Buffett Caption Contest

posted January 20th, 2009 at 12:05 am

by Josh Martin

Here’s the first Buffett Caption Contest of 2009. Take a look at the below image and come up with your own caption for it:

Hint – It’s Jimmy talking to Jimmy the dog, a member of the Jamaican Dog Sled Team.

Put your creative hat on and post your own caption in the comments section of this post.

After a couple days, we’ll put a few of the best in a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • http://www.mdkauffmann.com Matt

    “Hey Jimmy, you know anybody in Miami that can get me a passport real quick?”

    “Oh yeah, yeah man. I’ve got a cousin up there. He knows everything about everything. Let’s see if I’ve got his number here somewhere, yeah. No, he works out of a pay phone…oh yeah. I’ve got it here. Okay. Today’s international investor, whatever that is. Yeah, everybody’s got a cousin in Miami…”

  • http://www.redbubble.com/people/webbie Thelma

    Come on out There no rest for the lazy

  • http://www.redbubble.com/people/webbie Thelma

    Come on out of There you notheres no rest for the lazy

  • http://www.redbubble.com/people/webbie Thelma

    comment on title of posted picture ..sorry :P

  • Sara

    “I HEARD I was in town!!”

  • Joe

    Jimmy! Do you want to play for GUMBO?

  • Joyce

    Don’t laugh, Jimmy, it took some real talent to be named after you, even if it is as a runner for this darn dog sled team!

  • http://www.buffettworld.com wayne-o

    Now just how in the hell do they expect us to get ready for a show in here!!!

  • Bill

    I still can’t find that darn lost shaker of salt

  • Steve

    C’mon outa there Jimmy. I swear it ain’t gonna be as cold this time.

  • Steve

    Okay, Okay. We’ll let you wear boots and a sweater this time. You’re so spoiled.

  • Steve

    Dang Jimmy. We need you. And after the race I promise we’ll have some boat drinks and then fly to St. Somewhere.

  • Paul

    Aww, come out Jimmy. Naderia’s high notes can’t hurt that bad!

  • Shawn

    Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, gear on up, it’s JIMMY time!

  • Eddie G

    Two sniffs and a snort, I took 2 steps back and didn’t know what to think

  • shechris

    Hey little fella…wanna go live with Obama??

  • max

    Does this dog bite? Ruh Roh.

  • Shawn

    Come Monday, it’ll be all right

  • max

    Riddle me this Jimmy the Dog. How in the world are the bottom part of my feet still pasty white when all I wear are sandles? Hmm.

  • Shawn

    I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town too!


    Is this where they hide the good stuff?

  • Joni

    Ok Jimmy – when you make the checkpoint at Unalakleet you’ll wanna make sure to avoid…

  • Doug Stickley

    “Ok Jimmy, we had the whole Jamaican bobsled team, now it’s your time to shine! Do me proud big dog!!!”

  • Joan

    Be careful out there. I blew out my flip flop. Stepped on a pop top.


    I know what too many margaritas feels like, but you have come out at some point.

  • HotRodtheLoveGod

    You know, the last time I drank that much tequila I slept in the dog house too.

  • HotRodtheLoveGod

    Now, tell me how you qualified for the dogsled team…it was the top 6 fastest dogs off the Vick Compound?

  • beth gormley

    I heard it on the Coconut Telegraph that you woul be here

  • Cecil B.

    If we’re going to succeed, you’re going to need a change in latitude and change in attitude.

  • Melissa Roy Leominster, MA

    Can you come out so we can take a photo please, I am a big fan of yours!

  • Paula Kaiser

    What you say we go sailing today instead!

  • http://www.mdkauffmann.com Matt

    Yes, I know math sux!

  • http://www.mdkauffmann.com Matt

    It’s safe to come out now, the new guy is in office.

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    “Don’t worry J-Dog. Now we’re an Obama-Nation”


    Dammit, did you take my shaker of salt?!!

  • Shane Patton

    Jimmy, I swear there is a cold Land Shark at the finish line for you.

