Katie Couric Hangs Out with Jimmy

posted June 27th, 2012 at 7:31 pm

by Josh Martin

Katie Couric has a new show this fall and she hung out with Jimmy at his Mohegan Sun show Tuesday night to film a segment.

Couric says she’ll be doing more with Buffett where they help people make their dreams come true and check items off their bucket list.

Watch below:

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  • Betsy31069

    I so have a buffett, I mean bucket list!!!!

  • Gator

    I started listening to J.Buffett in 5th grade, my good friend’s mother had his albums playing everyday. I still have his albums and all his cd’s. I have met him once by jumping in the elevator with him saying I was staying in the hotel. I have been blessed to see him many times. There is NO one better than Jimmy Buffett…I would love to sit down an have a beer with him. I have been a fan for 43 yrs…remember, I started listening in 5th grade.


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