Buffett Announces Free Show for the Gulf

posted June 20th, 2010 at 11:13 am

by Josh Martin

On Saturday Jimmy Buffett announced a free show in Gulf Shores, Alabama:

To demonstrate support for the people, businesses and culture of the Gulf Coast, CMT will telecast a free musical celebration live from the beach at Gulf Shores, Ala. CMT Presents Jimmy Buffett & Friends Live from the Gulf Coast will air on CMT on Thursday, July 1, from 8-9:30 p.m. ET/PT. Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band will be joined in the concert by his friends Sonny Landreth, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Jesse Winchester and Allen Toussaint. A special souvenir tee shirt will also be designed for the concert and sold onlne and at the show. More info coming soon!

We’ll post more info as we get it.

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  • Cbusparrott

    I will be in Alabama and want to go to this concert. Are they taking donations for tix?

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Why free? Why not charge for tickets and give the proceeds to people that need it? It would seem more like helping people and less like a hotel grand opening promotion.

  • Gaynell Michel

    Gotta keep his sister in business. Or is it like Bubba said – more to do with his hotel’s grand opening? His motives are messed up. Southern LA is literally dying and he is promoting tourism in AL?
    We have fishermen here who can’t feed their families. We have families that are dropping off family pets at shelters because they can no longer afford them.
    Dead wildlife is everywhere!
    Our Ecosystem is destroyed.
    Our way of life changed FOREVER!
    BTW aren’t you from MS Mr Buffett? They could use your help too!
    I just find this to be more self serving than helpful. :(
    Two thumbs down Jimmy Buffett!

  • itybitytwity

    How do I get tickets? I heard about the concert on the radio this morning and would like to attend!

  • itybitytwity

    I think he is doing everyone a favor by doin this concert…I think it BP you need to be pissed off at! two thunbs UP for Jimmy Buffett!

  • Stu Symes

    Personally, anyone who knows who Jimmy Buffett is and all the wonderful things he has done to give back to society and different wildlift funds etc. etc. etc.

    This is not some publicity stunt for his new resort. Learn more about him and I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

    Jimmy does’nt need money or phoney publicity stunts, he’s far beyond that.

    It is an excellent idea, even if to volunteer to pay if you wish and put the money to fixing the oil problem existing today. Down the road, getting the mess cleaned up as soon as possible will to more for the economy than just a quick subsidise and a terribly huge problem is still floating and sinking out in the gulf.


  • Caison Whatley

    Buffetts new hotel is in Pensacola not Gulf Shores
    This is not for anything other than to raise money and bring tourists to the area. It will create a mini boom in business for Gulf Shores and surrounding areas for the weekend in consumer spending for hotels, food, etc…. It will allow people to see you can still come to the beach and have a great time. It will bring people together and hopefully they will walk away with a greater appreciation and respect for the coast and the gulf. It will give the locals there who have been through so much a few hours away from it all. Buffett is a very smart man and this is exactly what needed to be done to help save the coast. It will not clean up the mess but will help the people there. This needs to become a trend. The people in charge of these areas need to schedule everything they can right now to bring people to the area and create business. At least keep everything afloat during the crisis.

  • Bill Gallagher

    Hopefully the oil will not make to our beach however we have found ourselves spending more time walking the beach and praying for those that have been devestated by this.Wake up world this could happen to you!! We thank anyone who tries to make this disaster on the Gulf Coast better.

  • Gaynell Michel

    I’m sorry. I think most have missed my point.

    Gulf Shores is not suffering nearly as bad as South LA and MS (Buffett’s home State). Gulf Shores is losing money from tourism, the people of the LA Gulf have lost everything.

    When you are a third (or fourth or fifth)generation shrimper (or fisherman or crabber, etc) and they say you can’t shrimp until they don’t know when – it goes downhill from there fast. These people know nothing else but livng off of God’s bounty from the Gulf.

    If Buffett wants to help, please start with the most hard hit areas first.

    @Caison Whatley: Gulf Shores is approx 54 minutes / 33.39 miles from Pensacola. The location has everything to do with it. And the concert has been touted as FREE. There will be T-shirt made for online and sales the day of the event. Also I differ with you about ” the locals there who have been through so much”. South Louisiana has been through much more than Gulf Shores and if any one needs “a few hours away from it all” it is the Cajun and MS people. “At least keep everything afloat during the crisis” brings tears to my eyes as I know people who cannot feed their own children. Are losing what little they have earned by the sweat of their brow! The whole catastrophe (it is no longer a crisis) is sickening.

