Caption Contest Winner: DO

posted March 21st, 2010 at 10:13 pm

by Josh Martin

Congratulations to DO for winning the latest Jimmy Buffett photo caption contest!

Here was the photo:

And DO’s winning caption with 144 votes (33% of the vote) was:

“Here’s the number to my cousin in Miami. He can take care of you…”

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions and we’ll do another one soon!

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  • AC

    The winning caption makes no sense. Why would Jimmy write a phone number on a guitar? Somewhat clever, but not plausible.

  • DO

    Winning this competition made my day! I haven’t stopped smilin’ about it. Thanks to all who voted…

    I want to say what up to my cousin, who actually lives in Pittsburgh, CHEERS ANDY!

    Plus, to my sister in-law who just moved back to Miami, good luck down there SIL.


    Lighten up AC… hey, everybody’s got a cousin in Miami. Thanks for the shoutout DO and keep smilin’!


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