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Margaritaville Foods Introduces Frozen Chicken Chunks

posted May 24th, 2010 at 9:03 am

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by Josh Martin

Margaritaville Foods is adding to their line of frozen chicken products, this time with frozen chicken chunks:

Margaritaville Foods recently launched the newest addition to the portfolio of island-inspired food and beverage products, Margaritaville all-natural, breaded chicken breast chunks, at the 2010 Food Marketing Institute Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The newest Margaritaville Chicken line of products includes 3 flavors of fully cooked, frozen and easy to prepare breaded chicken breast chunks. Each chicken breast chunk item is sold in a 25 oz. bag and includes 2 sauce packets with flavors and spices inspired by Island cuisine. The flavors include Island Buffalo, Sweet & Sour Mango and Spicy Orange. The two packets in each bag provide ample sauce perfect for tossing and/or dipping the product.

“We received excellent feedback on our new chicken products from buyers and guests of the FMI show and look forward to consumers having the same reaction now that the product is in stores,” says Joe Ferraro, Vice President Marketing and Sales. “We believe the Margaritaville Chicken line is an excellent complement to our frozen seafood, chips and salsa, salt rimmers and mixers, Paradise Key Teas and Landshark Lager.”

Visit MargaritavilleFoods.com to see all of their products.

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Buffett’s Sister Pens Op-Ed on Oil Spill

posted May 23rd, 2010 at 12:47 pm

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by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucy has written an op-ed for Alabama’s Press-Register about the oil spill and tourism along the Gulf coast: ‘The coast is open for business”

The Gulf Coast is where the everyday person can play. We love where we live and are proud of it.

We get amused sharing it and seeing the surprise on folks’ faces when they realize that a little piece of unlikely paradise exists smack at the bottom of this magnificent country of ours.

So imagine our dismay, anger, grief and absolute heartbreak over the ongoing catastrophe of crude oil continuously and arrogantly flowing into our beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

This is indeed a major challenge for us physically, emotionally, environmentally and economically.

Personally, I prefer to remain positive about the oil spill’s impact, because I know mountains can be moved with a positive attitude. Why wouldn’t that work with a runaway well?

I do, however, live in a very real world, and I know that our corner of this world stands to be affected by the oil spill.

As we are called to action, we will respond with the dauntless spirit of coastal people, especially those born in the hurricane corridor. We will weather this storm as we have weathered the other monsters that have roared upon our shores in the past: by working hard, side by side, with dedication, compassion and a sense of community, and earning some fun in the process.

I am hoping that there will be little damage or interruption of beach recreation. Perhaps the oil spill will be just an inconvenience, much like too many jellyfish in the water or the occasional riptides.

If not, we are going to need everyone’s love, support and help. So I have a very special invitation for people to join us here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and on Dauphin Island and Mobile Bay.

Don’t cancel your plans or reservations. This could be one of the most memorable vacations you will ever have.

Most of you travel with children. What a great opportunity to teach our kids so many valuable life lessons — from the beauty of volunteering to the importance of helping your neighbor during a crisis, learning about the fragile ecosystem that created the remarkable Gulf of Mexico, and meeting new friends from all over the country with the same purpose of keeping our beautiful shores safe for our children and wildlife.

Read the entire letter here.

Lucy Buffett own’s Lulu’s at Homeport Marina restaurant in Gulf Shores. Visit their website.

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Frisco Goes Under the Big Top

posted May 22nd, 2010 at 10:25 pm

by Josh Martin

The circus came to town Saturday night as Jimmy and the Reefers moved the Under The Big Top Tour to Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX.

Notable additions to the set list this time included “Nothin’ But a Breeze,” “Trip Around the Sun,” and “Northeast Texas Women.” “Growing Older But Not Up” was tonight’s final encore as Jimmy was joined by Mac on Guitar and Harmonies.

View the entire set list here.

Did you attend the show? Share your thoughts on our Discussion Board.

The second leg of the Under The Big Top Tour is now over. The tour will resume on June 17th in Mansfield, MA at Great Woods. You can still get your tickets now!

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Soundcheck Report from Frisco

posted May 22nd, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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by Josh Martin

At today’s soundcheck in Frisco, Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers rehearsed the following songs:

Be sure to tune in tonight for the show at 8 pm CT. Listen live on Radio Margaritaville or watch the show on Ustream.

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Margaritaville Niagara Falls Opening Date

posted May 22nd, 2010 at 1:46 pm

by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett will open his first Margaritaville Cafe north of the border next month in Niagara Falls. The official Facebook page for Margaritaville Canada revealed today that the opening is set for June 18th:

Looking like the open date right now is JUNE 18th to the public! Stay tuned for more news guys!!!

At the corner of Fallsview Blvd. and Murray St., the restaurant will boast 14,000 square feet on two indoor levels with breathtaking panoramic views of “The Falls” from three of its four outdoor patios.

Visit the official website for Margaritaville Niagara here.

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Tour Rolls In To Dallas Tonight

posted May 22nd, 2010 at 12:24 am

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by Josh Martin

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will perform tonight at Pizza Hut Park in the northern Dallas suburb of Frisco. It’s the fourth year in a row that Buffett has played the minor league soccer stadium that has some of the most liberal tailgating rules on the tour. Some fans have been tailgating in the parking lot since Friday morning.

As always you can watch the soundcheck streamed live on Ustream starting around 3 pm CT. Then be sure to tune in to Radio Margaritaville at 5 pm for Miles Hampton’s Beach Party, a Buffett Buffet at 6, then pre-show festivities continue until Jimmy takes the stage shortly after 8 pm CT.

This is the last show of the second leg of the tour. Buffett and the band will be off until June 17th when he hits Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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