Buffett Caption Contest

posted December 3rd, 2008 at 12:54 am

by Josh Martin

Time for another Buffett Caption Contest! This week’s photo is below… it’s Jimmy walking off the football field with New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

We want you to provide your own caption for this photo. Put your creative hat on and submit your caption in the comments section of this article.

On Sunday we’ll pick a few of the best captions and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on. The poll will close on Wednesday and the highest vote-getter will receive a copy of Jimmy’s Christmas album “Christmas Island”.

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  • Susie

    Oh when the Saints … go marching in …..

  • Scott Waters

    Nice Game Coach! Margarita’s are this way!

  • Joe

    Can I get two Margarita’s and one for the coach!

  • Vince M.

    I told you coach, Reggie Bush off right tackle. Now, let’s go meet at Margaritaville.

  • Brian Wolfinger

    Hey coach, do like like Margaritaville’s shirt special this week?

  • Carla J. from Tampa Bay

    Losing to the Bucs ain’t so bad, Sean. It coulda been worse….at least it wasn’t the Lions!

  • Steve

    Don’t laugh coach. I think the Gators really can beat you.

  • Steve

    I’m laughing at something the third cheerleader from the end told me about you. But don’t worry, I ain’t gonna tell nobody.

  • Parrothead Dan

    Come on coach! I can fill in for Deuce.

  • Steve

    Say what? You mean you really do get a manicure after every game? No way!

  • Faye

    Coming through! Future Superbowl winning Coach.

  • Debbie

    Hey Sean, Thanks for letting me play quarterback this week, that was really cool!

  • Derek

    Hey Coach, I great new play for you….we set up FINS to the Left and FINS to the right, then we run right up the middle for the touchdown!

  • http://www.fucknfunny.com Hyena

    You mean people pay you for doing this?

  • max

    Twenty degrees and the football games on
    Nobody cares, we’re way too far gone . . .

  • Darlene

    “And this one time at band camp”

  • Eddie

    See Coach, I told you Fins to the Left and Fins to the right would score!

  • http://www.wrongkeycomicstrip.com Timmy

    I told that Nun back in Mobile that there’s more than one way of becoming a SAINT!

  • Dot.

    Well that was fun. Now let’s go spray Landsharks in the locker room.

  • Barbara


  • Steve

    Hey coach, look up. There’s a blond in the third row straight ahead who just flashed us. It ain’t Mardi Gras right now but it still is New Orleans.

  • Steve

    Well coach, the only thing left to say after that performance is, come Monday it’ll be alright.

  • Mark Lindell

    Geez! C’ mon Jimmy, we just lost to the Vikings, I don’t think “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is appropriate right now!!

  • Patty Burnaman

    Put me in, Coach, I ‘m ready to play!

  • Jim Rhea

    Let me play coach, the only thing the NFL will find in my blood test is a little Land Shark!

  • L. Murry

    Wait, I really think you can use my help!

  • Jeffrey

    Ok, Ok, Sean I got one. A pirate walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder and the parrot says…

  • M. Cotter

    Man Coach, Reggie looked like me after a couple margaritias, out there today…

  • Mark P

    HA! Coach I knew 10 Rounds of Jose Cuerco was a bad idea…..

  • Kevin

    Coach, I’ve got a new play: It’s called Slot Right-Beneath the Shelter-Wheel inside the Wheel

  • Brian

    Oh my God. How can Jimmy look so good. I feel like sh*t. That’s the LAST time I try and keep up with him at Margaritaville.

  • Perry

    You see my hand got this way from drinking way to many “Land Sharks” but I can still play a mean guitar.

  • Perry

    Yeah your right…I need some romance bad, my hand has been stuck like this for weeks and I can’t for the life of me imagine why.

  • Perry

    Oh yeah… when your doing shooters you need the proper posture and arm extension, I like to call the “Grip and Rip” technique.

  • Perry

    I can not believe the referree didn’t see Drew’s arm going forward.

  • Steve

    Wow!!Im so happy you know where the restroom is!

  • Steve

    Cool!! you’re buying hot dogs and beers!!

