Summer Tour Announcement Coming

posted March 10th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

by Josh Martin

Our forum moderator Jollymon345 (Dean) was listening to Radio Margaritaville this morning and reports that DJ Steve revealed some details on Jimmy’s summer tour. Rest assured, there WILL be a summer tour this year.

Here’s a rundown of what Steve said:

1. The Welcome to Fin Land Tour is running until April in the midwest.

2. The new tour will be starting in May.

3. Tickets and date announcements will be end of March beginning of April.

4. Jimmy will be doing a lot of songs that he hasn’t done in a long time. Since Peter Mayer said earlier during an interview that Jimmy may do more albums like Volcano Live 2011 and he brought up A1A maybe he will be dipping back to some older stuff.

5. Steve commented about how people have been emailing RM and asking about the new tour and thought that Jimmy was retiring. He said it was not true.

(H/T Dean for passing this along)

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  • BrownEyedGirlOK

    Come to Oklahoma!  Tired of giving Texas our money so we’re head to Kansas City again!  

  • Finsupteacher

    I could live with an Oklahoma tour stop – gotta have good tailgating though – maybe the Frisco crowd would come up since there is no Frisco this year.  I just would like a NEW tour, although I am still enjoying FinLand – been there done that several times both in person and putergatin.

  • LR414

    Hopefully Jimmy is coming to Comcast in Mass. soon!  We need a Jimmy fix. Hopefully I can get tickets too. :)

  • 94phins

    Real happy to hear he’s going back in time w/his music…any song from A1A and I’m a happy Parrot Head!! ~~/)~~

  • Geeky Randy

    What an awesome announcement.

  • Snchyma

    Whew! I was getting worried! Am waiting for WI dates-even though I’ll see him in IA in April!

  • Melshellbcs

    I wanna know the minute I can buy tickets!!

  • RumShopRyan

    Sweet! I wonder if he is going to hit Florida with this new tour. I know he has been down this year with Welcome To Fin Land a couple times. Didn’t know if we get to see him again or will have to wait till next year.  Fins Up!

  • Seagulls247

    ALPINE VALLEY!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    New Zealand, come on………….please. Had tickets for the last one that got cancelled after the OZ Incident. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cc53fd

    Cant wait till he comes to camden take my 3yo he lives jimmy

  • frosted fins

    Dean is my hero!

  • Liz Buchanan

    Hoping he play somewhere open air as travelling from Scotland

  • Frozen Fin Lyne

    I have a terrible dilemma…as one of the organizers of our local American Cancer Society Relay For Life I just saw on the Comcast Center schedule that Jimmy is scheduled for June 23rd…the same night as our Relay!  Please Please Jimmy change the date to ANY other day/night at Comcast OR if you prefer we would be overjoyed to have you visit us “Frozen Fins” up in Northern Vermont for a second show in the Northeast!  I would happy to help with the organization of the show :)

  • Pegasus

    I want to know when he’s coming to Camdan, NJ ? We want to plan our day, for the concert

  • DJROB7266

    Is jimmy coming to Philadelphia or New Jersey this year

  • AreWeThereYeti

    Saw our 1st live show at Toyota Park last Summer – promised family & friends
    we’d do it up right (get everyone together for pre-show tailgate) next time. Just found out Jimmy’s playing 6-30-12 at 1st Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL.  I also heard that they don’t allow tailgating in the lot.  Say it ain’t so!  Can anyone confirm?  Thanx! 

  • Bobref

    Jimmy has announced he’s coming to First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Chicago on June 30. Tickets are supposedly going on sale April 2, but I can’t find any information on either Ticketmaster or Live Nation about exactly when and where they’ll go on sale. Anybody have any information?

  • Tweetiebert

    So Jimmy when you coming to the WEST COAST!!!???? Sure would be nice as there are lots of people who are Parrotheads over on this side of the world too!!

    Hope to see you this Summer!

    West Coast Fan

  • Pacemaker657

    anxiously awaiting info on Jimmy coming to Comcast Center in MA..

    • Izzy

       Same here!  Always a good time up there, even during the hurricane and almost tornado a few years back!

  • Kabramo211

    whewwwwww what a relief to hear he will be in Mansfield, Comcast Center in June………can’t wait!!! good times………….

  • Dan

    Vegas…..Cant wait till summer….

    • just me


  • SummerGirl

    I would like for him to come to Lake Charles, Louisiana. We need a fix to.

  • billygolfer

    Vegas baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • just me

      Have you heard of the dates?

  • Bbarrett_2975


  • Lindaelunder

    Where is the Detroit concert??????

  • lv1277

    It’s not a summer without Jimmy in the D! Where is the Detroit show?? :(

  • lv1277

    It’s not a summer without Jimmy in the D! Where is the Detroit show?? :(

  • Philippjus

    please come to europe london or paris

  • sally brown


  • Wcchamp4

    please confirm rumors of Jimmy playing at Comerica Park in Detroit!!!  

  • Bernadettehogan2

    come back to australia , I promise  we will put in safety  nets this time!

  • David Hickey

    Pine Knob…   Clarkston Michigan   Yes!


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