Margaritaville Casino Coming to Tulsa

posted March 18th, 2013 at 5:16 pm

by Josh Martin

New Margaritaville properties are sprouting up everywhere! Two weeks ago came the announcement of a Margaritaville resort in St. Thomas. The day before that, a Margaritaville restaurant opened in Cincinnati. Another restaurant looks to be in the works in the Pigeon Forge area, and now a Margaritaville Casino and restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Officials with the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa announced plans to build a 500-room hotel tower Monday, which they claim would bring Tulsa around 800 new permanent jobs and its construction nearly 2,000 more.

The casino’s expansion will feature a 22-story Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant, complete with its own spa, convention and meeting center and a handful of restaurants.

The facility will also hold some 750 electronic gaming devices and 20 table games within its projected 45,000 square feet of new gaming space, according to the casino.

Officials say the groundbreaking will begin in the fall, with plans to open the $250 million-facility by early 2015.

A press conference will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the River Spirit Event Center to officially announce the project.

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  • Skip Morrow

    Please! We need a Margaritaville Cafe in Virginia Beach!

  • 1lung

    Will some areas be smoke free? I’m allergic to smoke.

  • Donna

    Please have some smoke free areas. Please!!

  • Kristel Kate

    Can’t help it most players are smoking but I think they will make space for non-smoker people. I’m glad I’m using casino printers for any games that I want, make things easier for me.

  • Julie

    When will you begin hiring for this location in Tulsa? I am seeking Restaurant Management and would love the opportunity to work here!

  • Suzanne Lochlear

    When can people start applying for jobs?

  • Debbie

    Cincinnati…Tulsa…San Antonio??? …I’m thinking whoever Jimmy sold the Margaritaville name/franchise to is making some really poor business decisions, making it a not so special and really common thing. When Jimmy retires I see the Margaritaville name dying from all the decisions the new owner has made. Keep it near the major vacation spots such as Vegas (in the Flamingo where Jimmy opened it) and near major bodies of water where people go to be near the ocean….How about South Padre Island Texas instead of San Antonio (Keep in mind South Padre is one of the most popular spring break destinations in the country)…and totally ditch the idea of putting them in the middle of the country where there are no large bodies of water surrounding them! Keep it the small island themed place that’s “special” to go to…your opening these locations and spending way too much to do so…then when Jimmy Retires your going to bankrupt the Margaritaville name by attempting to keep these locations open…If your looking for smaller places to open locations how about the home of the legend himself in Dauphin Island, Alabama (near Mobile where Jimmy grew up!). It makes sense to do it there. Seeing these announcements makes me sad because I see the beginning of the end for Margaritaville as we knew it. I grew up on Jimmy’s music and have really enjoyed visiting places like Montego Bay, Jamaica Cancun, Mexico, and Las Vegas where it was special to visit Margaritaville. Now it’s going to be as common as a Chili’s or Hooter’s and be in every not so special town in the country.


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