Buffett Interviewed on Anderson Cooper (Video)

posted July 1st, 2010 at 10:34 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett was interviewed on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday. They walked the beach and discussed the oil spill and its effect on the coastal communities. If there was one message Jimmy was trying to get out, it was that he wanted folks to come down… either to help out or just come down and visit the beaches with your family.

Here’s a portion of the interview:

Cooper plans to air more of the interview on Friday and Monday. If more video is posted online, we’ll bring it to you.


“This is the beach of my misspent youth,” he said, as we began to stroll along the water’s edge.

“You’re not human if anger isn’t the first emotion,” says Buffett, who has long been involved in environmental causes.

“Can Margaritaville survive an oil slick?” I ask. “Sure, hell, we’ll survive,” he says quickly, “people on this coast can survive anything. I mean, it’s another storm, it happens to be one we’re not quite used to in terms of what it’s leaving behind, but you know, this is hurricane country and people bounce back, and I love the resilience of people.”

Buffett himself has just opened up a hotel in Pensacola Beach, not great timing he admits, but he is not surprised this spill has lasted so long. He says he didn’t believe the early estimates put out by BP about the oil flow.

“You know what,” he says,”I’ve been in show business a long time, I know liars when I hear them. I thought they were lying from the beginning. That’s just me personally.”

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  • Ron

    Life long Republican here and it’s getting harder and harder to put up with his Liberalism.He just had to bring up Bush’s name like 3 times last night and compare the Iraqi body count to the oil spill.What an idiot.

    Of course not one word about Obama who has been a complete fail of a President since day 1.Hey Jim,there hasn’t been much to “drink about” since Barry and Joe took office.

  • Ron

    *And that was suppose to “read life long Republican parrot head”

  • Robert


    That is the problem you are a life long republican. You vote for the best person to do the job not the person in your party. I have voted for Republican’s and Democrat’s. That is the one the problems with the election process people vote for parties not for the best qualified person.

    As for your comment about Obama being a complete failure since day 1. Do you think he can turn things around overnight? If you do then you are a idiot. It took Bush 8 years to ruin this country and it will take many more than to bring it back. We are improving slowly but it takes time and money. We have the time but the people do not have the money. Think about all this before you call someone a failure.

  • glenn

    I don’t see the reason for Rons paranoia. This is about something bigger than polotics and unless you, Ron, live on the gulf of mexico and derive your living from people who visit, or those that sail on her, then just stay out of the way.
    thank you.

  • Ron

    If you think people have no money now,wait until his health care plan and other Socialist plans kick in.

    Also this is the man along with all his supporters who shouted change for 2 years like a bunch of damn zombies,and promised a life of rainbows and unicorns once he took office.Quit blaming Bush,he didn’t run for office last time and never will again.This country didn’t start going to hell in a handbaskey until Dems took over Congress 4 years ago.FACT. That will change this November.It’s not Bush’s wars anymore,they’re Obama’s.Not Bush’s oil spill,THAT’S Obama’s.

    Buffett is still my hero,he just needs to back off a bit.It’s great these free shows he’s doing.Also all the shows he’s been doing on UStream lately.I mean who else this big does that for free all the time? Nobody!

  • Josh

    Jimmy has always been a liberal. Nothing has changed except for the right’s hatred for Obama. And the not having much to drink about started well before Obama took office.

  • Jerry Hepburn

    Jimmy Buffett really cares about Florida and Alabama and Mississippi!
    He grew up there!
    The people there are marvellous and resilient and fight back in hard times
    That is the thing to do
    I am to visit in a weeks’ time
    The world needs people who care!
    Peace and Love x

  • http://CNN.com Pam

    Buffett is loved by his fans for his incredible concerts and music. The most important reason we love him is for his generous heart. He fights for the environment and the less fortunate. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Buffett has worked for every penny he has made. The profits from Buffett’s 2010 tour is being donated to charity. You only he of some performers donating a small percentage.

    Jimmy Buffett is not afraid to tell it like it is. I love it. He is extremely intelligent. Buffett is my hero!

    Jimmy Buffett for President!

  • Ryan

    Love Jimmy’s music as much as anyone…but…how much oil has Jimmy used in his endeavors? Another example of “do as I say, not as I do.”
    “He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Buffett has worked for every penny he has made.”
    So have I, stop looting it.

  • Mark

    Buffet is just an old has been Pot Head! I think he lost it decades ago, wish he would just go AWAY!!FREAK!!

  • Ernaldo

    Jimmy, you are fool. See “Dixie Chicks”. ….

  • doug mccord

    no more buffett for me and, wow was he good at time.

  • texjah

    love volcano & much of jb music, but personally, buck fimmy juffett. it is like he and paul mccartney reached a certain age and lost their class.

  • John

    Flying his plane….boats….the band all around plus support crew– electrical Alone plus gas….ummm he’s a total hypocrite. He depends on big oil–his travels aren’t green. “…worked the rigs when the money was bigger.”

    he’s been hawking his crap for years. Love the music but it’s his own lifestyle he supports. 300 dollars for a blender? 8-12 dollar landshark beers at concerts? ParrotSkulls are idiot. The pirate looks at 40 and is ripping you off, leaving a huge carbon footprint, etc.while pandering green and Eco friendly etc. What a charlatan. And people are idiots for blindly following him. The messiah of crap and lies.


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