Buffett Caption Contest

posted September 25th, 2008 at 10:00 am

by Josh Martin

Make up your own caption for this photo and post it in the Comments section. We’ll choose a few of the best and put them in a poll in a few days for everyone to vote on their favorite caption.

photo by Guillaume Desjardins/IHT

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  • cameron burns

    destination moon.

  • Earl Harris

    “Cell phones this size are one of the reasons I wrote “Everybody’s On The Phone!”

  • Vinnie Ferragamo

    Now lets see whats going on at BuffettWorld.com & if everyone is behaving today.

  • Josh

    “Why doesn’t it give me the option to withdraw in intervals of quadrillions?”

  • Tim

    “I know this button says “never press” but what the hell”

  • Brad

    “Let’s see…time to put this Bank of Bad Habits card to use!!”

  • Tina

    Bank of Bad Habits Withdrawl

  • Steve

    So Ramos what’s my pin?

  • Billy

    One way ticket to paradise……….

  • Trent

    He went to Paris…
    Looking for transport ….

  • Brian

    Does this thing take Million Dollar Bills?
    (God Bless you Jimmy. You deserve every penny)

  • Dan

    Jimmy pushed the Fool Button!

  • http://billykeenan.com Bill Keenan

    Need lawyers and guns…got money, the shit has hit the fan!

  • Chad

    What the hell does “insufficient funds” mean?

  • Chris

    Oh screw it..I’ll pay for this bailout myself..whats the big deal??

  • http://www.buffettworld.com wayne

    Damn! How do you get a LANDSHARK out of this machine?

  • Sherry D

    I need more Amusant Billets!!!! (fun tickets) I need to get Lottery tickets!!!

  • Sherry D

    …….And the winning numbers are 7,6,5,3,7,9 … Close so Close!!!

  • Tony B

    I know my attitude, but what the hell is my latitude?

  • Suzie

    Desdemona, are you in there?

  • Theresa W

    Its 8 years since the millenium… now Jimmy and his buddy Hal don’t look that abstract.

  • Joe

    Still spending your money foolishly

  • Chelsea Exile

    Look, I don’t care that you are not human, nor are my parrotheads, but even they don’t use language like that….. What did you say Mac? opps sorry it’s French!!!

  • Tracy

    I’ll have mine with lettuce and tomatoes…Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes…!

  • Billy

    Is that you Mr President, I heard you have a money problem, maybe I could play a concert.

  • Derek

    Hey! This is pretty cool….a surfboard vending machine!!

  • Peter

    Errrrm I thought we went back to voting on paper ballots again ??

  • Linda

    Jimmy trying to get a seat on Desdemona’s rocketship.

  • mark

    Please cut up your card.


  • TD

    Hey, it’s me Jimmy….is this the magic part?! I’m looking for answers to questions that bother me so….

  • Chuck D

    “All these bad habits are in french…..how do you say gluttony in french?”

  • http://www.outasynk.com Ernie

    “Jimmy, this is Warren, go to the nearest bank and take out all you money…Now!”

  • Susan Pruitt

    Withdrawal from the Bank of Bad Habits!

  • Carolyn L.

    “what…no Junior Mints?”

  • Michael

    Thats strange…my paycheque should have gone through by now.

  • Bob Bobel

    “What is french for 5?”

  • Bill

    …now let’s see, which button is it to supersize my margarita?

  • bob sieger

    I can’t retire I need money from the ATM

  • Eric Miller

    All I wanted to do is order a cheesburger!

  • http://sites.google.com/site/weatheraholicsite/ Thad

    “Hey!!! Whaddaya mean, ‘Double or nothing?'”

  • chrisp

    “lifes a little less strained with a little spending money”

  • Mike

    Oooooh , is the all new Cheeseburger dispenser ?

  • Sandy Byrne

    What da ya mean, my account is overdrawn???
    I’m Jimmy Buffett!

  • Vince M.

