  • Kevin Parrish

    Why are we still here? I could be on tour, on the boat, on a plane somewhere with Jane!!

    Was that you or me!! Damn boy!

  • Frankie

    Cheese burger in paradise my ass

  • FNZ2R

    I wonder if he knows he’s the person I’ve been warning him about!!

  • Tommy Tunz

    I think I should find a smaller waiting area at this hospital!

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  • Partycrasher

    My crowds are bigger and a hell of a lot more fun. Why am I here again?


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