Buffett May Head to Australia Next Month

posted August 21st, 2012 at 10:52 pm

by Josh Martin

Could Jimmy Buffett be returning to Australia in September?

A couple weeks ago the Margarillas tweeted that they’d be heading overseas next month:

Word has it from #Margaritaville headquarters that we may need our passports in September. Stay tuned!

Our discussion board member Garrett (parrothead mania) picked up on a possible hint during Buffett’s recent show in Atlantic City. During the song “Southern Cross,” Buffett said “next month” after the line “when you see the Southern Cross for the first time.”

It’s possible that Buffett may be referring to a personal trip somewhere below the equator, but paired with the Margarillas’ tweet it seems like a good guess that he’ll be back Down Under in September.

You can listen to the song yourself here (relevant part begins at 2:10)

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  • Rod

    YES YES YES, we love JB and can’t wait

  • Ms Woo

    O h yessssssssssssssss please  come to Australia again pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • Coconutocttage

    So hope this is true! Jimmy said he would come back this year!

  • Putyafeetup

    Keep us posted, any visit would be Fintastic


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