  • Rex

    Seriously sean just one Margarita will get rid of your hangover

  • Bev

    Tickets to the game $300.
    New Orleans Saints Jersey- $ 250.
    A parrothead getting “goosed” by The Buffett-Man himself…

  • Tom

    (Spoken like a pirate.)

    Aarrrr! The Buccaneers be pirates and they fly the Jolly Roger on their helmets. I told ya they’d be hard to beat. Now pay up, you owe me two margaritas.

    (Nov 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23, New Orlean Saints 20.)

  • Steve

    Hey coach, wanna hear somethin’ funny? The last time I was on a team’s sideline they beat the other guys 56 – 6.

  • Eric

    The fat lady has sung…now off to the French Quarters…I got the first round!

  • Steve

    When Brees came off the field after that third interception I told him he needed to work on his release. He told me I better have a cup on after the game if he finds me ’cause he’s gonna kick me in the…well, you know. Geez. I was just kiddin’ around.

  • Steve

    That’s right, every cheerleader and the girl with the gatorade squeeze bottle told me they had to get back to their jobs at Hooters right after the game.

  • Jamie

    Ahh boy, I would be such a way better coach! Did I just say that out loud?

  • Bob

    Sean, you’re on Punk’d…Jeremey Shockey isn’t really a Saint!!!!

  • Bluedog

    Jimmy Buffett, you were just named Most Valuable (Guitar) Player, what are you going to do next? I gotta go where it’s warm!

  • Eric

    Hey, isn’t that my buddy Coach Jon Gruden over there!!!

  • Mona

    hahahahahha! Coach Payton says he’s only had one Margaritta!!!

  • John T

    Man that was hilarious when they put the Whoopie cushion under the center!

  • Patty

    Coach Payton says,” I haven’t a clue how I got here?”

  • Chris Austin

    “Coach of Somewhere Hot?? Yeah, that’s a good one Sean!!”

  • ViKa

    “See Coach, I told you. Boat drinks in the locker room at half-time was just what they needed to turn things around!”

  • Shannon

    I like #52 best!! It’s perfect!!
    “Coach of Somewhere Hot!!!”

  • Kevin Roberge

    “No Superbowl for the Saints again coach? My advice – Breathe In. Breathe Out, Move On”

  • Don

    “Oh, sorry Sean, I bought the wrong jersey, I thought Emmit Smith played for the Saints!

  • Chris

    Glad that games finally over…lets get to Bourbon Street!!

  • Carolyn L.

    Hey coach…I really will play for gumbo!

  • Lynne Schroeder

    We’re all set! When the Saints are in the Superbowl…we’re doing the half-time show!

  • Steve

    Hey, how about throw us down a beer for the losing coach to cry in?

  • Darren

    Coach, let me show you the green grass behind the stadium where I used to take my brown eyed girl, sha la la la la la la la

  • Renee

    Aw, don’t worry about that game……it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere.

  • Derek

    Coach Payton: Hey Jimmy, after that game I need to go to that one particular harbor.

    Jimmy: I know just where that is,…come with me.


    “Lost again” Oh well lets head down for some beignets

  • Shane P.

    Hell YES! I want another margarita!


    Ahhh, there’s where I put my Landshark!

  • http://the-real-dog-talk.com Bubba

    Ha Ha, the Giants kicked your ass!

  • Mike

    put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

  • http://yahoo.com woody

    im telling you if you let play in the 2nd half ill let you sing on my next album

  • lastmango57

    Honestly coach I don’t know where Deuce got them! Do I look like I use ‘roids!!

  • steve

    Yeah, 11 guys kicked my butt one time too. But I didn’t have 10 other guys helping me out.

  • sunnyd

    Man, I can not believe I survived the tackle ! this calls for a party, drinks are on me at margaritaville !

  • Jeff

    Uhh, do I look like like Reggie Bush?

  • pair8head

    Hey Isn’t that Balcony Girl up there in section 201?

  • Tom White

    LEt go to Margaritaville Restaurant and get sainted. I’ve got VIP table there.

  • Tom White

    Did I tell you I played ball at Domino College?

