Vote For Your Favorite Caption

posted July 14th, 2009 at 10:23 am

by Josh Martin

A few days ago we showed you the below picture and asked you to come up with your own caption for it:

We got a lot of great captions and have selected 5 of our favorites and want you to vote on your favorite!

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  • Jolymom89

    You guys are serious? So these captions are all way better than “is that a cheeseburger in your pocket or are you just really enjoying the concert?” Or “Now THOSE are impressive personal flotation devices!”. Not ‘appropriate’ or ‘family friendly’ right?? This is supposed to be Jimmy Buffet for God’s sake! “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw!?”. You people are sadly lame.

  • coolbreeze2444

    As a past loser of a BufettWorld caption contest, I think someone may be taking a fun little contest just a bit too seriously. :D
    And my friends tell me my lameness is one of my most endearing qualities, so I really prefer “endearingly lame” to “sadly lame,” thank you very much.

  • jeff

    Of course, I liked mine the best…but it’s so true. We pay a premium to party with Jimmy!! It’s OK, it’s what we do. His expression really fit my caption. Even if you don’t like my entry, there were a lot better captions than the ones you picked. Maybe next time.

  • Donna

    I’m not a bad loser but I don’t think that the voting procedure is unfair. Seems that someone voted for themselves….a LOT !! A friend of mine clued me in to the fact that you could vote as many times as you wanted, even for yourself. Had I known that yesterday there may have been a different winner (not necessarily me). Maybe a little ‘OVERKILL’ HERE ???? Jimmy would NOT be happy !!

  • Donna

    Follow up:
    In my 1st paragraph there is a typo….I meant to say that I DO think that the voting is unfair !!!

  • Josh Martin

    For the voting procedure, the poll uses cookies. If you voted from one machine it will not allow you to vote from that same machine again.


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