Margaritaville Coffee Officially Unveiled

posted September 6th, 2011 at 1:41 pm

by Josh Martin

We told you about it a couple weeks ago, but now Margaritaville has officially unveiled its new coffee line and it’s available for purchase now!

Margaritaville Coffee comes in five flavors: State of Mind (medium/dark roast), Latitude/Attitude (light/medium roast), Pirate Gold (dark roast), Sunrise in Paradise (light/medium roast) and License to Chill (decaf medium/dark roast).

Each flavor is priced at $7.48 per 12oz package. Purchase Margaritaville Coffee now!

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  • anne

      Hello… I sent an order for coffee to your company via e-mail, yesterday 9/14/.  Please verify  my order when you receive it….., the order was paid in full. Thank you Anne

  • anne

    Hello…Have you received my order for coffee? please email me @, I would appreciate your response very much.anne

  • Loriblack2004

    This is the best coffee I have ever had!!!!!  I only wish they would sell it in bigger packages.

  • Michele Morse

    Bought the ‘State of Mind’, couldn’t wait till morning; this sounds like a song! Anyway by far the best coffee I’ve ever had.  

  • Bob Powers

    I bought the k-cup last night woke up this morning tried my first one, and my keurig would not “recognize” it, did not brew!! So upset! Cmon people brand new line of coffee and it won’t work in my keurig??? EPIC FAIL FOLKS, NOT IN MARGARITVILLE!!!!


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