Buffett Caption Contest

posted October 22nd, 2008 at 12:09 pm

by Josh Martin

Time for another Jimmy Buffett caption contest!

Make up your own caption for the photo below and post it in the Comments section. We’ll choose a few of the best and put them in a poll in a few days for everyone to vote on their favorite.

And for a little help, that’s Jimmy on the left and Mel Gibson on the right.

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  • Elias Makrides

    “Fletcher Christian of the HMS Bounty Meets Freddy of the Fishsticks”

  • Jason Ingram

    “Yeah, Mel, you’ll fit in, but you’d be better off in a grass skirt, coconut bra, and a parrot hat.”

  • http://www.myspace.com/pote05 Billy Ray

    Mel, you want me to build a Margaritaville where?

  • Mark Moffat

    Why yes Jimmy, yes I am a pirate.

  • Karen Dirienzo Santomauro

    Mel, let me tell ya, ‘you just have to “change & complain”, or you’ll never, never, work in dis bidness again’~~~

  • nancy mchugh

    Sorry mel, you just ain’t pirate enough for the big screen at my shows. You really are 100 years too late

  • Tommy T

    OK Mel, first lose the mullet and the blouse, then come back to see me about this Scottish Warrior movie ideaI have!


    “YO KING”

  • Tommy T

    So Mel,, you do any long boarding down under?

  • Tommy T

    No Mel !
    That wasn`t me wearing yout coat out on the Bounty testerday!
    What would give you that idea?

  • Mickey C

    “So Mel, you really think this ‘Gypsy in the Palace’ outfit of yours is gonna be distracting enough to get this truck load of margaritas back across the border in time for MOTMs?????”

  • http://www.paddackbooks.com Terry Paddack

    So, you’re the Frenchan For The Night?

  • Kevin Brennan

    Thanks for making me look tall Jimmy…

  • Bob Olson

    yup,get all the Reefers to wear PUFFY shirts!

  • Aaron Cook

    Jimmy meets Mel Gibson… two hundred years too late.

  • Josh

    Hey Jimmy, GIMME BACK MY SON!

  • CanadaTheYank

    The Riverdance!!!??? Way to many margaritas for you……Sorry Mel, we do the desparation samba!! Now which way to that trashy mexican border town??

  • A Parrothead looks at 40

    Nice hair, Billy Voltaire.

  • Joe

    Jimmy finally finds Joe Merchant!!!!

  • Halfpint6924

    Cuz I’m an an Elvis imitator and I just can’t stop
    Imitating Elvis from the bottom to the top
    Imitate the way he talked, the way he smiled
    I throw away my scarf and make the crowd go wild
    This imitation Elvis may not be the King
    But baby I’m the next best thing

  • drumrun

    Yeah Jimmy, I am Gods own Drunk

  • columbus fins

    If Riverdance doesn’t pan out, would you like a gig as a Coral Reefer dancer?

  • columbus fins

    Dammit Jimmy, this get up cost me yet another smart woman in a real short skirt.

  • Wayne-O

    Yea Mel if I had that shirt on my head would hurt and my feet would stink too…..

  • RB

    Mel, the woman on Caroline Street wants her blouse back.

  • Brian

    Ah, who am I kidding, Jimmy? It’s my own damn fault.

  • Hurricane Dancer

    So Mel…… errr, uhm, Elvis….. Didn’t you do that Passion of the Christ thing? What? YOU want me to be an Altared Boy again? Are you a fruitcake? Mel, let me get you something tall and strong – make it a hurricane cause you’ve gone insane..

  • Sean Bender

    No, I told you Mel, the lyrics go “half baked people on the bus”, not out walking around doing your own thing, so if you really want to be a director some day, take some direction and get back on the bus so we can finish shooting this video.

  • Vince M.

    Yeah Dude you can act. But I play guitar and women love to show me their tans.

  • Pat Ellis

    And this is how a Pirate looks at 40!!

  • Julie

    So Jimmy, if I keep my hands JUST like this… can I please stand between Tina and Nadira???

  • Julie

    Jimmy………. “Can I work the show in Atlanta PLEASE???”

  • Barbara Kenney

    Is that a Cowbay in the Jungle???

  • J.D.

    “But I don’t wanta be a Pirate!!!”

  • max

    Mel, we are takin it back from the boys down under.

  • Steve

    Mel: Nice hair Jimmy.

    Jimmy: Thanks Mel. By the way, I liked you better before you came out the closet.

  • Tommy T

    Without all the shields, swords and blue face paint, Mel reveals he`s really nothing more than a Vegimite wreaking sissy boy!

  • edison sosa

    Excuse me pirate. Can you show me the way to vegas?

  • Zane Brisson

    Mel….you have got to change clothes….you are running off the only good looking lady in this whole damn jungle!

  • Tommy T

    So Mel, heres just a little FYI to help you with the movie,,,,
    pointed end = bow
    round end = stern!
    Argh,,,, go gettum pirate,,,,!

  • Tommy T

    Mel was just imformed that the role of the love sick duaghter of the island chief will now be played by Phillis Diller!

  • Marcia

    I’m ready to be a parrotthead

  • http://METROPHC.com LI AL

    Hey Mel did Jerry Seinfield sell you that puffy-shirt? What do you mean you don’t want to be a pirate?

