Buffett Caption Contest

posted October 9th, 2008 at 11:31 am

by Josh Martin

It’s time again for a Buffett Caption Contest!

Make up your own caption for the photo below and post it in the Comments section. We’ll choose a few of the best and put them in a poll in a few days for everyone to vote on their favorite.

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  • Kaye Abston

    “I’ve STILL GOT a school-boy heart!!!

  • http://www.buffettworld.com wayne

    Paradise lost and found!!! Paradise take a look around!

  • Josh

    “I hope you’re enjoying the scenery”

  • Chad

    So honeys why don’t we get drunk, and screw!!

  • Bo Wagner

    Jimmy sandwich in Paradise

  • Wayne

    Hottie to the left . . . hottie to the right . . . and I’m the only game in town!

  • Michale

    Damn, I should have spent more time working on my abs!

  • margie

    Jimmy dreams

  • Ryan Sutton

    JANE! What are you doing here??

  • brian

    “What Harry Potter said was right, the chicks really do dig these glasses!”

  • Josh

    Who are these blonde strangers?

  • Joe Everest

    “I’m the king of somewhere hot alright!”

  • Ken S.

    “I go for younger women, lived with several awhile. Trouble!!!”

  • Robin J

    People at the party Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • Tony B

    “It’s my job”

  • jimmy


  • Woody

    “I’m just an over-40 victim of fate.”

  • KsEagle

    Which one of you took my shaker of salt?

  • Droos

    Warren Buffett eat your heart out.

  • http://the-real-dog-talk.com Bubba

    It’s good to be a rock star!

  • janewms

    I like mine with “Lettuce” and “Tomato.”

  • Theresa W

    Here’s what a pirate lookin’ @ 61 gets to see…

  • Russ

    Farrr out!! Oh Sh_t thats John Denver…Oh well I’m still here.

  • Julie

    So this is what a cheeseburger in paradise feels like!!!

  • Pete

    Living my life like a song…

  • Rob Kallick

    I’m just an “old geezer” in paradise!!!

  • Frank

    ” Everybody’s Talkin”

  • captain bill

    A Pirate Looks at 36’s

  • Parrothead Dan

    It’s a little like religion and a lot like sex. You should never know Who you’re gonna do next.

  • Jim

    Fins to the left, fins to the right – you’re the only girls in town!

  • Frank

    “Hotters meets Margaritaville”

  • Frank

    “Hooters meets Margaritaville”

  • max

    Its good to be the king.

  • Peter

    Twins to the left, twins to the right and I am the only bait in town

  • murf

    Jimmy Who ?

  • Paul

    Two pair beats anything you got.

  • Bruce Ballard

    A pirate looks at BEAUTY!

  • Butch

    of course I’m a Breck man !

  • DC10 parrothead

    Hey Hef, you only need two, three’s a waste!!

  • DC10 parrothead

    damn right I kept my boots on

  • Kelly

    Confucious say “it good to be rich and famous!”

  • NewaygoParrothead

    I’m growing older but STILL up

  • medic7810


  • John Coelho

    Not doing too bad for a 40-year old pirate!

  • Tracy

    Move over Hugh, this is the parrothead mansion.

  • DC10 parrothead

    who cares about the IQ?

  • Travis

    No Plane on Sunday..? I guess Im good here.

  • http://METROPHC.com X Prez Al


  • DC10 parrothead

    let me introduce you to my new Falcon co-pilots

  • DC10 parrothead

    let me introduce you to my new Falcon co-pilots, hey, can I still call it a “cockpit”?

  • Kay Pasa

    Say ‘ello to my little friends!

  • Carolyn L.

    “Some folks say I’ve got the perfect life…”

  • Barbara Kenney

    Are this chick from Caroline Street?

  • Mark

    “If my boats a rockin’ please don’t come knockin….”

  • Al

    Please take your drunken fifty year old boyfriend home.

  • http://www.fucknfunny.com Hyena

    …there’s nothin’ to plunder (Yeah Right)

  • Fred Moore

    Three Blondes….?

  • Al

    Guzzle gin… commit a litle mortal sin… it’s good for you soul!

  • Shane Patton

    So, what do you think about my sailboat shirt?

  • Brian Wolfinger

    Just looking for my lost shaker of salt!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Yes, I have found me a home……….

  • Pam

    Look what I found at the “The Great Filling Station Holdup” can I keep them?

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Sir, I’ll have another Black & Tan!

  • Melissa

    Some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the way…..

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Not Swine!

  • Shana

    Is Jimmy in a pickle???? Or is he just a cheeseburger in paradise?!

  • Cecil B.

    He’s living all our dreams.

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    There IS something soft about hard times

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    I’ll take Door # 3 & 1, Bill

  • Janet Johnson

    Old Pirates know where to find the best Booty!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Photo: JB with Sandy & Shelly

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    The Limestone Cowboy

  • Vicki

    I’m not blaming either one of these women!

  • Fun Ticket

    Sail la vie

  • Laurie

    Fun Tickets in my pocket!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Girls, Be Not Of Much Landshark

  • Laurie

    Another Landshark sighting!

