Buffett Being Considered for 2011 Super Bowl Half Time Show

posted March 25th, 2010 at 11:12 pm

by Josh Martin

According to SportsByBrooks, Jimmy Buffett is on the short list of acts being considered for the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Other acts on the list include Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, and Brooks & Dunn. Chesney has publicly stated that he’d like to do the show.

The 2011 Super Bowl will be held at the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas on Sunday, February 6th.

Would you like to see Jimmy do the Half Time Show?

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  • http://Buffettworld Shirley

    I would actually watch the superbowl and make plans for a big party! Shirley

  • Lou

    I never watch unless the Patriots go all the way, but I’d make an exception for Jimmy…..


  • Buccaneer Don

    Jimmy? Halftime Superbowl? Perfect Fit! I’m on board with that!

  • http://www.windowconcepts.bz Steve Baker

    It will be the best Half Time Show Ever !
    Hopefully no wardrobe ( jackson) malfunctions
    ” Go Team Go “

  • vkaye

    As a Cowboy fan from way back in the 70’s, I am pretty confident that J. J. will make the wrong decision and choose someone else for some “odd” reason. I hope not though. I vote for Jimmy and his music that makes me happy!!

  • http://www.livingchill.tv ParrotheadBriz

    I would LOVE to see Jimmy perform for Halftime. I was excited for the possibility of Chesney, but Jimmy would rock it.

  • http://www.thecaribbeanamphibian.com Ben (the Caribbean Amphibian)

    Heck, if Jimmy is the halftime show, I might save up and actually GO to the game. Now if I can just figure out how to convince the wife…

  • John Savoie

    I would love to see Jimmy perform the half time show at the Super Bowl next year.

  • Dean

    According to ProFootballTalk.com it’s not going to happen.

    One of the biggest criticisms in the wake of Super Bowl XLIV focused on the halftime show, which featured a couple of guys whom we vaguely recall openly choosing death before old age.

    Apparently, not every birthday wish comes true.

    So will the trend toward rockers-who-need-walkers continue, or will the event again skew a bit younger?

    The next Super Bowl will be televised by FOX, and the guy who runs the show there recently was asked whether the halftime show will feature performers under the age of 60.

    “Oh, please, God, yes,” FOX Sports Chief Executive David Hill told Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times. “If I saw [Who guitarist] Pete Townshend’s belly again I was going to throw up. In his younger days it might have been rippling muscle, but now it’s like mine — rippling fat. From the conversations I’ve had with the NFL, we won’t need oxygen.”

    Generally, it’s good news. Then again, there are plenty of younger acts that, well, suck.

    We’re officially pulling for Green Day, which would fit nicely with the perceived marijuana epidemic among incoming rookies.

  • carly

    KENNY CHESNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed in Charlotte

    How about Jimmy and Zac Brown?

  • Sherri

    How about Jimmy and Kenny – would make a spectacular half-time show!

  • Donpostino

    The whole world would finally get to experience all the fun they”ve been missing….Fins up for all!

  • art davis

    I would LOOOOOVE to see Jimmy at half time. It would ease “any” losing I might be incurring over the game.

  • Christy from Dallas

    Jimmy would be a breath of fresh air from past games, he knows how to entertain. Dallas-Ft. Worth would love to see their favorite pirate at the Super Bowl 2010. Too bad the general public doesn’t view him as a parrot head does…but it would be really cool to see him perform at that kind of event.

  • Colleen

    That would be the BEST halftime show ever!!!!!!!

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  • Desdemona

    It’s the perfect choice. The only reason I can think of that they may not pick him is that no one would want to continue the game. The next couple of hours would just be an arena singing along with Jimmy. Fins Up!!

  • http://newbrittonland@gmail.com Jeff

    buffet sharks in the air and chesney big orange balls all over the floor what a great show

  • http://newbrittonland@gmail.com Jeff

    Buffett, Chesney, george straight,scot kirby,alan Jackson all on at the same time and a two hour half time please

    with a little james taylor steam roller finish

  • http://newbrittonland@gmail.com Jeff

    maybe a little jerry jeff too

  • http://newbrittonland@gmail.com Jeff

    free gumbo

    should be the t shirt

  • http://newbrittonland@gmail.com Jeff

    bring back the hemisphere dancer for the fly over

    and free beach balls for everyone over two feet tall

  • dinosaur

    be the best thing the NFL could do,What Show and with the Patriots you could not ask for a better Sunday.

  • julie marratt

    I want Jimmy Buffet For SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

  • Cathy S.

    I think jimmy at half time would attract a lot more fans to see the game.Would be better than any commercial they could make to draw viewers.

  • Cathy S.

    I think jimmy at half time would attract a lot more fans to see the game.Would be better than any commercial they could make to draw viewers.

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  • Lynn

    Jimmy Buffett the half time act! Wow, I’d watch the game for that!

  • Lynn

    Jimmy Buffett the half time act! Wow, I’d watch the game for that!

  • Lynn

    Jimmy Buffett the half time act! Wow, I’d watch the game for that!


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