Sean Payton to Join Coral Reefer Band This Summer

posted April 1st, 2012 at 3:27 am

by Josh Martin

Last week New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for all of the 2012 season for his complicity in the Saints bounty program that paid players money for knocking opposing players out of games. Faced with an entire year of no coaching, and forfeiture of $5.8 million in salary, Payton says he’ll join his friend Jimmy Buffett’s band for his Lounging at the Lagoon Tour, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton just over a week ago but Payton is wasting no time in making plans for his year off. Starting in June, he’ll hit the road with Jimmy Buffett for the Margaritaville crooner’s Lounging at the Lagoon 2012 Tour.

Payton is an “awesome guitar player” says Buffett. “Coach has rocked with me a few times at various places in New Orleans over the years and I’m really excited to have him along on the tour.”

The Saints coach is no stranger to the music scene. After a brief stint playing semi-pro football in the early 80’s, Payton tried his luck at a career in music. His band, coincidentally named The Bounty Hunters, toured for two years from 1985-1987 with Payton on lead guitar and vocals. After minimal success, Payton decided his playing career, both musically and athletically, was over and took a job as offensive assistant coach at San Diego State University in 1988.

“I was very disappointed in the commissioner’s decision, but I thought why not make the best of a bad situation and do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” said Payton. “When Jimmy asked me to join the band this summer, I didn’t even hesitate. It’s such an amazing opportunity. To get to play in front of tens of thousands of music lovers is what I wanted to do all those years ago. Plus, I could use the cash.”

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    And an April fools to you guys too….

  • Deb

    Sounds like an April Fools joke to me……

  • bigE

    Nice joke. Actually, they hired him as security director. ;-)

  • Llcdph

    Had me going for a minute there!

  • Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

    Best gag I’ve read about today.

  • Lisaj930

    i hope this really is a joke.  i love jimmy but if the coach shows up on stage in new england i’ll boo his ass off that stage

    • Brett

      Really? Why don’t u worry about your own team. Saints broke a rule but belichick actually cheated! And goodell gave him a little slap on the wrist. Try being humble and grateful that goodell let y’all off easy.

  • Tartville



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