  • Owen Reid

    Just another shitty day in paradise….

  • Stephen McCauley

    Thanks god I remembered to bring my glasses!

  • http://AOl Kim

    Look out Hugh

  • Mark Haney


  • Laurie

    I’m Looking for a Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com JJR

    “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com J. Joshua

    Small Medium At Large

  • Laurie

    Jimmy filling in for Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal

  • Laurie

    I’m a Gentleman of Leisure

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Rams

    “I Can’t Remember When I Slept Last”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com El Capitan

    “Erins Go Bra-Less”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com CJ

    It’s A Parroty

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Captain Josh

    “Stereo Tuna”

  • Bob C.

    Waiting for the next explosion!!!

  • Ramos

    “I’ll Jump Start you if you Kck Start Me”

  • Bob C.

    It’s hump day on the island!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Luperon

    Jimmy with Amanda Lynn and Claire Annette

  • Janet Johnson

    Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.

  • Fun Ticket

    Happily Ever After every Now and Then

  • Gary Miller

    Mr. Magoo might just have to feel his way out of this mess.

  • Gary Miller

    Jimmy dreams………………

  • Fun Ticket

    Hey Mac! Look what I found!

  • Fun Ticket

    Indecision may or may not be my problem.

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Cappy

    Talk About A Suspicious Package!

  • Tracy

    What a great job

  • Fun Ticket

    Buffett’s Buffet

  • Fun Ticket

    The Winos and I know

  • http://www.capt-josh.com CJ

    My Pets: Peeve & Dander

  • Fun Ticket

    Author Jimmy with his new bookends.

  • Janet Johnson

    I’m down on the knees of my heart

  • Fruitcake Eater

    Jimmy! Are your nipples hard?

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    JB Holding Quart

  • steve

    SHHHHH! whoever knew they would be behind door number 3…..

  • steve

    after all these years you all have wondered about my day job….

  • Fun Ticket

    Good Guys Win Every Once in awhile

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    I’d Like To Put These On Lei Away, Please

  • Fun Ticket

    Winners of the Brown Eyed Girl contest

  • Fun Ticket

    “I’ll Have What He’s Having!”

  • Kayakman28

    And you thought “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35″ was just a song….

  • Mark

    Everybody wishes they were Jimmy Buffett!

  • Kevin D


  • http://www.capt-josh.com JJR

    …….Well, Do Ya Punk?

  • Fun Ticket

    I’m a piece of work!

  • LR

    “Just another Tequila Sunrise”

  • Steve Foskett

    Isn’t this the life?

  • LR

    Divide and Conch-her!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Cap

    Good For A Goose And Gander

  • Ramos

    This is no Jamaica Mistaka

  • troy

    if only to be young again!!!!!

  • Ramos

    “It’s Freezing up in Buffalo”

  • Ramos

    ” gonna thank my Lucky Stars”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Josh Ramsteck

    Ramos, Bring Me A Tea Back

  • Ramos

    “I wish lunch could last forever”

  • Fun Ticket

    “That’s my story and I’m stickin to it”

  • Fun Ticket

    “ah the stories we could tell”

  • Laurie

    Just doing the dog paddle of life

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Jr.

    Inspect ‘er Gadget

  • Laurie

    This is my kind of Meeting of the Minds!

  • Laurie

    Livin the Lime Life!

  • mommyjaa

    Old dudes rock!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com James J.

    “You’ve Got A Frond In Me”

  • parrotdad

    Definitely better than FINS to the left or FINS to the right.

  • Jimmy Phin

    Howie Mandel, eat your heart out!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com JJ

    “I’m Fit To Be Tide”

  • CanadaTheYank

    I found the women to Blame!!!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Josh R.

    “I Guess I’ll Have To Pay Islamony”

  • Laurie

    Pirate Looks at Naughty

  • Laurie

    He’s Caymen gone

  • LR

    I need a Glades Refresher

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Captain Josh Ramsteck

    Sighs Matter

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Cap

    My Serf Is Bored

  • Carol Wetmore, Kingston WA

    Caption for picture on 10/11/8.
    “Some people say that it’s a woman to blame,….but I know….it’s My Old Damn Fault.”

  • B Thomas

    It’s Good To Be Me!!!!!

  • Judd Hanson

    Bartender! I’ll have a Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt … and make it a double!

  • Joe Kennedy

    A happy pirate with his treasure chests!!

  • Deanna Strother

    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. But it never gets old!!

  • Joe Kennedy

    Not surrendering this booty!!!

  • Howie H

    Don’t be afraid to treat yourself right!!!!

  • David Jarek

    Jimmy’s got his beer goggles on!

  • bj

    “What a loverly bunch o’ coconuts!”

  • Joe Chochrek

    Yes, I AM the man!!!

  • Joellyn

    A Pirate looks at 36-24-36.

  • David Jarek

    Rub yours on me, and I’ll rub mine on you

  • David Jarek

    Luckiest couple on the avenue

  • David Jarek

    Perfect partner by your side

  • David Jarek

    Pull back the sheets and the bed is all empty

  • David Jarek

    Most of ‘em dreams, most of ‘em dreams

  • David Jarek

    gonna thank my lucky stars
    Thank you stars

  • David Jarek

    Honey, why don’t we get drunk and screw

  • medic127

    A pirate does look at 40…. even when its 2 twenties.