  • Brad Bosse

    Make Way People… Dr. Buffett Knows Exactly What This Man Needs… Two Margaritas And A Lot Of Salt Salt Salt!

  • Randy

    Hey – the games over now Lets’ go meet that Blonde Stranger!!

  • Tom C

    How about them Bucs?Hey wait,Sean I was just kidding!I’m still a Saints fan..

  • Tom

    “…and a week later, my fin was up and the crabs were gone! Bars right over here coach, let’s grab some landsharks.”

  • Tom

    “…so now my fin goes up all the way and the crabs are gone! Bar is right over here coach, let’s grab some Landsharks to celebrate both of our wins!”

  • max

    Sean, the vistors scored on the home team . . . again, again, and again . . . everything seems to be wrong.

  • Wayne-O

    I’m not joking coach! I will play for GUMBO!!!

  • Lee Mak

    The national anthem I usually sing is “Margaritaville”, but what the hell, I’m game!

  • Lee Mak

    I told you that you should stick to horses!

  • Lee Mak

    I am more of a sinner, but I’ll take the free clothes

  • Frankie

    ha-ha-ha 59-21 , I knew the Packers should’nt have let Brett Favre go to to the Jets .

  • Rob W

    Boy they werent kiddng about kickers not looking like football players.

  • KJ

    Oh Jimmy, the next time I ask you to play, can you just stick to the guitar! Sorry coach, margaritas on me?

  • Andrew

    Hey Coach! I told you we should have stopped at Margarittaville AFTER the game, not before!!!

  • Whitney

    Hey Coach! I didnt want to ponder the question too long ….. but are we the Saints or the Sinners??

  • Bobbo

    I will play for gumbo and I won’t fumble!

  • Kathy

    Come on Sean let me play, I don’t wanna be the Waterboy…

  • Andy

    The Ref said we are in “3/4 Time”

  • DOUG


  • parrothead mania

    C’mon Coach, just let me pay off those darn refs with a case of Landshark and backstage passes, and I swear you’ll never lose another game

  • Tiki Captain

    Great Game ! !
    Now those other guys need to learn to Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move on hahaha

  • sharon driesch

    Well Sean, if we were in Texas we could be heading to La Grange. But since this is New Orleans, Margaritaville is the best I can do!

  • Wendy Farmer

    Oh when the Saints, go marching in…right down to Margaritaville to celebrate !!

  • HotRodthe LoveGod

    …and then the nurse said “Wrecked ‘um….I didn’t even know them” . Oh…wait, what did you say about the game again?

  • Andy W – Pittsburgh

    If we don’t die by Thursday, we’ll be roarin’ Friday night!

  • susan

    I told you I could goose the coach when security was’t looking!!!!

  • Linda Stephenson

    Here’s a winning tip for you coach…have your players start their game day off with a pitcher of Margarittas,…now that’s the breakfast of champions!!!

  • Kasey C

    Big win, Coach! Now…why did you look at me funny when I suggested defense keep their fins up???

  • Corey

    Wardrobe malfunction commin up Sean–Keep your eyes on the Coconuts!

  • Denim Rose

    You think that idiot that booted me out of the New York Knicks/ Miami Heat game told anyone that I’m here? Doesn’t seem like it. ; )

  • Sean

    See, I told you that play wouldn’t work. You are buying the margaritas now.

  • Fruitcake Eater

    “Put Me in Coach”, “I will play for Gumbo”!

  • Jason Ingram

    Tonight I think I will sing, “Ain’t nothing but a -Drew- Breeze.:

  • Michael

    Forget about the game coach! Lets head down to Rick’s and the beers are on me!

  • JD VanderWerf

    Don’t Know The Reason, I Stayed Here All Season

  • JJ Becher

    Wasted away again in New Orleans

  • Jody Kawachi

    And I just want you back by my side ….

  • Mikey

    Hey look man – it’s your ex-wife

  • woody

    even our kickers bigger than you jimmy,but you do look big enough to hold the ball,maybe?

  • Mona

    You know Coach….. it happened in that One particular Harbor!

  • Katie

    I told you not to stop by Margaritaville until AFTER the game!

  • Tom

    See, I told you that play I drew up would work.

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