Buffett Says He’ll Work on Tailgating Issue at Jiffy Lube Live

posted May 26th, 2011 at 2:58 pm

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by Josh Martin

In an interview with USA Today that focuses mainly on releasing old material, Jimmy Buffett says he’s going to work on the tailgating prohibition at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. Spokespeople for Jiffy Lube Live and owner Live Nation have said that they are cracking down on tailgating at the venue that is known for great pre-partying.

When told there wasn’t going to be partying in the parking lot, the singer said, “Who’s stupid idea was that? … I’m glad to hear that. I’ll get right on that. I believe I can take care of that. It must be some city thing, but it’s not me.”

The venue, formerly known as Nissan Pavilion “is one of the biggest tailgating places ever,” he says. “We got time, I can really get into that. … I’m going to fire a little shot to the Live Nation people.”

The Jiffy Lube Live concert will be held August 27th.

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  • Sastrickler

    I did attend the concert at Jiffy Lube. It was not at all like the previous years. Although we did enjoy walking in and getting up front lawn seats it was not the same at all. As a PARROT HEAD I was shocked that Jimmy had little to say about the whole situation. I read another article that he did in May that said he was going to try to get Jiffy Lube to change the policy for his concert but now he is saying he can’t argue with the policy. I saw many many drunk people at this concert and I am sure it was from the puchased beer from the jiffy lube stands. I applaud Kid Rock and another performer for speaking out. I agree with other posters about Jimmy’s comment on 300 complaints maybe he should take another look at that. I will never fight the traffic again to see him at Jiffy Lube. I think if he books at Jiffy Lube next year he will have the same amount of people or less. The ( 300 LOL ) 10,000 or more people who did complain will not be buying tickets next year. I forgot about the only 10,000 people asked for refunds comment. A lot of people buy tickets from stub hub because it is hard to get tickets to see his show. The people who purchased stub hub tickets could not get refunds.  We could sell them but NO ONE WAS BUYING. We had 20 people who paid 65+ for lawn tickets only 5 could go to the concert. We also lost a five hundred dollar bus deposit. We are all working people who did not want to go to a Thurs. night concert. So I hope Jimmy enjoys the extra money. Thanks Jimmy.


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