AP Interview with Buffett on Oil Spill and Concert, Zac Brown Out

posted July 6th, 2010 at 2:20 pm

by Josh Martin

In a telephone interview with the Associated Press, Jimmy Buffett talks about the frustration with the oil spill, regulation of the industry, and how he’s trying to help the gulf coast businesses and residents:

“If you’re born and raised on the Gulf Coast and it’s kind of in you, and you don’t feel anger and rage initially over what’s going on down there, I think you’re a hypocrite,” he said in a telephone interview from New York. “That’s the way I felt. Now, what you do with that is a big question.”

“People were going, `What are you going to do about things?’ I mean, hell, I can’t stick my finger in that hole. Everybody wishes they could,” said Buffett.

“But there’s a huge amount of frustration and probably it will boil over in summertime anger, and I know what I’ve done for years is entertain. What I’m best at is two hours of escapism for people that have to go back and either live jobs that they don’t like or whatever,” he said. “It’s that Mardi Gras mentality.”

“I have pretty much surrounded myself with Gulf Coast influences for a long time, and … if you listen to those songs, I think it’s pretty much in there,” said Buffett.

Buffett, a supporter of President Barack Obama, said the roots of the spill lie with the administration of former President George Bush, which was often criticized for being too cozy with the petroleum industry.

“To me it was more about eight years of bad policy before (Obama) got there that let this happen. It was Dracula running the blood bank in terms of oil and leases,” he said. “I think that has more to do with it than how the president reacted to it.”

The article also says that the Zac Brown Band had to pull out of the Gulf Coast show. Chesney announced last week that he won’t be able to make it.

The beach concert on Sunday will also feature Jesse Winchester and Allen Toussaint, who also were in the original lineup. Country singers Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown had to drop out because of prior commitments. Buffett said he is still making phone calls trying to add additional acts for Sunday, but he’s not sure of the final roster.

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  • Landshark

    got to tell ya, I think Buffett is dead wrong on this one….you can’t blame everything on a past administration….he’s losing credibility every time he says that.
    Ask BP where their campaign money went in the last election….it wasn’t to the GOP…it was Obama…

  • Edi Meadows

    WRONG, WRONG….too bad Jimmy can’t put the blame on the oil response exactly where it lies. WIth Obama. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE

  • http://Buffettworld.com Pam

    I believe it’s being pulled out of context. Jimmy stated that Bush said we have a love for oil. This country does. We use more than the rest of the world put together. What Buffett opposed or blamed Bush for is the off shore drilling. We do need to drill of shore! There is plenty of oil without it. I am no Obama fan. However, BP is the one that was suppose to make a quick reaction not the government. BP is the blame! I am an American by birth and a Southern by the grace of God. The rest of the U.S. maybe tired of hearing about the oil spill or upset by it, but if you live here, it’s devastating, it’s your life, and your future. Whether you have thought about it or not, this will change the eco system forever. Some wildlife will become endangered and extinct. This will damage our economy more than what has happen in recent years. Here is why Jimmy Buffett is and will forever be my hero, when he said, “We’ll bounce back.” As a southern, we do. We live through hurricanes, tornadoes, and now an oil spill. With a hope and a prayer (from everyone) we’ll weather it through this too.

  • Paul

    While I usually agree with JB I think he’s wrong here. You can’t blame the past administration, it’s government as a whole. Both parties accept oil $ and cater to big oil whims and wishes. The real blame here lies with BP. In ANY business you need a disaster plan. What was theirs? Oh, if we have an accident we’ll come up with something! That’s not a plan and now we’re paying for their lack of foresight and will be paying for years – or generations to come. I consider myself an environmentalist but I realize we need oil, so let’s take ALL precautions necessary to assure the safety of people and the environment. This obviously isn’t in big oil plans. We don’t need govt. overregulating business, but maybe that’s the answer if business won’t regulate itself!
    I will never purchase another BP product again, as I have not purchased any Exxon or Mobil product since 1989. It’s not much, but if more hit them in the wallet maybe?

  • http://energy-land-services.com gasdriller711

    Got to agree,Buffett is dead wrong on this one….you can’t blame everything on just the past administration…..it goes back to the Carter & Clinton administrations who encouraged “deep-water” drilling
    These BP leases came in through the Amoco merger which was head-quartered in Chicago !!
    It is Obama who has taken so long to react !!! Buffet must have smoked too much Reefer….

  • Mermaid

    This was all set up prior to Obama. Don’t forget the right…is pushing for more drilling, and actually apologized to BP for Obama wanting them to pay for their destruction and devastation.
    The fault lies at BP…plan and simple. They ignored the guidelines…and really have no regard for wildlife that live in and around the ocean…they only see it as an oil field…bottom line.
    They are focusing more on a cover up…than a clean up effort along the coast too. Trying to influence and buy businesss folk…that only know the work they have lived…and may NEVER see again!
    WAke up…hold them accountable! NEVER again…will I ever buy a single thing from Beach Polluters!

  • dee

    Where is PETA in all of this? If it had been a Republican President in office right now—-they would be all over this—goes to prove this is nothing but Politics. Obama is the President. He wanted this job. He has refused help for our allies to get this oil spill cleaned up. And why? Because he doesn’t want it cleaned up. Put a country in chaos—the easier it is to control them…
    We may put a ban on drilling, but other countries aren’t. BP is now drilling off the coast of Libya. Other oil companies will go to Brazil, etc. to drill. Just as other countries don’t care about the fake global warming—oh but America does. We are being fooled people. May be to late now to wake up………BTW, I believe performers need to be very careful about signing on to this event….We are the ones buying tickets to their concerts and I just read an article that stated performers are having to cancel concerts because ticket sales are down. Americans are tired of celebrities making ignorant comments. You would think at the age of 63 , Mr. Buffett would be smarter than to make such an ignorant comment. But I guess not.


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