    And BTW the Gulf waters ARE toxic. You can tell people not to swim (not to play with the tar balls and/or dead/dying wildlife) but when people drink they get stupid. And there will be drinking because after all it is a Buffett concert.

    @itybitytwity I am not angry with Mr Buffett. I just think his talent to draw people could be made of better use. I am, however; angry with BP, Obama, Tony Hayward, Haliburton, TransOcean, just to name a very few.

    Praise God Gulf Shores has not been hit as hard as LA and MS. We are not looking for a hand out, just a hand up.

    Sorry if I offend. I do not mean to. This is just my humble opinion.

  • Cbusparrott

    Gaynell Michel,

    You my friend are pretty transparent. It is obvious you have an axe to grind. Why in the world are you on this site if you are such an obvious Buffett hater.

    Your name suites you well. I only have 1 question:

    “We’re you born an ashhole?
    or did you work at it your whole life?
    I even heard you’re an asshole as a wife!”

    let us properly celebrate the greatest singer/song writer/conservationist ever born. Go be miserable some where else!

    Captain A-RON!

  • Tami Queen

    Bubba abd GAYNELL…..Did you read the opening sentence of this article……..”in support of the PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES of the area… people weill need to eat and sleep and all that money will be spent at the businesses surrouonding the concert area and way beyond…. not to mention the feeling it will give these people to know that everyone is doing SOMETHING to show support ..

    Might i ask what it is that YOU have done to help the area other than sit on ur high horse and watch the news?

  • Gaynell Michel

    @Captain A-RON!
    Apparently I am not your friend or you would not have spoken to me like that.

    Transparency is part of being a Christian but I don’t think you are seeing me clearly. I am on this site because I heard about the concert and wanted to get the facts before posting it on FB (I did post a link to the concert info). There was a place to submit comments and I did so without malice.

    There is no axe to grind and I am not a Buffett hater as you put it, though I do see how you could have easily been misled to think that.

    Why do you say my name suits me well? I hope it does because Gaynell means happy, shiny and Michel means “like God”.

    You said you had a question for me but you quoted a Buffett song. Interesting.

    I do find it amusing that you assume I am a woman. Have you never heard of Gaynell Tinsley? :)

    The proposed concert is not to celebrate Buffett but to demonstrate support for the people, businesses and culture of the Gulf Coast, remember? And you are certain that he is not promoting the opening of the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, located at 165 Fort Pickens Road in Pensacola Beach, even just a little bit? You do know it is scheduled to open on July 1st the same day as the concert?

    I do have a question for you. What type of Captain’s license to you hold?

    And lastly sir, I am not miserable. I am extremely blessed in many ways. I am in fact usually quite happy.

    I thought I stated my opinions clearly but I guess not. For that I apologize. I would also like you to know that I forgive you for attacking me personally. It was unnecessary and very nasty.

    I will pray for your salvation sir.

    @Tami Queen
    Yes I did read that. Especially the “of the area” part. Being almost 300 miles from the hardest hit area of this catastrophe I don’t think the benefits of the concert will quite reach us.

    And yes you may ask what I have done to help. I have been praying for all of the affected areas, for the areas yet to be affected, for the families of the 11 men who died on that rig, for the wildlife and all of the people working to clean up the oil.
    I have also made monetary donations as I cannot physically partake in the actual clean up.

    I don’t know why you would think that I sit on a “high horse” as you do not know me personally. I am not inflexible or arrogant. I do my utmost to stay humble before the Lord.

    I don’t watch the news much. AC360 occasionally and the local news. Mostly my information gathering is from sources I know and trust on the internet.

    Would you mind reciprocating and telling us what you have done for the cause?

    I will be praying that the concert accomplishes whatever is needed in your areas. I will be praying that everyone will be safe and no one will be hurt. But as always I will be praying God’s wil to be done in all aspects of this catastrophe.

    I will not respond to anymore personal attacks but if there are legitiment questions I will be more than happy to exchange dialog with you.

