New Album and Tour Get a Name

posted February 2nd, 2013 at 7:21 pm

by Josh Martin

In the pre-show interview before Saturday night’s concert at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, Jimmy Buffett dropped some big news.

Buffett will begin recording his new album soon, and it will be called Songs From St. Somewhere. This will also be the name of the new tour, which starts in April.

We expect tour dates for the spring and summer tour to be announced at any time.

(hat tip Garrett)

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  • deb

    please come to Blossom Music Center!!!!!!!!

  • Trisharemark

    Yes….Come back to Blossom or Put N Bay!!!!

    • WHAT !
    • Kawiduckster79

      put in bay would be awesome, no way id miss that show. close to xmas in july would work out nice.

  • Xx4tequila

    Indianapolis will be ready!!!

  • Finsupteacher

    Hurry up and drop dates so I can make my summer travel plans!

  • Beano

    Please come back to London  :)

  • Cristine Villa

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  • 2penguins

    Change your venue from Jiffy Lube Live to RFK Stadium in DC, so we can tailgate… PLEASE

  • LuLuHogg

    Waiting to see you in Frisco. Please announce dates soon!!

    • WHAT !

      May 4th

  • Melissa Jennings

    Come on Riverbend!!!  May would be a nice birthday treat :-)

  • Semitruestories

    At the bamboo room show this past Thursday he confirmed the same info – also said he is going play Paris again too. We were howling at the bamboo show on the new Australian verse of Mville – the crowd at the concert last night enjoyed it too!

  • Mkmcquinn

    Can’t wait for the date to be announced for Tampa…..

  • Bobbi Sue

    Make it quick, please! Some of us need to make plans towards which shows we will be attending this year!

  • RickBenty

    Please do a Thursday and Saturday in Boston!!!!!

  • C4VETTE84


  • Pam

    P L E A S E come to CAPE TOWN, South Africa!!! P L E A S E!! Phins UP!

  • Rusty8005

    Come to Carolina Jimmy!

  • tbux

    Please come back to boardwalk hall in atlantic city. best concert ever.

  • Captain Z

    Please play Chicago at Toyota Park and NOT Tinley Park.

  • Judymassie

    Put a Margaritaville on the Outer Banks, NC

  • Gary Hasson

    i am looking for the artwork for this tour

  • ajmcgill

    Please come to Alpine in August. The snow should be gone by then.

  • George

    Just got tickets for September Paris France !!!!!

  • Cooper

    Jimmy even though you played fundraiser a for the Democratic Party, we still would love to see you in Missouri!

  • Alan Ray Robinson

    I have tickets for my usual seat in Atlanta for Tuesday night so I am chomping at the bit to see Jimmy and get my summer started a little early this year!!!


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