Ticket Information and Buying Tips

Purchasing face-value tickets to see Jimmy Buffett in concert seems to be getting harder and harder each year. Though you may be first in line at a TicketMaster outlet, or on TicketMaster.com right when the show you want goes on sale, you still might get shut out. It’s very frustrating for thousands of parrotheads and many have stopped going to shows because they can’t get tickets when they go on sale.

For the last few years ticket prices have been around $30-$40 for lawn seats and $130 for pavilion seats for most shows. But if you are unable to buy tickets through TicketMaster.com, you’ll probably be stuck paying at least twice that to a broker, scalper, or eBay seller.

To increase your chances of getting face-value tickets through TicketMaster.com, follow these tips:

  • Be on TicketMaster.com a few minutes before the on-sale time
  • Have friends or family on their own computers trying to get tickets also. If you get a surplus of tickets, you can sell to other parrotheads at your cost in our Fun Ticket Transfer
  • You are more likely to get closer seats by selecting a smaller number of seats… say 2 seats together instead of 8
  • Do not exceed Ticketmaster’s ticket limit on the same computer, with the same billing information, or the same credit card. Ticketmaster is likely to cancel all your orders if they find that you’ve tried to buy more than the maximum amount of tickets (usually 8 max)

If you are unable to get tickets through Ticketmaster, you can find above-face tickets at TicketNetwork or try posting a Tickets Wanted ad in our Fun Ticket Transfer.

Good luck!