    May God bless you.

  • Stacey

    Wow! Some people can make drama out of anything. Please…I am Cajun from the very most southern part of Louisiana and I love my home. I have been part of this community and this lifestyle my whole life. Even without the oil spill would there really be a Jimmy Buffet concert in Grande Isle…or maybe Fourchon! Please! Yes lets bring everyone down there to play in the oil where there are no hotels and no tourist attractions.

    Jimmy is doing what he does best in the place he does it best. I love the beach and Gulf Shores, I was there last weekend and have my reservations for the concert. Jimmy is trying to boost tourism…and that means the entire gulf coast…It would hurt Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Biloxi, or and of the other panhandle Beaches for people to see what I saw this weekend.

    The water is beautiful…the sand is white…the flags on the beach are Yellow and the swimming is awesome.

    The location of the concert is not the issue…it is the intent. So what if the hotel is in Pensacola….there are affected beaches there too! Stop whining and just be happy that there are good people out there that will benefit from this…and if Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney and Zack Brown Band benefit too…then Great!

    It is the American Way!
    We are strong and we will survive this too…with or without handouts or benefit concerts. The people here are strong and self sufficient, and will not be beaten. That is the Louisiana I know!

  • RB

    First, as someone living in Mississippi, the person above, who states the MS has been hit harder by the oil than Gulf Shores, is absolutely dead wrong. Checking a few facts or watching a bit of news (Anderson Cooper has mentioned the minimal oil impact on Mississippi shores) would help. Mississippi has been the least effected state thus far.

    Second, Jimmy grew up in Alabama. His sister has a business in Gulf Shores which lives on tourism. It strains credulity that someone could contort Jimmy’s desire to help his home state as somehow minimizing his effort.

    Finally, if Jimmy is being too provincial in his efforts to help the folks in Alabama, why isn’t Brittany Spears holding a concert to help those in her home state? She is from Louisiana. Lenny Kravitz stepped up. Where are the other Louisiana entertainers, if Jimmy is not supporting the folks Louisiana? He supported the hell out of NOLA after Katrina. The spill has devastated many, but the above argument that Jimmy somehow isn’t doing enough is plainly stupid and shallow.

  • Gaynell

    Please read all the posts before you comment so you know what everyone has said.

    Ok I am going to break it down real simple for y’all.

    Though MS does not have oil, tourism has been tremendously affected. Have friends and family on the coast. 1st hand info.

    MS, AL and FL has had some time to prepare. LA did not as BP lied from the time of the fire.

    My original comment was meant to simply say put the resources where they are needed most.

    Example if you go to the ER you get triaged. The most needy are seen first.

    Larry King is doing a wonderful job tonight. Praise God for him and everyone helping him.

    God bless us all!

  • http://www.RumShopRyan.com RumShopRyan

    Count me in! It’s a 9 hour drive for this Floridian but I’m hammering out the details now. If anyone else is going and wants to meet up, drop me a line.


  • Josh Martin

    Wish I could make it Ryan… but it’s right around the time we are expecting our baby. Better not leave town!

  • http://therealdogtalk.com Bubba Ross

    Ok, Jimmy should do this concert for free. Maybe promoting his hotel is the last thing on his mind. Then how about donating the rest of his profits for the rest of the 2010 summer tour to people on the Gulf Coast who need it? Jack Johnson is doing that for his charities. The cause of this oil spill is greed. And sadly greed prevails. Even people who do have more money and things than they need want more and more.
    In the USA (and many other parts of the world) materialism is the national religion and money is God.

  • Bren Bren

    People, can’t we all just get along? Be greatful for all help and who offers it. If you have time to complain, then get your rubber gloves on and go wash some greasy birds…………it’s more productive. Thanks Jimmy for your love of the GULF COAST!

  • itybitytwity

    what is wrong people? Ticket scalpers! Getting FREE tickets to see the wonderful Jimmy Buffett, And trying to sell them on Ebay and Vivid tickets for up $2400…These people need to be punished for trying to profit from this event! I an not the only one upset about this ungreatful and selfish act! needless to say I did not get tickets nor did anyone else thanks to these so called people! (more like animals)
    Thank You Jimmy Buffett for tryin to do a good deed but some people just dont know how to be thankful for the great things you do!


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