  • Bill

    No Mel, just wearing the shirt doesn’t make you a true pirate!

  • Masher

    Sorry Mel we don’t need any Bee Gee’s look a likes in our band.

  • Pam

    Jimmy can I come to your show and see all those girls dressed in hardly nothin, please, please!!!!!

  • Patti

    Really, Jimmy, I think the puffy shirt is perfect for my role in the “Pirate” video, don’t you?

  • Steve

    Cheeseburger in Paradise, i’m there

  • Janet Johnson

    Calm down, Mel, don’t get your shirt in a ruffle. Not everyone can be a pirate.

  • Phins UP!

    “…yes, I am a pirate…”

  • Edison Sosa

    Hey mate. I’m heading to the Vegas show. Can I sail with you?!! Cheers

  • Fun Ticket

    Jimmy’s searching for The Spirit of the Brave Heart!

  • Zane B

    You Sir are no William Wallace….

  • medic7810

    you have got to be kidding me… That is not what a pirate looks like at 40

  • adam

    “Say Jimmy, you got a shiny black guitar I can use tonight. It’s Elvis night at the bar down the road. Maybe I’ll buy you a couple drinks…I’m thinking I’ll get wasted and go to jail tonight again, so if you could drive that would be great. “

  • Chad


  • Bluedog

    “Road Warrior,” huh? Try spending six months on a bus with my band!

  • http://carolscaribbean.com Carol Wright- Martin

    ” You have got to be kidding me!” Jimmy states as he folds his arms and examines Mel in the all to clean white blouse. “Yes, it is true Jimmy! I am the Last Mango!!”

  • Shauna

    Elvis, I looked for you on Biel Street…didn’t know I would find you here. I thought you would be with the Marchetti singing the blues!

  • Michele

    Mel- where did you get that pirate shirt? I could use one of those!

  • http://www.asthenestempties.blogspot.com Joanna

    “Well hell Mel,” said Jimmy. “You won’t have any problem playing Elvis in your new movie!”

  • Peter

    A pirate looks at….a pirate?

  • Jeremy

    No…I don’t think you look like a pirate.

  • Dot.

    I’m sure my hair stylist has some time for you Jimmy.

  • Dan

    Come on Jimmy…give Catholocism just one more try! Look how cool the updated altered boy outfits are.

  • Kevin Roberge

    so I turn left at Thumderdome, then it’s just straight ahead to the far side of the world

  • Steve

    Hey Mel, did you take off work on Yom Kippur?

  • Gonzo

    Mel, I am looking for an Elvis inpersonator to open my show tonight, interested?

  • Travis G.

    Man, forget Thunderdome…This way to Margaritaville!

  • Babs

    Jimmy- now look carefully at my chest. This is the newest style-you MUST shave off that chest hair and then wear a top like this!!! Your audience will love it!!!

  • Lee Mak

    Fruitcakes on the Bounty

  • Patty

    Jimmy, the press will have this all over the coconut telegraph tomorrow!

  • Earl Harris

    “I see Kramer got you to wear one of his girlfriend’s
    puffy shirts too!”

  • Steve

    Hey Mel, don’t turn around but that gal you picked up last night just walked behind you and she looks ticked.

  • Steve

    Good grief Jimmy, am I glad I saw you. I took one look at your hair and it reminded me that the wife wanted me to pick up some Brillo pads on the way home.

  • Steve

    Okay Mel, you know I love ya, but if you think you’re gonna climb in my Falcon dressed like that you got another think comeing.

  • Steve

    Nice try Mel, butI’m not hiring any reeferettes right now.

  • Theresa W

    “Yes I am a pirate Jimmy” and so begins a Jimmy song…

  • Donnyh46

    For the last time Mel, I said I was in love with Gibson GUITARS!

  • parrothead mania

    Mel, you may have a Braveheart, but I have a “Great Heart.” Now which one do you think rocks more?

  • Stephen

    FINALLY, we actually get to see the inspiration for Pencil Thin Mustache!

  • Ashley

    Hey Mon, can I borrow that skirt, ah , I mean shirt.

  • Andy – Pittsburgh

    “Nice Fluffy Pirate shirt!”


    Does this outfit make me look gay?!!

  • Steve

    Nice rags Mel. Jane’s got an outfit just like that.

  • sharon

    “Mel, join forces and make a movie call “Pirates of the Caribbean” based on a theme-park ride? It’ll never sell dude……!”

  • sharon

    “Mel, join forces and make a movie called ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ based on a theme-park ride? It’ll never sell dude…!”

  • Billy

    So tell me Mel, are you a pirate 200 years too late , too………….

  • Owen Reid

    Mel – didn’t you see that Seinfeld episode about the puffy shirt?

  • Carolyn L.

    Its Ok ….There’s a little bit of “fruitcake” in every one of us!!!

  • Vinnie

    I’m heading over to the ELVIS festival, wanna come???

  • Ms.Parrothead

    Yeah, she was pretty Jimmy, but she wasn’t a “brown eyed girl”!

  • http://www.koshgarianrugcleaners.com Leslie Eunice

    It sad that he’s going to miss the 1st game. Mark is such an awesome athlete.


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