  • Pam

    C’mon Jimmy, I promised the girls you would tour with the band, they really want a pet, I’ll give you all the warm fruitcakes I can find!!

  • Edogger

    You know Jimmy…I have a doghouse like this with my name on too! Only I haven’t had to use mine recently…what’d you do? I haven’t heard about it yet on the coconut telegraph!

  • skip the sailorman

    you think ‘your’ dogs are barking…..walk a mile in ‘my’ flipflops……..

  • Bill

    I know, I know…I am not sure what they are thinking, they told me we would have snow this year too!

  • Sam Forsythe

    I told you it’s OK ,the Bushes are gone now!!!!

  • Chris Austin

    you’re the one who said, ‘i gotta go where it’s warm”, now you’re out of a job…there’s NO snow here!!!

  • http://the-real-dog-talk.com Bubba

    Hey Jimmy Boy. I just read John Ross’ book “Adopting A Dog” and going to take you home to live on my big ass Palm Beach Estate!

  • Chris K

    Jimmy, sometimes to get out of the doghouse, you just have to admit its your own damn fault.

  • Kelly

    Ok now, this is my dog house as you can see it has my name on it and you have to get out now, because I am once again, in the doghouse!!

  • Kevin Roberge

    Ok Jimmy. Close your eyes and imagine a frozen, barren landscape. You have nothing to eat but whale blubber. And dogs from frozen countries all over the world are pointing at you and laughing – calling you “Jolly Mon”. You show them Jimmy. Make Jamaica proud”

  • Jamie

    Now Jane, if I catch you with that Blonde Stranger again, you’re going to end up in here for longer! I am tellin ya, you’re going to be in the dog house for atleast a month!!

  • Aaron C.

    No Jimmy… not bobsled team. DOG SLED team. This isn’t Cool Runnings!

  • Kevin Parrish

    Don’t worry little Jimmy, I’ve done run that bear clear off the island!

  • Roland Sommer

    C’mon “Little Jimmy” if leave now…..we can make Jone’s Beach in Aug.

  • Robert Sheff

    Jimmy the dog says to Jimmy Buffett:
    “No it ain’t irie, Mon…..Dis is what happon when you make a Jamaica Mistaka”

  • Brian Wasser

    C’mon little Jimmy!! Surf’s up.. Grab your board and let’s go surfin..

  • Todd Jubie

    I say you retire and come to Margaritaville–I’m buying!

  • JC

    Vin, for the last time, you can come out after you get your balls chopped off. You have to stop humping my leg.

  • Tom White

    Will you run for GUMBO?

  • Tom White

    Don’t make a Jamica Mistaka!

  • Tom White

    Oh the stories I could tell!

  • Al SAntoro

    ” It’s Being Outside Lookin’ in beats being Inside Lookin’ out, but hey, Been there before, move over.”

  • tropical son

    So, one of the fins got you, eh? Sorry, but they do get a little crazy sometimes.

  • HotRodtheLoveGod

    The problem with this timeshare is there just isnt the room we had last year…oh well, it beats livin’ in NYC with a pig in an apartment!

  • http://www.buffettworld.com/2009/01/20/buffett-caption-contest-6/#respond parrothead84

    hey….jimmy Boat drinks for everyone if you bring home the gold

  • Bob C.

    C’mon out …with a little love and luck you will get by!

  • Jay

    ” Jimmy you have to stay out here tonight in your dog house, this really kills me but you must be punished. It’s team policy, no drinking a case of Landsharks and showing up to practice drunker than me ! “

  • Adam

    Jimmy, my plane was just shot down and I gotta get off this island asap!!! Can you and your team get me and my friends outta here?!?!

  • Sean

    Come on out. Let’s get going to Alaska for the races. You know if we get you enough of those frozen magarittas in you, you won’t notice the difference in the weather. Just remember FINS UP!!!

  • Sean

    Did you take my lost shaker of salt?

  • Steve

    C’mon. So it’s alittle chilly where we’re going. Look, I was going to save this for a surprise but the good news is, I picked up a French poodle in Paris just for you and she’s waiting at the other kennel right now.

