Buffett to Build Theater in Branson

posted April 1st, 2013 at 3:18 am

by Josh Martin

The moment that parrotheads have been dreading for years has finally come. In a stunning but not completely surprising move given his age, Jimmy Buffett is leaving the rigors of the road behind and will open a theater in Branson, Missouri, according to the Branson Tri-Lakes News:

Known for his Caribbean-flavored tunes about boat drinks and sailing ships, entertainer Jimmy Buffett will leave the road in 2014 and will take up residence in a new theater on 76 Country Boulevard. Buffett, who will turn 67 next Christmas, spoke of a desire to finally “stay in one place for more than a few days.”

“I’ve been on the road touring since 1970,” said Buffett. “After more than 40 years of doing this, it’s time to settle down.”

While many entertainers of his caliber have taken up shop in Las Vegas, Buffett felt Branson fit his laid-back persona better.

“I just love the small town charm and the easygoing, laid back attitude that you find in the Ozarks. Sure it comes from the average age of the patrons exceeding 70 instead of anything to do with the islands, but it’s the thought that counts,” Buffett explained.

Buffett’s new theater will be built adjacent to the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, across the street from Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. Construction is slated to be complete in time for the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass & BBQ Festival, one of the town’s top tourist draws of the year.

Other acts that have had their own theaters in Branson include Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Tony Orlando, Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, and Moe Bandy.

Update – April Fools’ :)

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  • http://twitter.com/michaelkenward Michael Kenward

    And a Happy 1 April to you too.

  • Breckash

    I can only hope this is an April Fools joke

  • Brian Schmidt

    :):):) I HOPE this IS a joke LOL cause YOU GOT ME!! I was SHOCKED …hehe nice job

  • http://twitter.com/lakecondo Mike LeGay

    Might as well get in to the timeshare business in Branson as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patti.betz.5 Patti Betz

    As a Missouri native, I’m happy and sad to hear this news. Happy because I’ll have easier access to JImmy, but sad that he’s retiring to Branson. I can just see the buses now – Octogenarians in their parrothead hats with christmas lights around their walkers!
    I guess I’ll be right along with them, margarita in hand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1690227615 David Hendrickson

    Hmmmm if it was true wouldnt they have posted this tomorrow instead??

  • Maui Jim

    Very funny, Mr. Buffett. :-/

  • Shammyangel

    If this is true- I am SO EXCITED!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.stoeger Chuck Stoeger

    I understand on days that Jimmy has no shows, he’ll be playing nursing homes in 100 mile radius!!!

  • Elaine T

    Waiting for the April Fool’s joke

  • Trader Drew

    Fell for it again! UGH!! See you at Northerly Isle JB!!

  • ou8i2

    Uh let’s see…tribute shows in Branson… Journey, Eagles, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Justin Bieber and the list goes on… ZipLines, Go Cart Tracks, Bungee Jumps, and Roller Coasters— If the average age is 70??? Why would these type shows and activities be exploding with people?? — There is more to Branson than “jokes about old people”– and if you keep laughing, you’ll miss all the real fun.

  • Chillin on Monkey Island

    I was thinking for a moment that to properly fit in with the Branson crowd, I was going to have to go out and buy some white shoes and a white belt to go with my White Sportcoat and Pink Crustacean. Then I realized what a fool I had been. Happy April fools to all you Parrott Heads searching the real estate webb sites for time shares in Branson !!!!!!!

  • Christy

    Bought this hook, line and stinker!!!! Very funny, Mr. Buffett!

  • tim


  • tim

    Had me going for a bit.

  • mrbills67

    I just checked with Branson Tourism and they have not heard of any Jimmy Buffett theater coming there….


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