    Mon Am1`. What is the French word for margaritavile??

  • Jim Foster

    Now, how the hell do you get into this toilet?

  • Mike O’Rourke

    Im just an analog man in a digital world.

  • wayne

    For once I get use the photo booth by myself without Mac jumping on my lap making a monkey face.

  • adam call

    Son of a son of a gun…theres no way I’m out of spending money.

  • lisa miller

    hmmm, if i press this one, that’s blend, and this one’s crushed ice. Then here’s a button for 1 shot or two…..Hey Mac, you got a glass for this ‘rita thing???

  • mark b

    Why didn’t I think of this Landshark vending machine? Oh that’s right, I did!

  • Sandy Byer

    “How many channels does this thing have?”

  • Brian

    Jimmy Dreams…..he would’ve just brought “my old red bike” to get him around Paris as to not have to try and work this confounded machine.

  • Stephen McCauley

    My cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothing to plunder, and I’ve got nothing in the bank…

  • http://METROPHC.com Al

    Let’s see, if I deposit all my money in the Stock Market I could bail them out in one day and still have a ton of spending money left over!

  • Paul Guerra


  • Jim Rhea

    Par lez vous SAWBUCKS? Damit! We need crotchless underwear!

  • Lisa Lowry

    “Bonjour??????? BONJOUR??????? DESDAMONA???”

  • chris busbee

    For French push 1

  • chris busbee

    For French dial 1

  • C Whitney

    ” Where’s the “Boat Drinks” button? !!!! or something to keep us all warm…

  • Renee

    Janie, I got your number,
    I need to make you mine.
    Janie, don’t change your number.

  • sharon driesch

    huh, iLyrics… Buy the lyrics for your next hit song, only $0.99. What a deal!

  • Pam

    Wow!!!!!! All I needed was the the time, It has to be ” FIVE O’ CLOCK SOMEWHERE”!!!!!

  • jerry

    Come monday and I need a little cash

  • Jamie

    Everybody’s on the phone…and the ATM.

  • Gregg Prince

    Where’s Delaney when I need her?

  • P’cola Mike

    Spend it while you can, Money’s contraband
    You can’t take it with you when you go

  • P’cola Mike

    Dear Lord,
    Thank you very much for sending me the money. However, I noticed that for some reason you had to send it through Washington, DC and as usual, those jerks deducted $95

  • P’cola Mike

    Damn, $250.00 for a Buffett ticket!!???!!!

  • Steve

    One ticket for A Slow Boat to China

  • peter bosshard

    “These damn French blenders, where’s my Frozen Concoction Maker!

  • Brian

    Jimmy makes a withdrawl from the Bank of Bad Habits

  • Timmy

    What do you mean I can’t withdraw ninety jillion dollars?!

  • Chelsea Exile

    He’s got a ticket to ride.

    (Jimmy did a Beatles spot on the Saturday show)

  • Olly

    Wonder if McCain could handle this thing?

  • Eddie

    Looking for answers that bothered him so….

  • Melissa

    Warm summer breezes, and french wine, and cheeses………

  • Bryan

    Damn… This stupid margarita machine is broken.

  • Kevin

    Alright, Uncle Warren, how much did you put in the account this month?

  • North Coast Greg

    Press 1 for Checking…Press 2 for Savings…Press 3 for Frozen Concoction

  • Bluedog

    This thing is out of tune!

  • Amy

    What is my PIN again?? Oh yea, ….. F I N S

  • Jamie

    It’s been a while and I know I have a bunch of it, I think I will take a look at what money actually looks like.

  • Fred Lear

    How does this payphone work?

  • North Coast Greg

    Clark Kent’s got nothing on me…I am FRENCHMAN for the NIGHT!! Now which button do I push for that silky neck scarf?

  • parrotdad

    I’ll have one license, chiled, sil vou plait!

  • Kelly Flynn

    Is this the pay phone his cousin works from that lives in Miami?

