Gainesville, FL

O’Connell Center
Tuesday, November 15th, 1983

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Show Notes:

This tour, the “One Particular Harbour” tour, featured Jimmy opening the show in a fictional bar called the “Surfboard.” After 9 songs, they took a 20 minute intermission, then full band came out and played the rest of the set. This tour is unique as it did not feature Greg “Fingers” Taylor who has said that he took a year off at this time “to learn how to not drink.”

01 Mañana (Solo Acoustic)
02 Growing Older But Not Up (Solo Acoustic)
03 Son of a Son of a Sailor (w/Mr. Utley on Keyboards)
04 Migration (w/Mr. Utley, Robert Greenidge, and Sam Clayton)
05 Boat Drinks (w/Mr. Utley, Robert Greenidge, and Sam Clayton)
06 Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit (w/Mr. Utley, Robert Greenidge, and Sam Clayton)
07 The Lawyer and The Asshole (Solo Acoustic)
08 Why Don’t We Get Drunk (Solo Acoustic)
09 Pencil thin Mustache (w/Mr. Utley, Robert Greenidge, and Sam Clayton)
10 One Particular Harbour
11 When Salome Plays the Drum
12 Come Monday
13 Cheeseburger in Paradise
14 Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
15 Stars on the Water
16 I Can’t Tell You Why (Timothy B. Schmidt on Lead Vocals)
17 Medley: Cowboy in the Jungle
Banana Republics
Havana Daydreamin’
He Went to Paris
Cowboy in the Jungle
18 We are the People our Parents Warned us About
19 Volcano
20 Where’s the Party?
21 Let it Ride (Josh Leo on Lead Vocals)
22 A Pirate Looks at Forty
23 Margaritaville
24 Brown Eyed Girl
25 Fins