Buffett Interviewed in Paris

posted September 28th, 2011 at 12:16 pm

by Josh Martin

The US Embassy in France posted a video interview with Jimmy Buffett before his show at L’Olympia in Paris on Monday:

Buffett also visited the US Embassy last year where he joined the US Air Forces in Europe Band for a private show.

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  • Sitagg

    Bonne chance & merci, Jimmy,J’taime!

  • Kiwibird

    J’taime Jimmy Buffett!  Il a été une joie d’être un fan et lire vos histoires, écouter votre musique, et suivez votre vie au fil des ans. il est de mieux! Vous êtes une inspiration! “Jason-maçon … vous n’avez pas vécu un mensonge!” Merci beaucoup pour les sourires et aussi pour soutenir nos troupes américaines.

  • hb

    Buffett mentions here Brassens as an important influence. I am very close to Jimmy’s age. It’s so weird that in the 50’s when he and I were both kids – and we were both far from becoming in his case a musical legend and in my case a parrothead – my father brought me from France   a Brassens record which he correctly thought I would enjoy. I played it for years…almost as much as I play Jimmy’s records today. I guess like JB, GB was am important influencer of my musical taste and helped lead me to JB.


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