Aviation Departure Procedure Named After Buffett

posted December 17th, 2009 at 11:20 pm

by Josh Martin

An aviation departure procedure out of Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in West Palm Beach, Florida has been named after Jimmy Buffett, and includes waypoints with his name and related words.

The BUFIT ONE Departure, as it’s called, is used for standardizing routes for aircraft taking off from Palm Beach and departing to the south. Obviously this is a route that Jimmy himself is likely to take often.

The procedure calls for flying to waypoints with the names JIMEY, BUFIT, FINNS, PYRUT, and UTLEY (referring to Michael Utley, Jimmy’s long-time keyboard player). Aviation waypoints are five letters long, hence the funny spellings.

Buffett has kept his airplanes at Palm Beach International for several years. Learn more about Jimmy’s flying and see his airplanes here.

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