  • Steve

    Yes I’ll sing How Much Is That Doggy In The Window on my next tour if you’ll just COME ON OUT!!!

  • Travis

    Holy Crap! I can see the far side of the world in there!

  • Nancy

    Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s DOGSLED time!

  • wavebender

    No Really, the Jamaican SWAT team has gone for a Red Stripe, it’s okay to come out now

  • Glenn

    “I know what it’s like, Jane’s had me in the dog house for years!!”

  • Greg

    Have they been shooting at you lately too?

  • skip the sailorman


  • Trent

    Ramos ! Where is the #@%* hidden track ????

  • untabubba

    Hey Jimmy, no plane on Sunday. We’re strictly on island time, mon.

  • Deanna

    Don’t worry mon, women love dogs named Jimmy. wuff wuff

  • Carol

    Got a cheeseburger and a margarita waitin’ for ya at the finish line. Now do that name proud!

  • Carol

    Sorry….I only give belly rubs to chicks…even if your name is Jimmy! But I can get you a cheeseburger………………….

  • christine

    ..all my grandkids have paws too, and i loved Marley and me!

  • Jay Hamling

    Don’t worry, Jimmy. I hear Alaskans are MUCH friendlier. Besides, you don’t have the ganja either, mon!

  • Kathy

    It’s OK big dog , I know how you feel everyone Makea Mistaka now and then,

  • http://JimmyBuffeyWorld talking parrot

    Jimmy come back,come back, we’ve made a big mistaica, we wont shoot at you to make you pull the sled anymore

  • Susan

    Hey Jimmy, it’s my turn to be in the doghouse!!!

  • paul

    You say what??? Mr. Vick did what with you??

  • Carl Carrico

    “I know you’re breath stinks and you’re too embarassed to come outside, but I’m not sharing my Junior Mints with you!!!”


    come on Skippy this is how we roll

  • susievangogh54


  • susievangogh54

    Ah, c’mon, puppy, you are a great fan but you can’t run an Arctic race in a hula skirt and flip flops!

  • Jess from tne land of Oz

    Doggone! White Soul!

  • Matt W.

    Sorry little Jimmy its a Jamacia misataka mon. You weren’t named after Jimmy Cliff , but after me mon!

  • http://www.mdkauffmann.com Matt

    It’s just like for humans, when a mommy dog & a daddy dog love each other a whole bunch…

  • Parrot_head98

    Okay. Here’s a margarita. Here’s a fin. Here’s some flip flops. You now have everything you need to come tour with me. Ditch this sled-dog thing and I’ll make you a star!

  • Andy

    I have been shot at by their SWAT Team, really we don’t need to worry about their Animal Control.

  • Frankie

    using my name is trademark infringement , you’ll be hearing from my lawyers

  • Frankie

    when you get newtered ,you won’ t have to where that jock strap anymore

  • Rick Alix

    Are you serious!? How can I do a concert on this stage?!

  • Kevin Parrish

    I told you little Jim, there is a crazy woman on Caroline St. Now get the hell out of there, and let’s go fishing!

  • Bluedog

    I don’t care WHAT you heard, I didn’t name my son after that dog!

  • http://buffettworld.com Jeff Boggs

    So thats why i call it Jamaica Mistaka.

  • Dennis

    I know your tired, but if you hang in there, someday you’ll grow old on steak and bacon and have a dog house 10 feet round, I’ll get Spooner on the phone.

  • Lisaj1962

    Ok Jimmy, are you sure you and your team know the way to “Southeast of Disorder?”

  • rodney

    Hey, stop licking that thing!

  • Tom C

    Hey Jimmy,got any room in there for you’re name sake?Jane just put me out,cause I go for younger women!!

  • Darren

    Okay, little Jimmy Buffett I picked you to win in the 5th race and if you lose, I know its my own damn fault

  • Sara

    whats that boy? you found my lost shaker of salt! salt! Salt!

  • Cody

    Don’t you wish you hadn’t squandered all those royalties?

