Jimmy Buffett Appears on Late Night

posted August 1st, 2009 at 12:44 am

by Josh Martin

Last night Jimmy Buffett appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He sat down for a short interview and then joined The Roots for a performance of “Margaritaville”.

Buffett mentioned that he commuted to Manhattan yesterday by flying his seaplane from Sag Harbor on Long Island and landing it in the East River.

Fallon and Buffett discussed the new album, entitled “Buffet Hotel” (yes, that’s with one “t”) and said that it will be out in November.

This was Jimmy’s first appearance on “Late Night” since February 2005 when the show was still hosted by Conan O’Brien.

We’ll post the video when it becomes available.

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  • Parrothead4life

    My girlfriend and I won the sweepstakes to see Jimmy Perform on the Jimmy Fallon show. We were very dressed up, and I even wore my parrothead hat. When we went to go back inline security came to us and said beyond there control we could not enter the studio to see the show. This was very unprofessional, and they disrespected us many of times. I have been a parrothead for 10 years, and this was my one chance to get a real close look at Jimmy and maybe even meet him. NBC should be ashamed of themselves and I think Jimmy would not appreciate his lifelong parrothead friends being treated like this because we were dressed up as a parrothead should be. I am very hurt at the fact this was taken away from me, I know Jimmy would not like the way they handled his fans.

  • parrotdad

    I stayed up for this and was extremely disappointed by the amount of time given to Jimmy. Hell, Rush Limbaugh Karaoke got more time and it was lame.



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