Acoustic Album “Encores” Coming in April

posted February 12th, 2010 at 3:31 am

by Josh Martin

There were rumblings last year about a possible live acoustic album, and according to Boston Music Spotlight it’s coming this April:

Buffett is also gearing up for the release of Encores, a new live acoustic album that will be comprised of the intimate final encore songs at the of each concert, many solo, and some with band members or special guests. No exact release date has been set but fans can expect Encores to drop in stores this April.

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  • David Malinowski

    Hearing Tonight I Just Need My Guitar at Great Woods a few years ago, I thought what a great album would be of just encores like that. Glad it’s finally coming to fruition. Next, a few accoustic appearances by Bubba in small venues – same format. The question is could he get away without playing Margaritaville???

  • Cat

    “Encores” is going to be a fantastic album! Looking forward to listening to it!

  • Suz

    Come to the Moon would be an awesome replay

  • Patrick

    Chanson pour les petits enfants
    Cowboy in the jungle
    Distantly in love
    Dukes on Sunday
    Little miss magic
    Lovely cruise
    Margaritaville reprise
    Miss you so badly
    No plane on Sunday
    One particular harbour
    Son of a son of a Sailor
    Stories we could tell
    Take another road
    The captain and the kid
    Wino and I know
    Tonite I just need my guitar
    We’re still here
    Wonder why we ever go home

  • Jonny

    Patrick has a great list … there’s not one song on there that I dislike. Well-played!


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