Vote For Your Favorite Caption

posted October 25th, 2008 at 9:45 am

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by Josh Martin

This past week we showed you the below picture and asked you to provide your own caption for it. We’ve compiled five of our favorites and want you to vote on your favorite.

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  • jason

    hey got a joint Jimmy? No just crack but the weed and alcohol should be here soon. After we smoke this crack maybe we can here your same lame ass singing. Yeah no problem dude puff puff here take the crack pipe but make sure you save the last hit for Obama he should be coming soon with all the weed/alcohol. No problem Jimmy theres a big rock left. Ok dude! Jimmy hey what do you think about socialism. Aw man what great way to live if you have nothing to socialize with. Yeah I know man cant wait I’m going to take take and never give anything back awsome huh? Yep thats the way dude just sit around and get all drugged up and let other people make it for you. Man the USA should of done this 50 years ago that way I could of still been a hippie roaming the streets looking for hand outs.


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