Margaritaville in Cayman Robbed

October 16th, 2009

The Margaritaville Cafe on Grand Cayman was robbed Friday morning:

Two armed men held up Margaritaville shortly after it opened on Friday morning.

The robbers, one armed with a gun and the other with a knife, made their way to the office on the upper floor and ordered the female accountant at gunpoint to hand over cash.

The amount of money the robbers made off with in the 8.20am hold up is unknown. The men escaped through a back door that leads on to Cardinall Avenue.

Two people, the accountant and a manager, were in the office at the time. The manager was ordered to lie on the floor and was told that if he moved, he would be shot.

No–one was hurt in the robbery.

Read the full story here.

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Jimmy Buffett Fights the DRALS

October 16th, 2009

Here’s a gem from the archives… Midnight Flyer on our forum found this video that was played at intermission during the 1991 Outpost Tour:

YouTube Description: “Jimmy Buffett Vs. the evil of D.R.A.L.S. (Disco, Rap And Lip Synch.) This video was played during intermission on the 1991 Outpost Tour, featuring a very special guest whom Jimmy inspired to get an earring.”

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From Under My Lone Palm: Somewhere Over China

October 13th, 2009

This month marks one year that Justin has been writing his From Under My Lone Palm columns. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them.

Justin writes about the “Somewhere Over China” album in this month’s column:

On January 19, 1982, “Somewhere Over China,” Jimmy’s new release, hit your favorite record store. The album represented a critical point in Jimmy’s career-”Margaritaville” was 5 years ago, and MCA was looking for the next hit single. Sure, Jimmy had been able to score minor hits in-between, but the window for Jimmy being a superstar was getting smaller with each album it seemed. It wasn’t all Jimmy’s fault-as he once put it, “Music changed on us almost overnight, and the singer/songwriter breed who populated the music scene of the seventies seemed to be headed for the proverbial “elephant burial ground.” While chart success hadn’t been there, touring had alaways been a strong point for Jimmy, and that was something that hadn’t changed. Jimmy’s cult following continued to flock to shows and Jimmy continued to please them by playing over 300 shows a year. But this constant cyle of no hit records and lots of touring had begun to wear on the band, and it showed in Jimmy’s writing on the album.

Continue reading this month’s column

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Tickets On Sale This Morning for New York City

October 5th, 2009

Tickets for Jimmy Buffett at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 24th go on sale this morning at 9 am ET.

Click here for TicketMaster link

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Tickets On Sale This Morning For Mohegan Sun

October 3rd, 2009

Tickets for the November 21st Jimmy Buffett show at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT go on sale this morning at 10 am eastern time.

Click here for TicketMaster link

And on Monday morning the Nov. 24th show at Madison Square Garden in NYC goes on sale at 9 am ET. Click here for TicketMaster purchase link

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