  • Willie C

    So I told them you really did eat my homework.


  • Bud Sullivan

    Okay lil’ jimmy…that’s 3 cheeseburgers from paradise,2 margarita’s and you’ll haul me away from the volcano?…Deal!

  • Bryan

    In the doghouse again, huh Jimmy? Some people say there’s a woman to blame. But take it from me, I know…it’s your own damn fault!

  • Sean

    Didn’t I tell you to stay out of my margarita. You could have had a Red Stripe. Now, sit in there and think about what you have done.

  • Ashley

    Hey Jimmy don’t be embarrased, as a male species, we all know that if we could we would lick ourselves in public too.

  • http://www.myspace.com/joesatpib BoatingJoe

    Thats ok Jimmy, a bad day on vacation always beats a good day at work!

  • Joey D

    Reminds me of my first apartment in Key West

  • Carol

    Yeah, thats been my window on the world a time or two myself.

  • Fintiki

    C`mon Mac,,, ya can`t stay in there forever!
    I`ll let ya sing more on the next tour I promise!

  • Murray Bennett

    …..and then Bono said “Holy Shit, they’re shooting at us!”

  • Tiki Captain

    Hey ! !
    I think I have finally found that Lost Shaker of Salt ! !

  • http://finsup.com DrBourbon

    Hey Fella, Are the Margarita’s good here?

  • Steve Smith

    I need you to help me find my lost shaker of salt!

  • woody

    its kind of small for a tiki bar but i do like what you’ve done with the place.

  • woody

    it is cold in Alaska, but the faster you run the warmer you’ll feel ”trust me”

  • woody

    its mind over matter think of it as white sand

  • ~Gonzo!

    Pacing the Cage, huh! We’ll let you out soon!
    There are some dogs of Michael Vick I want you to “Talk” to

  • woody

    yes i did shoot 6 holes in the freezer but my team was losing and it was cold outside. but what does that have to do with you pooping on the carpet.

  • Jax

    Yeah, he looks tasty, but I just came for the chicken.

  • Bradly

    I said I wanted to talk to the Dog Whisperer and you send me Jimmy Buffett?

  • mcm

    I know what you mean Jimmy, what the hell is Jamaiica doing witha dog sled team?

  • Eli Mak

    You must not be Spooner, cause this dog house ain’t ten feet round

  • Eli Mak

    Sheila says that I’d be better off with you

  • Eli Mak

    Well, I’m the cowboy and you’re the dog. All we need now is a fat barmaid and a pile of beer cans and we will be ready for a Ringling friday night

  • Eli Mak

    Sister Mary Mojo wants you to sign this note ’cause she don’t believe you ate my homework

  • ViKa

    Well Ole Jim, singing “On the Knees of My Heart” has always worked for me. Why don’t you give it a try.

  • Kat

    I nearly got SHOT and all I got was this dog named after me.

  • Kat

    A different kind of “Run-a-Muck” .

  • Fintiki

    Now be a good boy and gimme back that freakin cheeseburger!

  • Fintiki

    I understand the economy is getting a little tight, but this has gotta be the smallest Margaritaville I have ever seen!

  • Fintiki

    Well, if Peter, Mac, Nadirah,Roger, Robert,Tina,John, and Michael say they can fit in it, well then by GOD we can charge admission and play it!

  • Melissa

    I promise, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  • Justin R

    Wait… how much did you say tickets for my show are going for?!?!

  • Pirate Wendy

    Hey Jimmy, Are you wasted away Again in Margaritaville?

  • Matt

    Dressing rooms used to be bigger before the recession

  • Doug

    Hey, Jimmy. You look like you have a case of cabin fever. I’ve got the perfect remedy. Take one Land Shark with dinner and call me in the morning.

  • IndySteve

    Hmmm, Jimmy I’ll bet with a little thatch on the roof ,a palm tree on the side and a surfboard nameplate I can sell a boatload of these to the Parrotheads. They’re suckers for anything I put out. Let see $99.95 for the Official Margaritaville Doghouse. I like the sound of that. Cha Ching


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