Video Interview with Jimmy

posted July 11th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

by Josh Martin

Mel Summers of WKRG News 5 caught up with Jimmy on Saturday at the beach in Gulf Shores: News

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  • Trace Bart

    Mr. Buffet, I am a father of 6 teenage kids, you should know that after your comment in which you blame former President Bush for the crisis in the gulf, myself and my children have deleted your music from all of our music libraries and will not be buying any of your music in the future. The reason we buy your music is to be entertained not to hear your political opinions about anything. There are plenty of places we can seek political opinions when we choose. In the future you may want to stick entertaining…

  • Elaine Schollian

    @Trace Bart….So it is OK for you to play a song about getting drunk and screwing with your teenage kids…but you don’t want them to listen to anything from someone who might have political views that differ from yours??? LOL….Classic!!!!

    If you deleted all music because of Jimmy Buffet’s political opinions, I would have to wonder wny you ever even had them as part of your music libraries in the first place….He has never felt the need to be private about his feelings on various “political” subjects….Nor should he…I would have to wonder why you don’t feel he is entitled to his opinion…and wonder if this need to delete all his music would be revelant if he supported Offshore drilling and backed President Bush in his 8 year servive to this country. I may be wrong, but isn’t MOST music written as a result of someones passion on some topic? And I could be wrong again….but isn’t the freedom to have an opinion what it’s all about? At least I won’t have to worry about sitting with you at a FREE concert and saying something you might not agree with….

  • MaryB

    I live on the Mississippi coast, and have loved Buffett’s music for most of my 40+ years. I would be in Gulf Shores right now if I could have gotten a ticket, but ce’st la vie… I would rather have caught him at Lulu’s anyhow.

    I only wish Buffett would remember that the business he started here on our coast (Margaritaville Resort and Casino) is now a huge, abandoned eyesore. We need your help, Jimbo. Don’t leave us adrift.

    Now lets all lighten up and watch the show on the tube with the beverage of our choice!

  • coolbreeze2444

    Trace Bart, was it because Jimmy expressed a political opinion or because he expressed a political opinion that you disagreed with? Lots of artists and actors are vocal in their political opinions, both on the right and the left. Do you stop listening to all of them and stop going to their movies?

  • Elaine Schollian

    MaryB…Wish I could have been there today, but as with many, got to feel like a part by watching on TV :) LOVE the version of the Coast is Clear!!!….Great day for many standing in the sands of the Gulf Coast!!!! Hopefully it is also a reminder that the Coast is our Coast…clean or dirty…we love her and will do our part to keep her alive until she can stand on her own again….

    Fins UP ~~^~~

  • Pam

    Well said coolbreeze2444. Trace Bart, how many artists or actors do know of that donate the money they make for an entire to charity? Jimmy is donating his 2010 earnings from his Big Top Tour to charity.

  • Tommy

    Trace is putting his money where his mouth is, as are many Parrotheads. Obviously it has had some effect on Jimmy, because in singing Margaritaville, he said “It’s all BP’s fault” not it’s all Bush’s fault as he stated in an earlier interview that so angered many fans. Jimmy did a great thing holding this concert, but make no mistake it was not a TOTAL act of charity, his hotel and restaurants (and his sister) stood to lose a lot of money because of the slack in tourism to the Florida/Alabama coast. Ask yourself, if was all about charity, why not have the concert in Louisiana WHERE THE OIL SPILL HAPPENED? I love his music, and he’s a great entertainer, just not a very informed person. The immediate jump to blame Bush proves it.

  • Josh Martin

    Jimmy had sung “it’s all BP’s fault” even before he made the Bush comments in the interview

  • Carrie

    OK Trace – Tommy

    I guess you don’t live in my america! In my america people aren’t scorned for having opinions . . . and God forbid they’d voice them – Guess it’s ok for Opra but not for JB? Strange position!

    And Tommy why don’t you read Jimmy’s Biography before saying “Why didn’t he do this” or “that” –
    At least he DID something! More than I can say for alot of other entertainers!

    And it was very entertaining . . . . just saying

    P.S. Pam – you rock!

  • ES

    Take a look at the number of “Parrotheads that were at the concert…still loving JB and his music…compare that to the 2 people on this blog that have a problem with Jimmy not being on the Bush/Fox News wagon….then you do the math….LOL

  • JJ

    Exactly what I was thinking ES. And that’s why Jimmy’s not losing any sleep over what he said

  • Tommy

    Hey Carrie

    I guess you don’t live in the same America as everyone else then. In the REAL America, everyone is entitlement to there opinion, in fact they have a right to it. However, in the REAL America actions have consequences, and the free market reigns. So if I don’t like what you say, I can disagree, and I can also choose what musician I like or dislike. I can also choose where I spend my hard earned money.

    I still like Jimmy’s music, I just don’t think he walks on water like you and ES.

    @JJ – If Jimmy doesn’t care what he said, then why did he not say it was Bush’s fault when singing Margaritaville

  • JJ

    @Tommy – Because he doesn’t inject politics into his shows. He never has. I believe at Lulu’s when he did the show he said “It’s all BP’s fault” too, and that was before he made the Bush comment in the interview.

  • http://hotmail Kevin Parrish

    Was it not Obama that took over a month and a half to respond to the crisis? Haven knows what kind of hell Bush would have taken for that. From all the people I have talked to all around Gulf Shores, they have no time for Obama and would like to get the fed goc. out of it and let the states take care of the problem. That way things would get done. Obama could eliminate the red tape, but refuses to do so!
    KP Gulf Shores, Al

  • Salty Dog

    You people can pitch and whine all you want to but the simple fact that
    Jimmy Buffett is a millionaire over shows the fact
    that he has extreme
    talent and great song writer. At 63 and still going strong Jimmy can have any political view he wants
    to. In fact, as a hot war Vet that has fought for this country I say he has absolute rights to do so. Carry on Jimmy and I thank
    you and your sister for doing what you have for our cost. Please consider Mississippi on your next tour!

    Salty Dog, Pascagoula

  • ES

    Tommy…you are so right that you can choose what music you listen too…and you can choose where you spend your hard earned money….So I guess I have to ask the question….Do you by chance have a ticket to one of this years SOLD OUT shows that you are no longer using??? I know some people looking for one.

  • ES

    Psssssssst Kevin…

    This blog is about Jimmy Buffet…not Obama…

    But I’m confident you can find a blog or two that that would be better suited for your comments….


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