Buffett Attends Miami Heat Game

posted October 30th, 2010 at 12:49 am

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett was in attendance Friday night at the Heat-Magic game in Miami, Florida. At right is a photo of him taking a picture during the game.

Jimmy has been a season ticket holder for the Heat for several years. In 2001 he was ejected from a game for cursing at a referee. Read more about the incident.

The Heat defeated Orlando 96-70.

[Photo Marc Serota/Getty Images]

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  • Kiwibird

    Oh yeah!! Why do you bring up old past incidents?? Who cares? Trying to tarnish his reputation… Wasn’t any big deal !! Afterall…how many people use the F word…these days… ESP. men, when they are in the “HEAT” of the moment?? Miami Heat… Haha! Get it?? I doubt if Cameron was scarred for life
    with a few cuss words.. Anyway, he’s more afraid of Jane, which is as it should be…LOL!! Now, If he’ll just stop doing fund raisers for the Democrats, I may reconsider buying some of his CD’s again.. :~) My husband says he’s an idiot.. I don’t believe that for a minute… He’s just misinformed.. (wink!)
    I love his music, song writing, and generosity in charitable causes. That’s what he does BEST!

  • Jerry Hepburn

    Leave Jimmy alone
    Too many critics I think


  • Adam

    Hey Jimmy, maybe you shouldve come to the Meeting of the Minds in Key West since you had nothing else going on. But why would you do that? You dont care about Parrotheads anymore anyways. Even though they are the reason you are where you are today, you could care less. As long as “Margaritaville” is printed on something, its going to sell itself. Sad. And your fans see right through it. Glad I realized it a while back.


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