  • David Jarek

    I gotta sign that reads “Do Not Disturb”

  • Jason

    I LOVE THE NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Vincent

    Viagra I don’t need no stinking Viagra

  • Ken

    “I may be old, but I’m not dead”

  • Chris K

    Look what I got from that ATM of bad habits!

  • Gary Smith

    ‘Buffet Burger In Paradise’

  • LR

    Stuck in the middle with you

  • LR

    Jimmy with his conch-ubines

  • LR

    I’m a fungi

  • LR

    Where’s the cone of silence when you need it!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    “But I’m Just An Old Man I’d Probably Get Sore……..”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    “I Can’t Run At This Pace Very Long”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    “Sweet Senoritas, Won’t You Please Come With Me”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Hey girls, would you like to see the Captain’s log?

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Capt. Josh

    Beauty And Brains; Best Of Both Worlds

  • http://www.capt-josh.com jjr

    Definitely Not Sag Harbor!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com J. Joshua

    “just a few friends, just a few friends”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com J. Joshua

    But All I Want To Do Is Learn How To Score!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com J.Ramsteck

    “Your Crazy Uncle”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com J.Ramsteck

    Dream On, Compadres

  • http://www.fucknfunny.com Jimmy

    Not just lucky…fuckn’ lucky!!

  • http://www.capt-josh.com James J.

    “I’ll Be Roarin’ Friday Night”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Cappy Berra

    “They Looked A Lot Better As Beer Cans”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com CJ

    “It’s Lookin’ Like A Prisoner Is Me”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com Captain Josh

    “Island Style”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com JJR

    “Let’s All Take Our Clothes Off And Form A Conga Line”

  • Kelly

    A pirate looks at….hooters.

  • http://www.capt-josh.com JRam

    “The Well Seasoned Pro Knows How Long He Can Go”

  • http://www.capt-josh.com JRam

    “How ‘Bout Lunch In Key Largo”?

  • http://www.capt-josh.com CJ

    The Captain And The Kids

  • http://www.capt-josh.com CJ

    Hustling The Senoritas…………..

  • Mark Hanson

    A pirate looks at 40: 40 inches on the left, and 40 on the right.

  • Jess from tne land of Oz

    A Fair Curve from a Noble PLan

  • rayden crawley

    Hugh Hefner’s new hairstyle

  • Colorado Pirate

    Two big pillows to rest my head
    A magic fingers and a king size bed

  • Parrothead Paul of Wilmington

    “It’s great to be the King of Somewhere hot!!!”

  • Randy Glass

    IT’s time to close the shutters, its time to go inside!

  • DC10 parrothead

    look what I found in the helo dunker during my water survival training, thanks Navy!!

  • Joyce


  • Bryan

    PLEASE God let this not just be the beer goggles..

  • Joe Chochrek

    Breathe in, Breathe out…..Lord have mercy!!!!

  • Jeff Saul

    The weather is here, wish you were THIS beautiful!

  • James L Bentley

    Breath In, Breath Out, Move On! Thats what happens when a pirate tyrns 50.

  • James L Bentley

    Breath In, Breath Out, Move On! Thats what happens after a pirate turns 50.

  • James L Bentley

    Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On! Thats what happens after a pirate turns 50.

    Something like this anyway damn it!

  • Chris in St Louis

    Who’s the Bald Stranger?

  • Mike

    Actually, there’s two women to blame . . . .

  • Vinnie

    Money CAN buy Love, or at least rent it for awhile

  • DC10 parrothead

    Hey Jimmy, money CAN’T buy you love, but it can park your yacht right up next to it!!

  • DC10 parrothead

    hey, get the girls, midgets and jello, I’m ready for the next caption contest picture

  • Geeky Rany

    “I’m looking for a smart woman in a real short skirt… or two.”

  • Geeky Rany

    I’m growing older but not up

  • Ann Lahr

    “I LOVE MY JOB!!!”

  • Tommy Welsh

    I go for younger women! They come back one day and still can manage to smile, just takes a while!!

  • Dominic

    Now I go for younger women, lived with several awhile
    Though I ran em away, theyd come back one day
    And I still could manage a smile
    Sure takes a while, just takes a while

  • Keith

    Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was an idiot! Ladies, lets go climb on my long board.

  • JasonL

    A pirate looks at 20’s

  • Jackie Bryant

    I like mine with Lettuce & Tomatoes………..

  • Don.. Parrots n Pirates in Key West

    Damn learning guitar in college finally paid off… Why dn’t we get drunk and s***** !

  • dee dee

    This Parrot got his “Angel” wings

  • http://rickanova7227@juno.com Mr. Dickie Pope

    Yep, there blondes!

  • JLB


  • JLB


  • JLB


  • http://www.myspace.com/umpnref Michael P Rolfes

    Damn Paparazzi! I am so busted! I hope my wife or kids don’t see this picture!!! I am the cheeseburger in the middle of two h0ney buns!


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