  • Kelly

    If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me…

  • Mike

    We all swore when we ever got rich, we would pay the mini mart back.

  • sharon

    “OK Washington politicians, here’s MY energy plan:
    1. Buy a ship load of these French commuter bicycles.
    2. Go to a Jimmy Buffett concert and recruit several thousand parrotheads.
    3. Buy alot (and I mean ALOT) of Margaritaville Tequila…
    Getting the picture?!?!?!?

  • Tony

    Where’s the rum?

  • Kadesdad

    Where the hell is the lettuce and tomato button?

  • carol

    “What? it says “out of rum”– No rum, they lost a good customer!!. Now to find the cancel & refund button– I wonder if this is the right one”

  • Patti Abbott

    “Finally, I found the elusive ATM for the Bank of Bad Habits! Hmmm…now what…….pizzaaaa!!!”

  • http://www.sharkstock.org Jackie Bryant

    Ahhhhhh……..a Margaritaville machine………

  • Jimmy Phin

    Hello? Coconut Telegraph? Connect me to the gypsy in the palace please!

  • John Dingivan

    Hey Mac, whats you pin number??

  • KsEagle

    It’s hard on a fella
    When he don’t know his way around
    If I don’t find me a honey
    To help me spend this money
    I’m headin’ back to Key West town

  • KsEagle

    Oh, another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody
    I’ve got some money cause I just got paid
    How I wish I had someone to talk to
    I’m in an awful way

  • Susie

    Got my felt beret, now where’s the jazz station?

  • Billy

    What do mean this only goes to 6 digits

  • Havana Day Dreamer

    “JB…. phone home”

  • corielle

    What’s uncle Warrens pin number?????

  • Dennis Orth

    H’mm Margaritaville , # B-17

  • Ron

    Dam, I got to get back to that One Particular Harbour.

  • http://fintiki.com Tommy Thompson

    Hey Mac this ATM says my balance is $62,753,822.51
    What the hell is that in EUROS?

  • chris

    First my shaker of salt, and now my password!!

  • adam

    Man, Mac would love one of these hats too…maybe I should just buy the whole damn store

  • adam

    I need to make sure I have enough left to buy the Eifel Tower…

  • Jim

    No cash available??? Damn Boston ATM’s! Well, maybe I’ll just “borrow” a cab….

  • pat

    I use to have money

  • Jersey Girl Parrothead

    I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know where I’m-a-gonna go when the ATM blows!!!! :-)

  • Jersey Zach

    Spend it while you can
    Money’s contraband
    You can’t take it with you when you go

  • sodagirl54

    Damm, I wanted regular , not decaf!

  • A Parrothead Looks at 40

    E4: Margaritaville

  • Kayakman28

    Well…look’s like at least 1 more year of touring!

  • Russ

    My fortune say’s “Tour up in Great Woods again next summer”…hummm

  • Sherry D

    Put in a quarter… turn out the lights… Magic FIngers make you feel alright!!!
    ( I Need more money for that Magic Fingers Machine!!!)

  • Sherry D

    This ATM is out of order and made me miss my flight to the 2009 Pleasure Island Parrot Head Club Beach Sweep Weekend in Wilmington, NC!!!

  • http://buffettworld Steve Spickler

    God Damn-it…..I had to get into owning airplanes!!!

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  • Pam

    Wow! A condom machine right here, where was this 50 years ago, could have saved me that embarrassing trip to the drug store.

  • Todd Fulton

    Was that six or seven zero’s?

  • P’cola Mike

    Damn, how many times in one day can one woman hit the ATM?!?!?!?

  • P’cola Mike

    MAC!!, what the hell is this charge,
    “500 euro for one hour in Amsterdam, Canal Street, window shopping”?

  • Donato Knutson

    Wait…What time zone am I in.

  • http://www.sharkstock.org Jackie Bryant

    Opps!!! A French Margarita make with wine????


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